What are Different Wheelchair Types and Sizes | Comprehensive Guide

A wheelchair has a lot of different wheelchair types and sizes because of its demands. An actual wheelchair is the most usable device now a day because of mobility issues it can be used by a lot of different types of people like people who have mobility issues and then those who can’t walk properly.

In all of these different types, there is a range of wheelchair designs to meet different people’s needs. All of those needs need depending upon the conditions of your mobility.

The reason for this article is to provide a proper guide about different types of wheelchairs along with their sizes and that will help you to choose to form them whatever your needs are. so, let’s directly dive into the article.

Wheelchair Types and Sizes

There are different types of wheelchairs but basically, wheelchairs are divided into two main categories which are manual wheelchairs and electric or power wheelchair. People also These wheelchairs are divided into subcategories.

So first we describe manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs then we move forward to their subcategories and provide you with the types and sizes of that wheelchairs.

So, without wasting any more minutes let’s get to it.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is one that is operated manually and doesn’t need any electricity to operate. These wheelchairs can be operated by the user himself but you can also use them with caregivers or attendants. There are different types of manual wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchairs:

An electric wheelchair is very famous and one of the most usable in the market. Most people preferred electric wheelchairs over manual ones because they provide easy to use and don’t need any caregiver to push them around.

Electric wheelchairs have different features and modifications but are more expensive than manual wheelchairs.

Standard Wheelchair:

A standard wheelchair is like the basic wheelchair known by most people. This wheelchair has a big rear wheelchair and small front wheels which make it suitable and self-propelling. The wheelchair features push handles which help the caregivers and attendants to use it.

The standard wheelchair is one of the main types of wheelchairs used in hospitals because they are lightweight and easy to push around in narrow doorways.

The standard wheelchair comes in different sizes and styles. The standard wheelchair sizes are different according to their types and style.

Some of them are lightweight and some of them are even ultra-lightweight. This wheelchair is suitable for outdoor uses. The Standard wheelchair dimensions are 42 x 24 x 36 inches with which length being 43 height being 36 and width being 24.


The standard wheelchair is one of the most usable wheelchairs because it is the basic wheelchair that has the basic hight and width.

Transport Wheelchair:

A transport wheelchair is used with a wheelchair attendant. This wheelchair is designed for those who can use or propel their wheelchair on their own which is why a caregiver needs to be there for their help.

The transport wheelchair has very small wheels which make it really portable. It is really lightweight which makes it suitable for narrow doorways.

The size of the wheelchair is fixed and you can’t change it like the other wheelchair. All of its accessories including seat height, footrest, and armrest are fixed and also have fixed weight.

A normal Transport wheelchair size is 27.75 x 11 x 31.25 inches in which its length is 27 height is 32 and width is 10.

The wheelchair is usually designed for people to use can’t use a wheelchair by themselves like stork patent, children, and other conditions in which you are not allowed to use a wheelchair.


A transport wheelchair is lightweight and easy to carry around whenever you needed. People preferred this wheelchair to use when they have a caregiver because it is easy propels.

Airplane Wheelchairs:

These wheelchairs are specially designed for limited space which is airplanes. These wheelchairs are the best solution for your mobility in that limited space.

You can’t take your normal wheelchair to the airplane. You just need to ask the airport crew for a wheelchair and they will provide a wheelchair.

The size of the wheelchair is really mattered in that space but you will be only there for some time so it doesn’t need to know its weight.


These wheelchairs are lightweight and small, designed for small and limited areas. these wheelchair are provided to you in planes whenever you needed them.

Sports Wheelchair:

These wheelchairs are normally manual wheelchairs and they are designed to absorb heavyweight and fast movements.

There are a lot of sports and each of them has its own style of wheelchairs for its users. like basketball, wheelchairs are different than hockey wheelchairs. All of these sport wheelchair types and sizes are different than one another.

The normal size and weight of these wheelchairs are different from one another. sports wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to propel. The dimension of this wheelchair is the same as a normal standard wheelchair.


The Sports wheelchair is designed for fast and quick movement. The Wheelchair is also strong and sturdy but not suitable for personal useage.

Beach Wheelchairs

A beach wheelchair is basically designed to move smoothly and freely on the sand. These wheelchairs are the same as other wheelchairs but have big and thin wheels which provide smooth rolling on the sand with or without a caregiver.

The size and weight of this wheelchair are the same as a normal standard wheelchair but its weight may be a little more than the usual wheelchair due to its thin wheels. In this category, there are some electric wheelchairs but you end up bringing sand to your home.


These are one of the biggest wheelchairs of them all with thick wheels. These wheelchairs are designed for the beach only best for the beach.

Electric Scooters:

Electric scooters are also a type of electric wheelchair. These scooters are some like other wheelchairs but they are a little more expensive than that. They also come under the categories of scooter/power-operated vehicles.

The size of these scooters is also the same as electric wheelchairs but maybe weigh a little bit more than wheelchairs. Its supporting weight is also greater than that wheelchair


This is next shape of a wheelchair is an electric scooter which is faster durable and easy to use as compared to a wheelchair. It also has more supporting weight than a wheelchair.

Ergonomic Wheelchair:

These are normal standard wheelchairs that are engineered in particular why to reduce the effort to operate by myself.

The design of this wheelchair includes seats that are comfortable for the user’s body and also relieve pressure. All types of wheelchairs that are made nowadays are ergonomic.

The size of the wheelchair is the same as a standard wheelchair but it is lightweight in its weight because of its aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium frame which doesn’t weigh much but is strong enough to support 300lbs of weight easily.

Normally these wheelchairs are manual but you can also find some electric ergonomic wheelchairs in the market.


An ergonomic wheelchair is one suitable wheelchair for elders and people with joint problems. The wheelchair provided comfortable seating support even when you are propelling.

Heavy-Duty Wheelchair:

Heavy-duty wheelchairs can be found both in electric as well as in manual wheelchairs. It’s also called a Bariatric wheelchair which means the support heavyweight.

An electric wheelchair in these categories is more expensive than a manual wheelchair because it includes motors, batteries, and a lot of other stuff. Heavy-duty wheelchairs also have big wheels which provide durability.

The size of heavy-duty is larger than a normal standard wheelchair. The support weight of this wheelchair starts from 300 to 700lbs and they support it very well due to their strong steel frames. A normal Transport wheelchair size is 37 x 33 x 13 inches.


This is one of the strongest wheelchairs of them all and it also has electric facilities. It has strong frames with durability that can support up to 700 lbs.

Lightweight Wheelchairs:

The lightweight wheelchairs are designed to provide maximum mobility with or without a caregiver. The wheelchair is basically best for young adults who need a lightweight wheelchair to propel easily.

The wheelchair is only available in manual because it main idea of making it is to keep it lightweight. You can also provide it to children.

The wheelchair is lightweight because of its lightweight and sturdy frame. The size of it is almost the same as a standard wheelchair but the actual weight and weight capacity are low than other wheelchairs.


The Lightweight wheelchair has overall lightweight but it can support as much as another wheelchair. It is suitable for any sort of use and is even recommended for normal usage.

Pediatric Wheelchair:

The Pediatric wheelchair is also known as a toddler wheelchair. These wheelchairs as exclusively designed for children. These wheelchairs are normally very lightweight and are designed only for children.

Pediatric wheelchairs are coming in both electric and manual wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are customizable and you can change their seats, armrest, and footrest.

The size of this wheelchair is quite small because it’s specially designed for children and has normal actual weight and supporting weight.


These wheelchairs are designed especially for kids and have a very children-friendly design. It comes with manual and electrical features.

Shower Wheelchairs:

If you can’t take shower in a bathtub due to some reason you will defiantly need to have a shower wheelchair. You can use your personal wheelchair because the excessive water will damage it.

The shower wheelchair size is narrow and it can fit in any sort of washroom. It is also lightweight weight because you don’t need to move around in the washroom in it.


Shower wheelchairs are lightweight, durable, and waterproof. This wheelchair is only used for taking shower and you can’t use it other than that.

Standing Wheelchair:

The standing wheelchair is normally a wheelchair but it provides its user the ability to stand without any help. These wheelchairs are designed because long-term settings create issues for your knees, hips, and your ankles. This will also affect your joints and muscles.

The standing wheelchair is available in both manual and electric. In the manual, you have to manually propel the wheelchair while in electricity a motor does all the hard work for you.

The size of the standing wheelchair is the same as other normal wheelchairs but the weight is different from those wheelchairs.


The Standing wheelchair is like other wheelchairs but it let the user stand in the wheelchair with full support. These Wheelchairs are basically coming electric and are easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Determine What Size Wheelchairs you Need?

Well, it’s simple, all you have to do is to compare your height to the scale and you know what size wheelchair fits you. The scale given below will help you determine the size of the wheelchair.

If you are under 5’.5” then you will fit Hemi size wheelchair that should have 17 and a half inches of seat height.
If you are between 5’.5” and 6’.5” then you should use an adult wheelchair with 19 half to 20 and a half inches seat height.
If you are over 6’.5” then you are eligible to use a wheelchair with a tall size of 21 and a half inches of seat height.

Are Wheelchairs One Size Fits all?

Usually, a wheelchair is built to accommodate a certain height and weight limit and you can’t use it for different sizes and weight limits other than that. You can use different wheelchair sizes and height wheelchair if you are underweight and under height but it’s not safe. It is suggested that you need to get a wheelchair according to your needs and requirements and then use it.

What are the Three Basic Types of Wheelchairs?

Usually, the wheelchair has two main types but due to the latest technology now there is another type of wheelchair that can be counted as one of the types of wheelchairs.
Manual wheelchair:
A manual wheelchair can only operate without electricity
Electric wheelchair.
Electric wheelchairs can only operate with electricity
Hybrid Wheelchair.
The hybrid wheelchair can be operated both manually and by power means electricity.


In the market now there are different wheelchair types and sizes recommended and needed for different needs. All these different kinds of wheelchairs are designed for specific needs and requirements.

After reading this article you will definitely find what are you looking for but if you have any sort of questions then let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to focus your attention on nature destruction which happens globally. We need to stop that because nature is the future

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