Where to Borrow a Wheelchair for Free | Detailed Guide

Most of the people who can’t afford to buy a wheelchair usually look for where to borrow a wheelchair for free and that is even possible in the first place. Well yes, you can borrow a wheelchair and some can get a wheelchair for free also.

The modern wheelchair that most people use can be costly. Most wheelchairs prices are so expensive that they can’t be covered by your monthly salary. In such conditions what do jobless, homeless, and poor people do?

Don’t worry there are different ways to borrow or get a wheelchair for free. Some are for the only US and some for outside of the US.

Some wheelchairs are totally free and some have a little bit of a fee. All of those ways are given below and it will also answer your question that where can i get a wheelchair for free. So let’s get to it.

where to borrow a wheelchair for free

Where to Borrow a Wheelchair for Free:

Where to borrow wheelchair for free? Well, there are a lot of wheelchair places and sites from where you get a wheelchair for low cost and even free. Some of the best places are given below.

Wheelchairs for the Disabled and Senior Program:

Wheelchairs for the disabled and Senior Program

Most cities in different counties have free wheelchairs schemes for disabled and senior people and especially those who can’t afford them. Normally the program is run and operated by local churches, charities, and other small communities.

They basically fund money and then use it to buy wheelchairs and denote it to those who need and can’t afford them. This is a simple and easy death by the people who need it the most.

You hardly found any of those communities online but it doesn’t mean that they did not exist. Finding one of those programs is not hard.

All you need to do is just ask around the local area of your area and you surely find where can I borrow a wheelchair near me.

Mobility Assistance Program by Government:

free wheelchair from government

There are a lot of programs that are run by the government for their people like Medicare and Medicaid. For those who don’t know, Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs run by the Federal Government to provide free health coverage and free wheelchair from the government.

In Medicare, if you are 60 or above then this age then you will receive free health care including a free wheelchair, no matter your financial situation. Medicaid is also the same as Medicare but you need to have at least some income.

The process is very simple, all you need is a doctor’s note that states that you need a wheelchair or mobility scooter. It not only covers the cost of a normal wheelchair but also a mobility scooter and electric wheelchair.

You also need to keep in mind that Medicaid and Medicare change from state to state. You need to contact or visit the local store or office to learn more.

There are different agencies for different counties. These programs are basically for use and if you live outside the US then you need to find another agency to help you in your hard times.

Wheelchair Foundations:

where can I borrow a wheelchair for free? Well, there are a lot of foundations that don’t do a lot of stuff but some of them only donate wheelchairs. Which wheelchair foundation is one of the best and you will surly find a wheelchair for yourself.

The wheelchair foundation is one of the best charity foundations which supplies free wheelchairs to those who can’t buy a wheelchair for themselves. 

A wheelchair was founded in 2000 and from its start till now it delivered up to 750,000 wheelchairs in 150 different countries. Its mission is to provide a free wheelchair to those who can’t afford one and no matter it is teens, children, or some elder.

This wheelchair foundation works in the US and a lot of other countries. If your country has an organization then you get yourself a suitable wheelchair but if your country doesn’t have this organization then don’t worry your country has some other foundation like this.

Free Wheelchair Mission:

The Free Wheelchair Mission is a Christian foundation that also gives people free wheelchairs to those who can’t afford one.

This foundation also accepts donations in the form of a wheelchair. The operation of this foundation is so vast and big that it has donated and given up to 1 million wheelchairs over two decades.

The free wheelchair mission is basically focused on those countries outside of the US. If you are outside of the US then you can get a wheelchair from this foundation. But if you are in the US then I’m afraid it’s not for you.

If you are in the US then you might think about where to borrow a wheelchair for free, well there are a lot of other foundations of wheelchairs that will help you get a free wheelchair. So the foundation is given below.

Through Insurance:

If you have Insurance then you don’t worry about how to get a wheelchair. Because if you have insurance then you can get any sort of medical treatment even a standard or electric wheelchair through insurance. Health insurance will cover your wheelchair’s cost but first, you have to apply for health insurance.

Applying for health insurance is not difficult, you just need to fill up some forms and you will be done. There are different insurance plans that you should go with.

Different countries have different insurance policies. Some countries provide you with a free wheelchair whenever you need it and some counties give you some cash to get yourself a suitable and comfortable wheelchair.

Insurance is very good for a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is that you get treatment on your insurance. You can also get insurance for other things like cars, houses, and different stuff from your house, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get Free Wheelchairs?

Yes, you can get a free wheelchair by borrowing it for some time. There are please and websites that can give you free wheelchairs or let you borrow wheelchairs from them, like Red Cross, wheelchair foundation, etc.

What can I use Instead of a Wheelchair?

If you don’t have a wheelchair then there are different things that you can use instead of a wheelchair. A walking stick, a cane, a knee walker, a scooter, and crutches are things that you can use instead of a wheelchair.

How to Afford a Wheelchair?

There are a lot of ways that you can get a wheelchair and some of them are given below. The government also has a different program through which they can provide you with a wheelchair. There is also a private program that you should look into. Community aid is also a good way to afford a wheelchair.


Sometimes you don’t have the required amount of money to buy a wheelchair or you need a wheelchair for a short amount of time, So far, you can borrow a wheelchair.

But I want to know where to borrow a wheelchair, well in the above article everything is discussed. So check it out.

If you have any questions regarding where to borrow a wheelchair for free, where can I buy a wheelchair or anything related to it then feel free to ask in the comment section.

In the end, I just want to say that our world is changing faster than we expected and this is because of the natural world, so please take care of and protect nature because this is our only way of survival.

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