Wheelchair Footrest Options | Detailed Guide

Wheelchair footrest options are one of the main components of a wheelchair, and as a wheelchair caregiver or user, you need to know everything about its possibilities.

If the user doesn’t know anything, then don’t worry because, at the end of this article, you will find all of its types.

The footrest is one of the main and important parts of any wheelchair, and people complain about their footrest or leg rest because they get their wheelchair without knowing about it. You will need to research it before investing in any wheelchair.

But worry not because we have a properly written article about wheelchair footrest options that can tell everything you need to know about it, so without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

wheelchair footrest options

Wheelchair Footrest Options:

People who need the wheelchair usually ask about its equipment and what they should get and what they should not; in all of those things, you to consider a wheelchair footrest or leg rest.

A Wheelchair has many components in which wheelchair is one of the main components. You can’t consider a wheelchair without its footrest.

There are three main types of footrests. It’s two, while the third one is a variation of one of them. The two main types are footrests, and leg rests.

Most people think it’s the same thing, but it is not actually, and it is different from one another, although it has some similarities.

The footrest consists of a normal footrest hanger and has a footplate for the user to keep their feet on and make it comfortable.

At the same time, a leg rest has a calf pad mounted on a hanger that can not only support your foot and the lower leg, which can be elevated but also has a footplate and footrest.

You need proper support in the wheelchair regarding leg rest and footrest, but if you don’t have that support, if you don’t think that you need it, it will lead you to some severe problems. It can affect your lower back and cause pressure sores on your buttocks and thighs.

Wheelchair Footrest:

wheelchair footrest

Footrests are one of the main types of wheelchairs that are one of the basic types of wheelchair footrest. Most of the footrests on the market are removable for the wheelchair, increasing the ease of packing and storing in the car trunk or somewhere you need it.

You can also swing away the footrest from the wheelchair, which becomes handy when transferring a patient to a bed or shower chair.

You can choose and get different footplates for your footrest because they offer comfort choices for their users.

The hangers available in a wheelchair have two to three different types. The types are divided based on angles, and you can choose to form them.

The usual range of footrest is about 90 degrees, but it is different in different situations and needs. The toddler wheelchair means kids’ wheelchair footrests can are angled at 90 degrees.

This keeps young kids’ feet away from the ground at a 90-degree angle. While adults are not suitable for 90-degree angled footrests because they have longer legs

So they need to set their footrests up to 60-to-70-degree hangers to keep the legs and foot at a certain height

It provides you with the comfort that they need. You can also get a universal wheelchair footrest which has universal usage.

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Wheelchair Leg Rest:

wheelchair leg rest

Most people think that footrests and leg rest are nearly the same, but it’s not the same. The people can benefit from leg rest when they recline and title the wheelchair to their required setting.

The leg rest of a normal recliner is pretty heavy, and you will only find it in a heavy-duty wheelchair. They aren’t found in transport and lightweight wheelchair. Although some lightweight wheelchairs have it, it’s not common.

The leg rest can be elevated according to your needs and requirements. This means you can elevate it to be seated comfortably in your wheelchair.

The least have two main types; the first one is elevated largest while the second one is articulated leg rest.

Elevated Leg rest:

It’s the normal leg rest, but it can be elevated to the user’s needs up to 90 or 80 degrees. It also comes with wheelchair footrest pads that can support your leg when it is elevated.

Elevated leg rest can be useful for people who have a knee injury or some other medical condition.

Articulating legrest:

It is an elevated leg rest, but it can extend. When the user’s needs. It is best for those who have long legs and need to keep their leg extended.

This type of leg rest is founded normally in power wheelchairs. You can also call it a wheelchair footrest extender.

Which Type of Footrest Option Should I Choose in a Wheelchair?

Wheelchair Footrest Options | Detailed Guide

Choosing a wheelchair, leg rest, and footrest is entirely to your needs and requirements. The best thing you can do is to ask your doctor what type of footrest and leg rest you should go with. You can also choose it for yourself.

If your condition requires you to keep the leg above them and elevated, you should go with an elevated leg or articulating leg rest.

Frequently Ask Question

Can You Use a Wheelchair Without Footrest?

Yes, you can use a wheelchair without a footrest but you can get your legs caught underneath the wheelchair when it’s moving and as the result, you may get orthopedic injuries. You can also tip forward from the wheelchair and suffer, fractures, lacerations, brain bleeding, and a lot of other injuries.
So, it’s advisable not to use it to prevent injuries.

Are All wheelchair Footrests the Same?

A wheelchair footrest is a common and essential part of a wheelchair. But every wheelchair doesn’t use the same footrest which is why every wheelchair has a different footrest.

What are Elevated Leg Rest For?

Elevated leg rest elevate the leg rest which will help you elevate your injured leg. In most injuries, you need to keep the leg elevated so which is why an elevated leg rest can help you.


The wheelchair footrest is one of the main parts of a normal wheelchair which you need to know its types in order to know which one is best for you and how to use that particular type.

Hopefully, you get some of the information from this article, but if you have any questions about the wheelchair footrest options or wheelchair footrest replacement, then ask them in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I want to say that keep the environment clean because it is our only chance of surviving on this planet Earth.

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