Wheelchair Cushion to Prevent Sliding Forward with Complete Details | 2022

Many wheelchairs tend to slide forward which is why you need to have a Wheelchair cushion to prevent sliding forward to protect your loved ones. You can save your patient from sliding out not only with techniques but also with equipment.

The problem faced by many wheelchairs user is that their wheelchair tends to slide forward whenever they put a little force in it. The sliding out is not only a cause for the users but also the reason for the wheelchair.

Most of those users include elders and people who have disabilities. There are a lot of ways that you prevent your loved ones in a wheelchair from sliding out of the wheelchair and hurting themselves and one of the effects is getting a proper wheelchair cushion.

There are a lot of cushions available in the market, some of them are good for wheelchair users and some don’t even qualify for a wheelchair.

But in this article down below I provide some of the best wheelchair cushions which not only prevent you from sliding out of a wheelchair but also provide you with the comfort that you need.

Quick Look of Wheelchair Cushion to Prevent Sliding Forward

Image Product Details   Price
PURAP Wheelchair, Lift Chair & Scooter Cushion – Prevent & Heal Pressure Sores Brand: PURAP

LxWxH : 18 x 20 x 1.5 inches

Material: Foam
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ProHeal Inflatable Wheelchair Air Cushion Brand: ProHeal

LxWxH : 16 x 16 x 4 inches

Material: Nylon, Neoprene
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Secure SWSC-1 High Density Wedge Wheelchair Seat Cushion with Safety Strap Brand: Secure

LxWxH : 16 x 18 x 4 inches

Material : Foam
Check Price
Vive Wheelchair Cushion – Gel Seat Cushion Brand: Vive

LxWxH : 18.11 x 18.11 x 3.15 inches

Material: Gel
Check Price
Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Brand: Everlasting Comfort

LxWxH : 30 x 18 x 14.5 inches

Material: Memory Foam
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Secure SCPC-1 Wheelchair Wedge Pommel Cushion Brand : Secure

LxWxH : 16 x 17.5 x 3.5 inches

Material: Foam
Check Price
Carex Uplift Premium Seat Assist With Memory Foam Cushion Brand : Carex Health Brands

LxWxH : Memory Foam

Material : 4.13 x 18.78 x 17.17 inches
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1. PURAP Wheelchair and Scooter Chair Cushion – Best Pick

The Purap wheelchair cushion has a versatile style that can also be used with a scooter chair. This best wheelchair cushion to prevent sliding forward.

Another great feature about Purap wheelchair cushions is that it eliminates all the hotspots (places for high pressure) which create pressure sores on the user’s body.

The wheelchair cushions are not only suitable for high-pressure points but also help the patient to recover the pressure sores which are in an advanced stage.

Actually, the cushion dissipates the pressure which applies to the user’s boy effectively and protects the skin shear. You can also call this wheelchair cushion a pressure sores healer.

Their cushion is not only suitable for wheelchairs but you can also use it with car seats, scooters,s, recliners, etc.

The cushion was clinically tested technology which is also recommended by the physicians. The cushion uses 3D flotation technology which is developed in California.

Key Features:

  • It is suitable against pressure sores which not also heals them but also prevents them from happening in the first place.
  • Fit with any type of seat like recliners, scooters, etc.
  • The wheelchair cushion is clinically tested.

2. ProHeal Inflatable Wheelchair Air Cushion – Our Pick

The Proheal inflatable wheelchair cushion is one of the best cushions which will prevent your patient from falling or sliding out of the wheelchair.

It’s suitable for user who has ulcers and pressure sores. The soft interconnected air in the cell of the cushion provides a deep immersion and makes sure low pressure to your seating area.

The cushion is also found very useful for treating pressure sores. The cushion has a nylon breathable cover which also has safety straps.

The cushion also comes with an inflation pump which is easy to use and easy to handle. It has a lot of other features like flame resistance, latex with free neoprene, and also have a patch kit that is included with the pack.

The cushion has dual value inflation which can change the sides of the cushion. The dual value inflation well helps you to make the cushion comfortable by making the side adjusted according to your needs. It also helps you to make it adjusted so that it protects you from falling from a wheelchair.

Key Features:

  • For best against pressure sores and ulcers.
  • It has superior comfort with removable and washable nylon breathable upholstery.
  • The cushion is very secure and prevents you from sliding out of the wheelchair.

3. Secure High-Density Wheelchair Seat Cushions – Budget Pick

This high-density wheelchair cushion is for those who spent most of their time in a wheelchair or mobility scooter makes it considerable best wheelchair cushion for elderly.

Most of the user did not satisfy with normal wheelchair seats and they get the required comfort they need and for those seat cushion is the only option. The seat cushion can provide proper seat positioning to help alleviate soreness.

There are many features that make this cushion a suitable wheelchair cushion to prevent sliding forward. It’s not only used with a wheelchair but you can also use it with normal chairs, recliners, scooters, etc.

The Nice soft and comfortable foam of this cushion prevents the user from getting pressure sores and ulcers.

The secure wedge seat is made from soft material, and liquid resistance, and is also comfortable. The seat cushion is designed to protect it from sliding and also provide additional safety for toddlers too.

The seat cushions have one year warranty so you can exchange them or return them if you don’t like them.

Key Feature:

  • It has really soft vinyl material for its cover which makes it water-resistant and also easy to clean.
  • It is designed in particular why which prevents the user from siding form.
  • Work best against pressure sores and ulcers.

4. Vive Wheelchair Cushion Gel Seat Pad – Best Slide-Free Wheelchair Pad

Vive Wheelchair cushion gel has liquid gel which is best for people with pressure sores and ulcers. It will not only help him to heal it but also prevent it to happen to you in the first place.

The cushion also has thin padding which prevents the user from sliding out and especially elders making it the best wheelchair cushion for back pain.

The wheelchair cushion well provides you with four layers of comfort and support. Layer 1st is really luxurious and soft while layer 2 has water-resistant material and cover foam.

In layer three the cushion has supportive foam which doesn’t get flatten like other cushions and the last 4th layer has a dynamic gel core.

The internal fluid of this wheelchair cushion removes the pressure from sensitive places like the tailbone and lower back.

The cushion is not only made for wheelchairs but also usable and recommended with normal chairs, office chairs, automobile stadium bleachers, and setting chairs and wheelchairs.

Key Features:

  • The cushion is recommended for people who have lower back problems like sciatica pain, tailbone pain, etc.
  • It has a removable cover that can be washed in the machine and also clean easily.
  • The cushion has 4 layers of comfort for its users.

5. Everlasting Comfort Wheelchair Seat Cushion – Best Anti-Thrust Cushion

The everlasting comfort cushion features premium wheelchair gel foam that has heat response technology which is also adjustable to your body curve to maintain comfort. The seat cushion is designed in a way that makes it the best Wheelchair cushion to prevent sliding forward.

The wheelchair has strategic ventilation holes that make keep the seat cool throughout many hours of continuous use and that’s why people consider it best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores

These holes are made in certain designs which never trap heat inside. It has certified material which is been tested by OEKO TEX of the coveted Standard 100 label.

It’s time to say goodbye to back pain because it’s one of the best wheelchair cushions which provides you with middle and lower upper back support.

It provides you with the needed lumber support which needs for most wheelchair users. The cushion doesn’t only work with a wheelchair but you can use it with car seats, gaming chairs, and also your office chair.

Key Features:

  • Know you can enjoy your seat without nagging about your back.
  • It has a design in a U Shape which is best for tailbone pain.
  • It uses one of the best-certified materials.

6. Secure SCPC Wheelchair wedge Pommel Cushion – Best Anti Slip Wheelchair Cushion

The secure SCPC wheelchair Wedge pommel cushion has convex wedge foam that is designed which properly fill the concave gap naturally and also prevent sliding out of wheelchair.

This convex pommel cushion is also designed to level your hips and keens that are recommended to protect the distraction of hips and knees.

The patient transfer is quite easy whenever you set in this cushion because it has 2.75” inches of foam. The cushion is also designed to minimize the risk of sliding the patient forward.

It can also be used with or without sling-style vinyl. One of its unique features is that its slip-resistant bottom makes it placed hard in the wheelchair.

This wheelchair cushion also has safety straps that can place the wheelchair user safely in its place. Its vinyl cover is very durable even if you use it daily basis and you can wash it from time to time. Just like another wheelchair cushion this one also comes with a warranty.

Key Features:

  • The cushion has a bottom that prevents the seat from moving.
  • The safety straps are the best in terms of providing safety.
  • The cushion is not only for wheelchairs but can be used with a lot of other things.

7. Carex Uplift Premium Seat Assist – Best Posture Cushion for Wheelchair

The Carex uplift premium Hydro used Hydro Pneumatic gas spring helps the users to stand if they are unable to stand and also makes it the best wheelchair cushion for preventing pressure sores.

This uplift cushion is one of the best wheelchair cushions to prevent sliding forward. The Seat cushion is also used hydro gas and doesn’t have any sort of battery or electricity which make suitable posture cushion for wheelchair.

The total weight of this seat cushion is about 9 lbs. Its design is in a way that it can be carried easily. It has leveLift technology that provides the user’s seat lifting without doing anything at all which also makes the wheelchair cushion to prevent lateral leaning.

One of the unique features of this seat cushion is that it can help you to lift 70% weight and it can activate easily as soon as you try to get up.

The weight capacity of this lift seat cushion is up to 350lbs so weight is not a problem here. It also has a waterproof cover which doesn’t get damaged by water or sweat. It works fine with normal chairs, sofas, and couches.

Key Features:

  • The cushion has lifting features that can lift up to 70% of your weight.
  • It has a total weight of 9lbs with can be carried around easily.
  • Suitable choice for lower back pain and other things like that.

Buying Guide of Wheelchair Cushion to Prevent Sliding Forward

Whenever you get anything, you don’t only need to know about it but also what you should consider when buying it.

Just like that when you get a wheelchair cushion you need to know what you must consider in order to get the best product.

Below we have compiled a list of things that you must consider in your wheelchair cushion so without wasting any time let’s get to it.

Should be Comfortable:

One of the most important things that your wheelchair should have is a cushion and not just a cushion a comfortable cushion that provides you the required comfort.

There is a different options for comfort, in fact, there are different types of cushions including, Foam, Gel, Air, etc.

Now it’s up to you to choose which will suit you the best and also which one will come according to your budget.

Skin Protector:

Sometimes people get high thick cushions thinking that it will give them the best support ever but it’s not always the case.

Sometimes the cushion you intended to use to get pressure relief ends up causing skin damage and pressure sores.

For this situation, you need to get a wheelchair that not only has a skin protector but also prevents giving the user pressure.


The weight of a wheelchair cushion is as important as its comfort. The heavy a wheelchair cushion gets the more comfortable it will be but there is also a drawback to this.

The main drawback of having a heavy wheelchair cushion seat is it’s hard to get it in and out form a wheelchair, especially for weak people like elders and the disabled.


Keeping track of price is also very important and you need to know your budget to get your wheelchair cushion. The wheelchair cushion also has different varieties which are also based on their budgets.

If you want to get a long-lasting wheelchair cushion then you should increase your budget otherwise you will get a nice cushion at your medium price.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Keep my Wheelchair from Sliding Forward?

In order to prevent forward sliding in a wheelchair you need to get a wheelchair seat cushion. The cushion found very effective is Anti thrust cushion which is designed for a wheelchair user who tends to fall off the wheelchair by sliding forward.

Will Medicare Pay for a Wheelchair Cushion?

Yes, Medicare will cover a wheelchair cushion if comes to their criteria. The cushion for a wheelchair is reconsidered as the part of wheelchair.

What is a Pommel Cushion?

A Pommel cushion is a type of cushion that is made for a wheelchair or any other seat to prevent patients from sliding off a wheelchair and ending up hurting themselves.


Whenever someone starts using a wheelchair then they face a lot of issues and problems in which sliding out from a wheelchair is one of them.

There are a lot of different methods to prevent sliding out of a wheelchair. But the best one to prevent is to get a wheelchair cushion to prevent sliding forward.

If you have anything in your mind about wheelchairs or its cushion or even anything else then let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that please protect nature because it’s our only reason for survival.

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