What to Put Over Carpet for Wheelchair

A lot of People who using wheelchair wheelchair usually ask what to put over carpet for wheelchair. if you are one of those people then you should call yourself lucky because here in this article you should find everything related to that topic.

The Carpet cause a lot of problems for independent wheelchair users and people also think that a wheelchair can go over the carpet. This is not true, the wheelchair goes over the carpet but not properly and has a lot of resistance and which makes it impossible to maneuver.

That is why we need to know what to put on the carpet for wheelchairs. Well, you can use mat runner which is the best solution for problems like these. The mat runner well not only provides a comfortable ride but also keeps your carpet from getting damaged by the wheelchair wheels. These also provide safety for wheelchair.

There are other solutions to these problems and some of them are even more reliable. Some of that solutions are also make the best wheelchair floor protector. some other methods are given below in the article so let’s get to it.

what to put over carpet for wheelchair

What to Put Over Carpet for Wheelchair:

Whenever someone starts using a wheelchair they face different problems. Of all those problems one is annoying the most which is riding or propelling your wheelchair through carpets and rugs and you want to know what to put over the carpet for a wheelchair.

There is a couple of solution or things that you put over the carpet so your wheelchair can roll and maneuver easily through your home.

First thing you can do to use Clear runner mats. These mats are recommended to use on carpeted areas. These mat runners are very thick and ideal for carpets and rugs and other soft pads like that. These are best for wheelchairs, dollies, wheelchair walkers, mobility scooters and different carts, etc.

Basic Solutions:

The problem of riding the wheelchair through the carpet becomes visible as soon as you start using the wheelchair. But the problem can be solved easily without getting anything extra. So let’s get to it.

The first one is depended upon your wheelchair use. If you have a broken leg or some other use like that which force you to use a wheelchair for sometimes like 2 months to 6 months then you should use carpet runners.

But if you have a permanent mobility issue then you should buy a mat runner or something like that. Instead of that, you should remove the carpet or any rugs from those areas which has been used by the wheelchair user.

This will help you save a lot of money and is also very good for wheelchair users because the propelling on the normal floor is very smooth and comfortable as compared to mat runners.

Installing Temporary Wheelchair Accessible Flooring:

Temporary wheelchair flooring is another unique way to roll your wheelchair on carpets and also suitable for wheelchair carpet protector. Carpet and other rugs create problems and physical barriers that can reduce movement for wheelchair users.

The problem can be reduced and even eliminate by installing temporary wheelchair-accessible flooring. The process of installation temporary flooring over carpet is easy and simple so let’s get to it.

 best flooring for wheelchairs and walkers

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to measure the space where you will roll your wheelchair. The flooring should be in a place where the wheelchair roles and not there where it is not, you get what I mean right.

Step 2:

Now it’s to place the flooring. You need to make sure the groove and tongue get the connection of the ends and sides. After that, you have to stagger the board junction of each rows then you don’t have to join the row with the same joint.

Step 3:

Now disassembled that layout for several boards and transfer and place them in the room where you need to be installed. Take and transfer only a few at a time so you don’t have to confuse yourself.

Step 4:

In this step, you need to secure the board with glue. Normal this floor doesn’t require any glue because it floats and also it is placed on a soft surface. But these boards required glue to keep them in place and prevent it to comes off after some time. The glue should be normal and doesn’t have to be any special.

Step 5:

This is the last step of securing the floor properly. In this step, you will have to put one or two finishing nails driven to the corner that holds the floor. The nail is very small and doesn’t damage the carpet and also comes off easily.

Now after completing the whole system it’s time to check it properly. Ask the user wheelchair to maneuver the wheelchair around on the temporary floor to check if it’s working or not. If you have any further questions then let me know in the comment section other than that if you have an issue with installing it then you should get professional.


If you have ever used a wheelchair then you probably know how hard it is to roll and use a wheelchair over the carpet. It’s actually impossible to use a wheelchair over the carpet and carpet runner.

That’s the reason you should know what to put over carpet for wheelchair or you can also get best manual wheelchair for carpet. I hope you get the idea but if you have any questions then let me in the comment section and I will well be glad to answer them.

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