Best Wheelchair Accessible Dining Tables in 2022 With Helpful Guide

Wheelchair accessible dining tables are not just a table for eating the mean but it is here of any heart of any home.  People who have mobility issues and use a wheelchair also want to join their family in the meal and that’s you definitely need to have a dining table that can access by your wheelchair.

Usually, a wheelchair has been through a lot of changes through wheelchair history and change a lot. In the beginning, the height was very low but now it’s high as a normal wheelchair. But the problem which most of the wheelchair faces nowadays is that can’t be accessed by a dining table due to some height of armrest and wheelchair seats.

The problem is solved by desk length armrest and adjustable wheelchair seats. You need to choose a dining table whose height is higher than the height of your wheelchair. A dining table is not only used indoor but you can also use outdoor and for that, you can use an outdoor wheelchair.

A dining table is important for your health condition and according to a study that eating a dining table is correlated with health. The dining health you to reduce distraction and improve posture. Your health also improves even in a wheelchair when you are using a comfortable wheelchair.

wheelchair accessible dining tables

Top Picks of Best Wheelchair Accessible Dining Tables

If you are in hurry then you can choose a dining table from the list which is given below. You can also check the complete review which is written in detail.

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacSTAKMORE Straight EdgeSquare Folding Card Dining TableWeight: 29lbs

LxWxH: 32 x 32 x 29.5 inches

Material: Wood
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backpacChristopher Knight Home Della Acacia Wood Dining TableWeight: 59lbs

LxWxH: 69 x 32 x 29.5 inches

Material: Wood
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cordlessblowerXL Series Square Folding Card Dining TableWeight: 22lbs

LxWxH: 38 x 38 x 29.5 inches

Material: Metal
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cordlessblowerBaxton Studio Andrew Dining TableWeight: 46lbs

LxWxH: ‎
30 x 30 x 47 inches

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cordlessblowerWalker Edison Andre Modern Solid Wood Dining TableWeight: 62lbs

72 x 36 x 30 inches

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cordlessblowerZINUS Jen 47 Inch Wood Dining TableWeight: 28lbs

47.2 x 29 x 29 inches

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cordlessblowerFlash Furniture HERCULES Antique Rustic Solid Pine Folding Farm TableWeight: 142lbs

108 x 40 x 30 inches

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cordlessblowerSignature Design by Ashley Reclaimed Pine Wood Dining TableWeight: 150lbs

42 x 76 x 30 inches

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cordlessblowerZINUS Jen Wooden Dining TableWeight: 28lbs

47.2 x 29 x 29 inches

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  1. STAKMORE Straight Edge Folding Dining Table – Best Wheelchair Accessible Dining Tables

wheelchair accessible dining tables

This Solid wood Folding card table is one of the best wheelchair accessible dining tables. This table comes with a really classy straight edge. This is best for wheelchair users because you can access it from the wheelchair. It can be folded so you can use it everywhere like on holidays when you need extra seats.

The table is also good for games and you also don’t need any sort of assembly. The table can be folded in a compact position which is flat up to 3.375”. One of the best things about this dining table is that you can almost store it when you don’t need it due to its compact storage style.

The table has premium solid wood construction which is really strong and sturdy and can bear pretty heavyweight. The Dining table arrives in folded shape so you just unfold it and it doesn’t require any sort of accessibly.


  • Best choice for wheelchair users because of its easily accessible mechanism.
  • It has premium solid wood which makes it strong and also attractive to look at.
  • It doesn’t require any delivery when it is delivered.
  • Foldable.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Premium wood.
  • No accessibly required.
  • Compact storage.
  • Not designed for Heavyweight.
  • Shipment problems.

2. Christopher Knight Home Wood dining table  – Best Wheelchair Height Dining Table

Christopher Knight Home Wood dining table

Christopher knight home wood’s dining table has really sleek design. It is best for any spot at your home. It is also best for wheelchair users because it is easily accessible with a wheelchair. The wood which is used in this dining table is acacia wood. This wood is very strong, sturdy, and also very attractive and pleasant look.

The dining table has really amazing look due to the rustic metal finish which also has nice contrast. The legs of this dining table have really nice appearance due to its nice rustic metal finish. The dining table is water-resistant so you can place it even outside and can enjoy your meals with your families.

This dining table needs assembly when it delivers to your doorsteps. The assembly is really easy and can be done within minutes. The overall dimensions of the table are 32” X69” X29” which makes it the perfect fit for any spot.


  • With a really sleek design the dining table is ideal for any place and spot.
  • The dining table has really nice rustic metallic finish which makes it pleasant to look at.
  • Best for those who use a wheelchair because it is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Made of Acacia wood.
  • Sleek design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Rustic metal finish.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • You may experience shipment problems.
  • Getting Splinter for rough use.

3. XL Square folding Dining table for wheelchair users  – Height Adjustable Dining Tables for wheelchair

XL Square folding Dining table for wheelchair users

This XL square folding dining table is the largest and strongest dining table. This is one of the best wheelchair accessible dining tables out there in the market. It is not only used for dining but you can use it for other purposes and places. This is also can be used as a boarding game table.

The extra-large construction of the dining table makes this wheelchair accessible which makes it the best choice for the senior centers and all other communities. The dining table has a really strong frame which is made from a grade frame. This table is vinyl upholstery means that this table can last for years.

This dining table user has a lock so you can place your legs for safety and stability. The overall height of the table is 29.0” which can be best and accessible for wheelchair users.


  • This wheelchair-accessible dining table is a graded steel frame.
  • This is one of the strongest and largest dining tables.
  • Lightweight so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Also, use for a game table.
  • Not suitable for a heavyweight.

4. Baxton Studio Andrew Dining table – Folding Dining TableBaxton Studio Andrew Dining table

Baxton Studio Andrew’s dining table has stating simplicity. This Andrew dining table is an absolute contemporary take this modern dining table. The height of the table is stable and can be easily accessible by a wheelchair. It also has a nice brown wooden frame from a grounding which is using of more flamboyant accents.

This dining table has really strong construction which can be lost for years. The overall frame is really stable and strong which is due to the hardwood material that is used in its construction.

Whenever you order the dining table then you have to assemble it because it doesn’t assemble by its delivery. This dining table is a really good choice for those who use a wheelchair because it can easily access the table.


  • This is really contemporary dining table in the market.
  • The dining table has really nice and attractive look because of the dark brown wooden frame.
  • This wheelchair accessible table has really a hardwood.
  • Solid Wood tables.
  • Anesthetic.
  • Sturdy.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Suitable indoor and outdoor.
  • Shipment Problems can occur.

5. Walker Edison Andre solid dining table  – Wheelchair Accessible dining tableswheelchair accessible dining tables

The walker Edison Andre’s solid wood dining table will make your dining table more inviting with its warm solid dining table. This pine dining table is one of the best wheelchair accessible dining tables. Our distressed solid wood dining table is designed in industrial style with farmhouse.

The dining table is recommended for wheelchair users because you can easily access it with a wheelchair.  You can also use this dining table for dinner parties with friends and family members. The dining table is made of fine wood which is really strong and stable.

The walker Edison table can support a total weight of 200lbs which is more than you expected. This can be delivered so you can assemble by step by step with the given instruction. It can support and have 6 to 8 seats on this table so you can easily seat at this table with your whole family.


  • The table is made from responsibly strong pine wood.
  • The top surface support weight is 200lbs.
  • You have to assemble this table step by step with the given instruction:
  • 200lbs Surface supporting weight
  • Easy Assembly.
  • Best for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Beautiful Looking.
  • Good for a heavyweight.
  • Shipment Problems.
  • Not suitable for short family.

6. ZINUS Jen 47 wood Dining Table  – Best Table for WheelchairZINUS Jen 47 wood Dining Table

ZINUS Jen47 wood dining table is inspired by classic mid-century design. The dining table naturally blends with natural beauty. It is crafted with round tapered legs and a tabletop that has really nice rounded corners. This versatile dining table refines a very small dining area, nook, or a room with multiple purposes with understood elegance.

The wood in this dining table is hard and has a nice finish that you can clean easily. It can comfortably seat 4 people at a time which makes this table durable and enjoyable. The assembling of the table is really easy and can be done in two simple steps, and in addition, we also provide and give you the tool to do it.

If the table is not enough for you and provides you the satisfaction that you looking for then don’t worry because it has one year warranty for peace of mind. The product and the setup are so seamless even for a small space.


  • A small but big possibility of gathering your friends and families.
  • It is very sturdy that can provide seating space to 4 people.
  • The assembly is really easy so you can assemble it by yourself.
  • Natural woodgrain
  • Seating space for 4 people.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Solid wooden frame.
  • Include warranty.
  • Not suitable for heavyweight.
  • It maybe has shipment problems.

7. Flash Furniture Hercules Antique dining table  – Wheelchair Accessible TablesFlash Furniture Hercules Antique dining table

The flash furniture Hercules antique dining table can set a rustic and stylish anchor in the heart of your house where your family and friends can come together amongst great conversation and delicious foods. This dining table is one of the best wheelchair accessible dining tables.

The dining table has pins that can provide extra stability while you accommodate your,r guests. You can also pull out those pins and fold the legs for transport. This rustic dining table is the perfect solution for those who have a large family because it can provide warm aesthetic and comfortable seats for up to 10 people at a time.

The tale has pine wood construction which makes it strong and sturdy that you can use it daily. The peoples also use it in other places besides then home-like restaurants and other industries. The table is also the best option for those people who use wheelchairs. If you have someone who uses a wheelchair then you should go with this dining table.


  • It has a rustic and chic design which has really antique look.
  • This dining table can support 10, so you can enjoy your meals with your friends and family.
  • The pinewood in this dining table can provide sturdiness so you can use it anyplace.
  • Transportable.
  • Country rustic appeal.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to Assembly.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Not best for a small family.
  • Heavy and can’t be picked up by one person.

8. Signature Design by Ashley Sommerford Dining table – Wheelchair Tables Desks

Signature Design by Ashley Sommerford Dining table

This signature design by Ashley has distressed pine solid wood with washed grey and brown texture finish. The table is having a height that can be accessible by a wheelchair so if you use a wheelchair or someone who uses it then you should go with it. The dining table has really attractive beauty with its clean-lined and chunky profile.

Pinewood is used in its construction which is known as the hardest wood and also has a naturally distressed finish. The rustic style has a butcher block styling and the weathered treatment is very simple but charming. It is also best for big house parties because it has 8 people’s seats.

The assembly of this dining table is really easy and you can assemble it at your home. The assembly tools well also well he provides by the company when it arrives at your place. It also has a set of match chairs which is sold separately. It is designed and manufactured by Ashley furniture and they made all of its furniture for everyone’s taste and budget.


  • The assembly is easy, easy and also the tools are available in the box.
  • Crafted handsomely because of its pine wood construction.
  • The table provides seats for a total of 8 people that is enough for your whole family.
  • Handsomely crafted.
  • Rustic style.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Best for a heavyweight.
  • Solid wooden construcion.
  • Heavyweight and can’t be carried.
  • Assembly can take some time.

9. ZINUS Jen wood dining table  – Wheelchair Accessible Dining TablesZINUS Jen wood dining table

ZINUS Jen wood dining table has a classic century design that can blend with natural beauty because of its solid wood and compact size. This is one of the best wheelchair accessible dining tables. The legs are crafted with tapered and rounded legs with rounded corners. This table is made for multiple purposes because of its features.

The dining table has 4 seating areas and is made entire table from durable and solid wood with an easy wipe clean finish. The table has a lot of reasons to use but one of them is wheelchair accessibility because it has a reasonable height.

This dining table delivers to your place at the time but it doesn’t assemble. You have to assemble by yourself and it’s really easy. The whole assembly process can be done within 2 steps. But if you don’t like the dining table then you can return it within a year because they will provide a 1-year warranty.


  • The table is very sturdy and it can support up to 100lbs of distrusted weight.
  • The assembly is really easy because all of the stuff that can be for assembly is in the convenient box.
  • The table can be placed in every place because of its compact size.
  • Easy Assembly.
  • Small and durable.
  • Has 1-year Warranty.
  • Not flimsy.
  • should match any interior.
  • Had scuffs from Heavy objects.
  • Shipment Problems.

Buying Guide Wheelchair Accessible Dining Tables

The dining table is the heart of any house and it is a place where people of the home gather around for a meal and make some memories. These are the reason why you need to have durable and strong wheelchair accessible dining tables.

There are a lot of factors involving a good dining table which you need to know before buying it. Our team did a lot of research about these factors and now I provide you the complete buying guide for dining tables which are accessible by the dining table.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

There are a lot of types of dining tables in the market but here in this article we only talk about that table which can be accessible by a wheelchair.

Most wheelchair users face a lot of difficulties while accessing the dining or normal tables. In that situation, you really need to have a little bit higher than your wheelchair.

We provide you with the dining tables which are accessible by wheelchair so you need to check that out but if you want your own then you can buy by yourself with the down blow method.

For that, you need to check the height of your wheelchair and then the height of your dining table. If the dining table is higher than your wheelchair then you good to go but if not then check another one.

Measurement of the Room:

The dining table is for the dining room and it really needs to fit inside that room. This is really important that your dining table stays inside your dining room and only that but it needs to have a margin of at least 3 feet around it.

Another thing to think of is the visual space of your furniture in the given space. Because the table may befit the given space but end up swallowing all of your space. All you need is to visualize the dining table with the floor with its exact dimensions. Then just create a sense of height and width that where it would be fit or not.

Decide on your Budget:

Budget is one of the major factors which are involved in most of the things that you buy and its also important and need to consider before even make your mind for buying a wheelchair accessible dining tables.

In this situation, your budget and feature of the dining table are directly proportional. If you want to best dining table which has a big size, durable material, nice style, and craftsmanship then you have to increase your budget. But if you just want a dining table that doesn’t have anything fancy just needs to be wheelchair accessible then you don’t have to go increase your budget.

You don’t have to research high budget and low budget product because our team did all of that effort for you and which is why I provide you with all type of dining table which is accessible by the dining table.

Matching your Interior:

The dining table can affect your interior if you don’t think about it before the purchase. As I discussed above the dining table is the heat of your home and it’s not according to your taste and your aesthetic then it well feels very odd.

That is the reason you need your wheelchair accessible dining tables to need to match your interior.


A dining table is not the only place to eat but the creator and maker of memories. This is why this is not a table but the heart of any home. You have to give a thought to what is deserved because it plays a really important role.

Your mobility should not be a problem of making your evening great which is why you need wheelchair accessible dining tables so each one of your family members enjoys it all together.

You need to have a wheelchair accessible dining table not because of those people who use wheelchairs to go from one point to another and they can sit on a normal chair with You also to think about those who use wheelchairs only for work and they can sit with but for those who it every day and wants to sit with you on the dining table.

I provide you all a proper buying guide which will help you to buy a suitable and proper product for you or your loved ones.

In the end, I just want you to say that please protect your future by protecting mother Nature. This is not our future but the future of our future generations.

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