Wheelchair Exercises for Weight Loss | Best Exercise for Wheelchair | 2022

Wheelchair exercises for weight loss are really important because it is vital for your body, health, and your mind. Most of the exercise can increase your stamina which can help you to lose weight and releases endorphins that are good to give a positive mental boost.

According to Healthline, there are approximately 1.5 million people who use a manual wheelchair and it is increased with age there are overall 864000 people who use wheelchairs over 65. That is a larger number and most of these people exercise daily with their wheelchairs.

Most people think that getting regular exercise which you need is difficult in a wheelchair but there are many ways to do exercise while you are in a wheelchair that can keep you fit and active. You can also do your exercise in an everyday wheelchair. A kid in a wheelchair with a broken leg can also do some exercise.

Wheelchair Exercises for Weight Loss

Wheelchair Exercises for Weight Loss

Losing weight in a wheelchair is not that hard if you find the best wheelchair exercise. Our team did a lot of research and find some exercises which are easy, and simple but effective to do. You can do these wheelchair exercises to lose weight anytime and anywhere even in your home as well. so let’s dive into with without wasting any time. These exercises are also good for exercises for wheelchair bound elderly

Bicep Curl

These are simple core exercises for wheelchair users who need simple movement. This is best for your bicep as well as your shoulders. It will always keep your arm stronger and healthy because you will need it to propel a wheelchair if you don’t have a caregiver.

To start the exercise, you need to sit straight and make sure that your back is well-supported in the chair. Now use in the beginning to start with a small weight so you should curl your arm up and that’s why the weight comes to the level of your shoulder.

Now lower your arm in a steady and smooth motion. You can repeat this procedure with your other arm. After doing it with a small weight now you can become a master of small weights now it’s time to try some other weights and slowly progress to the heavyweight. This is one of the best exercises for people in wheelchairs.

Overhead Press

how can I lose weight in a wheelchair? Well, in this exercise, you also have to start with a small weight and work upward. This overhead press exercise can be done with the weight in a seated position. Now you have to ensure your back has support.

After that, you need to hold the weight by your arms and bring it to your shoulder height. Now you have to lift your weight from that position to above the head in a really smooth motion.

This exercise works your deltoids and also improves your work. By the way, this is the best wheelchair exercise for weight loss and also helps you to improve your strength.

Abdominal Twist

If you need exercise which can help you to lose weight then an abdominal twist is great. Now you have to keep your spine extended and just twist your upper body from right to left and from left to right so both sides can be done at the same time.

You also need to be careful not to strain too far and if you need any help in that situation then lay your arm flat on the armrest and just hold them to stabilize yourself. Also, avoid quick motions and it should be really smooth and slow. Just hold each side twist for 5 to 10 seconds.

Chest Presses

For this exercise, you will need a medicine ball and for that, you can perform your chest presses from your wheelchair and which is also one of the best Wheelchair exercises for weight loss.

You just have to press that medicine ball to your chest with both of your hands on each side by bending your elbows and now push that ball outwards until both of your elbows almost lock.

This exercise is a simple but great workout for your chest muscles. While doing this exercise you make sure that your back is in a comfortable position first.

Seated Woodchop

Another really important exercise for your weight and this one also required a medicine ball. This exercise is designed to work with your abdominal muscles but it is easy to do from a wheelchair.

Now hold the ball beside your right side just on your hip and turn your upper body slightly. Now it’s time to lift the ball across the body by reaching above the opposite side.

Just don’t forget to change the sides. Alternate right to lift and lift to the right because both sides of your body need a workout.

Using Kettlebells

Kettlebells are pieces of exercise that are very often used in exercise and you can perform plenty of exercise on them to increase and build up your strength. But you need to remember that to start to form a lighter weight before try tackle some heavy weight. There are some wheelchair cardio exercises that you can perform with kettlebells.

  • Triceps kickbacks.
  • Triceps extensions.
  • Side strokes.
  • Oblique stretches.
  • Chest presses.
  • Forearm raises.
  • Bicep curls.
  • Should presses.
  • Should raises.

These are some of the exercises that you can try but don’t try them at a time. Just do it one by why and make your way up to the top.

Pulls ups

Pull-ups are those exercises that can be done at the gym and as well as at home. This is really great way to exercise your back muscles as well as your upper body muscles and you can also use it for weight loss.

Just simply align yourself under the pull-up bar, reach to it, and hold and grip it tightly just shoulder length apart. Now use your arms to raise your whole body as fast as you could. In the beginning, is hard to lift your body all the way up but you can build enough power and strength to do it if you do it with consistency.

Also need to ensure that you don’t strain your back and practice it in a safe place in case you encounter some difficulties.

Training Rollers

Training rollers allow the user to stay in one place but he well experience and exercises as he was going out and about. The back wheels of your wheelchair will sit on the roller but you will be in a static position as you propel the wheelchair.

This exercise well simulates the feeling and action of traveling outdoors. You can also do it outside but it’s not stable outside due to the inclement weather. Wheelchair exercise rollers can be found in any fitness shop.

Weighted Punches

There are different options available if you want to train yourself with weight punches or boxing. You can either use weights and get really heavier while in a seated position or you can use it as a speedbag which can also be used in a seated position.

You can adjust the height and weight of the bag according to your needs and muscles exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight in a Wheelchair?

how to lose weight in a wheelchair. Well, there are a lot of ways that you can lose weight when you are in a wheelchair. The first and basic method is diet. Yes, diet is really important to lose weight. Another way is to eat low-carb and rich-fiber meals like potato basil, bread, rice, pasta, etc.

How do you Lose Belly Fat in a Wheelchair?

There is a couple of exercises that you can do to lose your belly fat while you are in a wheelchair. There is a workout that you should try it has speed bags for 30 seconds then roundhouse punches for 30 and the last power breathing for 30. You can do 2 to 3 sets on daily basis.

Can you Lose Weight with Chair Exercises?

how to lose weight while in a wheelchair Well, when you are bound to a wheelchair then you can also lose weight while sitting in your wheelchair. You can lose 100 to 200 calories while sitting in your wheelchair for about 30 minutes. This is also applicable to normal wheelchair users. You can also


In this article, we discuss Wheelchair exercises for weight loss. Well, most people think it’s hard and difficult and can’t be done but it’s not as hard as it seems. I also provide you with some of the exercises which will help you in weight loss.

All of the exercises in the above article are safe to perform for a wheelchair user. and if you facing any problem then let me know and I will be glad to help you.

In the end, I just want to say that planet earth is dying please help it and save it for our future.

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