Best Wheelchair For Big and Tall | Top 9 Picks with proper Guide

A wheelchair is the only piece of furniture that is available to you when you have mobility issues and there are a lot of people facing different mobility issues. wheelchair for big and tall are one of them which provide the facility for free movement with or without a caregiver.

wheelchairs for big and tall are very important because most people are overweight and some of them are very tall in their height.

There is a relationship between weight and height of a person which means that if you are a tall person then you will also have more weight than a normal person, but if you are a short person you shouldn’t weigh as an average person.

A tall wheelchair is very demanding because most people are taller nowadays. The people are taller than their ancestors which live 100 years ago. The height of the human gradually increases from lower to higher with time to time.

Big People with obesity need a wheelchair with at least 300lb capacity and also someone who can take care of them like a caregiver. don’t worry you come to the right place down below enlisted some of the best wheelchairs for big and tall which won’t disappoint you. so without wasting any time let’s dive into it.

I also provide you a list for quick selection so you can quickly select an item and you can also check each and individual item reviews and satisfy yourself with your purchase.

Top Picks of Best Wheelchair for Big and Tall

Image Product Details   Price
Healthline Recliner Folding Wheelchair Weight: 49 lbs

LxWxH : 42 x 27 x 50 inches

Capacity : 350lbs
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Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair Weight: 63 lbs

LxWxH : 42 x 12 x 36 inches

Capacity : 300lbs
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ProBasics Standard Reclining Wheelchair Weight: 48 lbs

LxWxH : 35 x 35 x 12 inches

Capacity : 300lbs
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Invacare Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair Weight: 70 lbs

LxWxH : 34 x 26 x 53 inches

Capacity : 250lbs
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Drive Medical Viper Plus GT Wheelchair Weight: 48 lbs

LxWxH : 42 x 26.5 x 50 inches

Capacity : 300lbs
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Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Weight: 25 lbs

LxWxH : 13 x 31 x 32 inches

Capacity : 250lbs
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Medline Excel Extra-Wide Bariatric Wheelchair Weight: 60 lbs

LxWxH : 32 x 33 x 36 inches

Capacity : 500lbs
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Drive Medical Lightweight Wheelchair Weight: 37 lbs

LxWxH : 43 x 25 x 35 inches

Capacity : 300lbs
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Drive Medical Bariatric Transport Wheelchair Weight: 33 lbs

LxWxH : 31 x 12 x 37 inches

Capacity : 450lbs
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  1. Healthline Recliner Folding Lightweight Wheelchair – Our Pick

The Healthline Recliner folding lightweight wheelchair is one the best wheelchair for big and tall. Its dual standard axle provides extra support for tall people. The wheelchair has a really strong and stable form which prevents its user from tipping over. the wheelchair has swing-away leg rest which provides suitable access to the table.

The wheelchair has full support for the neck and can provide you with complete support for the Back. The wheelchair has also one of the best mechanisms in the wheelchairs.

It has a Hydraulic mechanism which is really smooth and durable. The armrest is completely detachable and has comfortable Nylon in it.

Most of the time big and tall people have more weight than normal people and that’s why I brought you this wheelchair which can support up to 350lbs of weight easily. The head and armrest are covered with comfortable cushions which is provide you with the required support for big and tall.

Key Features:

  • It has a lightweight and durable steel frame with a triple combination powder-coated chrome finish.
  • The comfortable upholstery is made of heavy gauge and durable nylon upholstery which is easily maintainable.
  • The wheelchair has an amazing Hydraulic mechanism that allows its user to recline it up to 180 degrees.
  • Hydraulic Reclining mechanism.
  • Lightweight carbon steel.
  • Recline up to 180 degrees.
  • Back pockets.
  • Push-lock.
  • Install Extra cushions for long use.
  • Need attendant for heavy weight user.

2. Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair – Budget Pick

The Driver medical silver sport reclining wheelchair allows you to recline easily up to 180 degrees due to its stable hydraulic mechanism. Which make it one of the suitable high back wheelchair for tall person.

The armrest in the wheelchair has full extension support while you are in recline position and the headrest extension provides immobility for your head with cushions.

The durable and sturdy carbon steel frame has a really attractive silver vein finish and also provides stability for big and tall users.

The nylon upholstery makes the wheelchair easy to maintain while providing you the comfort which you need. The Mag-style wheels and anti-trippers of this wheelchair prevent it from tipping over.

When it comes to safety this wheelchair has all of those elements which prove your safety. It has push-to-lock wheels which also make a safe to ride even on rough and bumpy surfaces.

This wheelchair for tall heavy man is also easily accessible to any desk or table because of the swing-away armrest. The footrest is made from plastic which is enjoyable.

Key Feature:

  • The reclining mechanism of the wheelchair allows the user to infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees.
  • It is durable and stable due to the carbon steel frame with a silver vein finish.
  • Maintenance-free mag style wheels have precision seal wheels bearing that provides long-lasting performance.
  • Recline up to 180 degrees.
  • Carbon steel frame.
  • Push to lock wheels.
  • Anti-trippers.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Comfortable upholstery.
  • Need Security belts for extra security.
  • Cushion well be needed for comfort.

3. ProBasic Standard Reclining Wheelchair – Resonable Price

The ProBasic standard reclining wheelchair has high back support for tall users and reclines easily from 90 to 180 degrees which make it extra tall wheelchair.

The wheelchair is designed in a way that it can support up to 300lbs and has high back support which makes it is the best wheelchair for big and tall. The padded armrest is totally removable from the wheelchair.

This wheelchair has vinyl upholstery that is easy to maintain and also accommodates a wide range of users.

The wheelchair has also anti trippers but its Mag-style wheels are set back and prevent the user from tipping over when it is in the recline position. The overall wheelchair is really easy to maintain because of the silver vein finish.

The propelling is not that hard in this wheelchair because of solid tires and stable wheels mechanism. Safety is really important and doesn’t need ignore it which is why it brings you the push to lock wheels that can be applied whenever you stop for something.The wheelchair also has pneumatic pistons which don’t found in most the wheelchair.

Key Features:

  • The slide tube steel frame design makes the wheelchair durable and sturdy.
  • The wheelchair is reclined from 90 degrees to 180 degrees with ease.
  • Vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and also provides comfort to its users.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Pneumatic pistons.
  • Durable tube frame.
  • Support up to 300lbs.
  • Mag style wheels.
  • Doesn’t have padded backrest.

4. Invacare Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair – Best Choice

This Invacare Tracer SX5 recliner wheelchair has desk length armrest with a leg rest that is elevated from one position to another.

The wheelchair is suitable for big and tall people and provides a durable ride for its patients. The frame of the wheelchair is reliable because of its steel frame.

The heavy-duty inner liner keeps the seats from stretching. The wheels have a really strong impact on the wheelchair due to is urethane tires which have low maintenance.

The wheelchair has really stable and comfortable reclining mechanism which has a rung of 90 to 180 degrees.

The rear wheels of the wheelchair have anti trippers add additional safety to the ride. the calf pads are also available in this wheelchair.

The weight capacity and height of the wheelchair make it suitable for big and tall people. Overall upholstery makes the wheelchair really durable and comfortable.

Key Feature:

  • This wheelchair has a reclining mechanism which makes the wheelchair recline from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • The seat is adjustable because of the dual axle mechanism.
  • Carbon steel frame and heavy-duty inner liner provide the required stability for the user.
  • 250lbs weight capacity.
  • Carbon steel frame.
  • Comfortable Nylon upholstery.
  • Reclining from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Urethane rear wheels.
  • Not best for Heavy user.
  • Not recommended for muddy road.

5. Driver Medical Viper plus full Reclining wheelchair – Under Budget

Drive Medical viper plus reclining wheelchair has a cutting-edge design element that includes padded armrest, footrest, and flip back style which makes transferring patient easy.

The wheelchair has full durability and stability for both big and tall user which make it the best wheelchair for big and tall.

The seat is having ergonomic factors which don’t found in a most wheelchairs. The design of the wheelchair makes it a suitable solution for those who like and enjoy independent mobility.

The wheelchair has composite wheels which ensure consistency in its ride. the push to lock increases the safety of the wheelchair. This wheelchair for 6 foot tall person is really comforatble and sturdy that well give its best comfort.

The Tie in this wheelchair is made from urethane which is the strongest in the business. It also allows the user to propel independently without using extra force.

Key Features:

  • The reclining wheelchair allow the user to recliner up to 180 degrees by tipping it over.
  • The upholstery is comfortable and the seat depth allows you to adjust from 16” to 18”.
  • The wheelchair is suitable for every type of big and tall person due to its carbon steel strong frame.
  • Customizable seats.
  • Elevatable footrest.
  • Reclining mechanism.
  • Caron steel frame.
  • Nylon upholstery.
  • Urethane tires.
  • Doesn’t have headrest support.
  • install security belt for safety.

6. Karman LT-980 Ultra-lightweight Wheelchair – Soft Material

Karman LT-980 ultra-lightweight wheelchair dominates the market by providing you with one of the lightweight wheelchairs.

This wheelchair uses aluminum in its frame which is lightweight in weight but sure stronger than carbon. The wheelchair is a nice fit for those who are big in size and tall in height.

The wheelchair has the amazing feature of a folding flat which is easy to carry around and also store in car trunks with minimum effort.

The wheelchair is made comfortable as they can get by installing nylon upholstery which is easy to maintain and wash. The armrest has a desk length that gives you ease of access to any sort of table.

The wheelchair has tires made of urethane with a strong front caster providing a comfortable and stable ride for every type of road and path. The wheelchair has been pushed to a lock that provides safety to the user of the wheelchair. The seatbelt in this wheelchair provides additional safety and security for you.

Key Features:

  • The wheelchair provides you braking mechanism for both the user and caregiver.
  • The upholstery is comfortable with a backrest pouch for keeping your belongings.
  • The armrest has padded cushions and the footrest is adjustable.
  • Safety seatbelt.
  • Heel loops.
  • 250lbs Weight capacity.
  • Foldable.
  • Swing-away footrest.
  • Doesn’t have brakes attendant
  • Low supporting weight.

7. Medline Excel Extra-Wide Bariatric Wheelchair – Wide Space

Medline excel extra wide bariatric wheelchair has durable carbon steel with a chip and rust-resistant chrome plating.

You can adjust wheelchair height according to your needs and requirements which is why this is the best wheelchair for big and tall. It is designed in such a way that you can easily propel by yourself without the help of any attendant.

The overall wheelchair is easily maintainable and clean because of its vinyl upholstery. The footrest of the wheelchair is adjustable and you can adjust it according to your needs. There are wheelchairs that are easily accessible to tables and desks and this wheelchair is one of them.

The chart pocket in the back of the wheelchair is kept out of patients’ way but the wheelchair attendant can access it easily. As it is mentioned in its name the this is a bariatric wheelchair which means it can support up to 500lbs of weight really easily.

Key Feature:

  • The footrest can be detachable for the wheelchair which is also good for transferring patients.
  • Easily maintainable upholstery which also keeps the wheelchair comfortable.
  • You can use a chart pocket for most useful stuff.
  • Vinyl upholstery.
  • Chart pocket.
  • 500lbs weight capacity.
  • Rust-resistant chrome.
  • Detachable footrest.
  • Doesn’t have hand brakes for caregiver.
  • install cushion if you plaining for long use.

8. Drive Medical Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair – 

The drive medical rebel lightweight wheelchair is the suitable and desirable solution for those who looking for strong and portability in one wheelchair.

It has an amazing feature of quick-release rear wheels which allow the user to remove it and then fit it back but make it tighter than before.

The big and tall wheelchair is the best choice for those who travel because it can fold flat and almost fit in any car’s trunk.

The footrest is easily removable which makes the transfer in and out really easy. It is designed in such a fashion that it can maneuver both indoor and outdoors.

One of the most important things in a wheelchair is its frame. The frame of this wheelchair is made from a solid steel frame which provides the required reliability and stability. Its best for any type of terrain and propel smoothly on rough and bumpy terrain.

Key Features:

  • Best option for transport due to folding down flat.
  • Transferring patients from the wheelchair in and out is really easy.
  • The wheelchair is accessible for tables and desks.
  • Swing-away footrest.
  • Folds flat.
  • Removable front caster.
  • Easy propelling.
  • No Handbrakes

9. Drive Medical Bariatric Transport wheelchair – Wheelchair for Big and Tall

The Drive medical bariatric transport wheelchair has an aluminum lightweight but durable frame which stable enough that can provide stability up to 450lbs of weight.

The support weight and back height make this the best wheelchair for big and tall. It has a push bar with a padded form which makes pushing easy for the caregivers.

Some of the features of the wheelchairs include folding flats which can be stored in the car trunk easily and provide you easy storage facility.

The wheelchair has a footrest that can be swung away with helps patients to transfer in and out from the wheelchair. The armrest is padded but fixed and has a desk armrest.

The comfortable nylon upholstery is having two handles for carrying when you fold the wheelchair then you can carry it easily. The wheelchair has really secure lock and you can lock the wheelchair whenever you needed it.

Key Features:

  • The overall wheelchair is folded flat and good for storage safety.
  • The footrest swings away for a user to easily access the wheelchair.
  • The back of the wheelchair has a push bar which helps the caregiver to push the wheelchair easily.
  • Easy to push.
  • Anti trippers.
  • durable frame.
  • Nice color.
  • smaller footrest.

Buying guide for Wheelchairs for big and tall

Most of the time when people buy a lightweight wheelchair for tall person or any other stuff without knowing about it then they end up not liking it and don’t satisfy your needs. For most of those people, you need to know some of the basic factors of a wheelchair that can be directly related to you and have an effect on you.

So, our team did some research about these things and provide you with some of the basic and best-buying guides of wheelchairs for big and tall.

Big and Tall:

When you have mobility issues and you can’t walk without help then it’s time for you to buy a wheelchair. There are a lot of types of wheelchairs and some of them for small and some of them for big some are designed for short people and some of them suitable for tall person.

Whenever you want to buy a wheelchair, you need to check the dimensions of your whole body and then match it with a wheelchair, if it matches then well and good, buy it and it doesn’t then you check the next one.

Durability with weight:

A big and tall person has a lot of weight and height and that is why you need to have big and tall wheelchairs for them whihc has sturdyness and comfortable durability.

The durability of a wheelchair is depended on many things and some of them are given below.

First in the list is the frame. Your wheelchair will be durable if it has a strong frame to support heavyweight.

There are some frames in the market that are durable but also have a little heavyweight. but don’t worry we provide all of those wheelchairs which have durability but are also light in weight.

You can also count the upholstery of a wheelchair in durability because a wheelchair is durable as long as it has comfortable upholstery. People stop using a wheelchair when its upholstery is wasted and tear apparat. This is why you have to keep looking for comfortable and durable upholstery.


A wheelchair is not just a sit seat but it is designed to in freely with or without a caregiver. You can only choose a wheelchair when its maneuverability is really smooth and sturdy.

By smooth I mean that it can maneuver smoothly and easily in narrow doorways and tight corners. The sturdy here means that it is not only suitable for indoor but also good enough for outdoors to perform on rough and bumpy roads.

Frequently Asked Question

Are There Wheelchairs for Tall People?

Yes, there are wheelchairs available in the market with proper height and weight of different height and weight people. Wheelchairs are designed for different types of people no matter if they are tall, short, petite, child, heavyweight, lightweight, etc.

What is the Maximum Weight a Wheelchair can Hold?

Normally a wheelchair can hold weights from 200lbs to 350lbs but we have wheelchairs that can which are heavy-duty wheelchairs that can hold up to 700+lbs really easily.

Who Wide is a Big Man Wheelchair?

Usually, the big man’s wheelchair is known as a Bariatric wheelchair which is very wide and can also support a lot of weight. The average width of this wheelchair can be from 20” to 30” and plus.


A wheelchair is the only piece of furniture that gives a taste of freedom who has mobility issues. As mentioned above that there are a lot of types of wheelchairs and all of them are designed and made for specific reasons but in this article, I only defined the best wheelchair for big and tall.

The people who are big and have obesity have required a wheelchair for their mobility because they face problems with walking but on the other hand, tall people only need a wheelchair when they have a serious mobility issue.

The height of an average person is directly proportional to their weight for example if he is taller then he weighs more than the average person but if he is short then he should weigh less than the average human.

In the above article, I also defined buying guide for the best wheelchair to buy for your condition and requirement. But if you have some sort of confusion or question then ask it in the comment section and I try to answer it as soon as possible.

At the end of this article, I want to say that please make your environment clean, protect the ocean from populating and protect nature from destruction because it is our future.

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