Using a Wheelchair When You Can Walk | Proper and Essential Guide 2022

Using a wheelchair when you can walk is an important topic for those who only use a wheelchair for partial purposes. The Partial purpose means that you can walk but are not stable and using a wheelchair in this condition know as partial purpose.

There are a lot of diseases in human beings which increase the percentage of wheelchair users who can walk and make it difficult for walking. In some of those diseases, the patient can walk on their own but they are unstable and need proper support.

Besides natural diseases, there are some important situations in which people can walk or are unable to walk. There are some suitable wheelchairs for this situation which can provide the best support when you can walk by yourself but not properly.

This article is about those people who can walk but are not stable enough to avoid any sort of accident. We provide all those situations and diseases in this article so read it clearly.

Using a wheelchair when you can walk

Using a Wheelchair When You Can Walk

There are a lot of types of situations and conditions in which you can walk normally but are not stable enough to avoid any type of accident. To avoid those accidents you need to start using a wheelchair when you can walk.

Patient of Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain in the patient’s body. It is also called widespread pain. The patient with fibromyalgia feels weakness, sleep problems, and mental and emotional distress. Patients with fibromyalgia are more sensitive than normal people.

The most common symptoms of fibromyalgia are stiffness and pain all over the body. The body feels tired and most of the time patient suddenly passes out while walking and gets injured. This is why Patients with fibromyalgia need wheelchairs for those people who get unconscious suddenly.

People having POTS:

POTS is the abbreviation of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This is a condition that affects the blood flow of the patient. This causes its patients to be lightheaded, making him/her uncomfortable and fainting. In this situation, the heartbeats also increase.

Whenever people with POTS get attacked, they can’t maintain and coordinate their balance and that is the main reason they need a wheelchair to use even if they can walk properly.

Spastic cerebral palsy patients:

This is one of the most common types of cerebral palsy. This is a form of hypertonia in which muscles get stiff and make movements becomes impossible. The muscle stiff appears because they send messages incorrectly through the wrong part or injured part of the brain.

In this situation, the patients are able to walk suggested to the physicians that it would be good to use a wheelchair when you can walk.

Knee Replacement:

Movement for people gets difficult when their knee is damaged by arthritis or injured. Then doing simple tasks like climbing stairs, or even just walking seems impossible. In this situation, a wheelchair will be suitable for you and will help you after the knee treatment.

People with the condition MS (Multiple sclerosis):

This really dangerous disease and can make your spinal cord and brain (Main nervous system) potentially disabled.

In MS the patient immune system attacks that protective sheath that covers nerves and creates communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body. This will also permanently damage your entire nervous system if you don’t get proper treatment.

A wheelchair is really recommended for MS patients to use because they will face problems in walking so a wheelchair will provide complete mobility and I’m also not saying that they can’t walk.


Lupus is a disease when the patient’s body immune system attacks its own body organs and tissues. It is a type of autoimmune disease. In this disease, inflammation is caused by different parts of the human body which include, the skin, kidney, joints, brain, lungs, and blood cells.

Waking gets difficult when you got inflammation in your body and which is why you need to get a wheelchair is the best option. People with lupus can walk on their own but it’s better to use a wheelchair when you can walk.


Arthritis is a disease related to your body’s joints. It affects the area where the bones meet (Joints). The area which is affected most by arthritis is the feet, hips, knees, lower back, and hands.

Arthritis involves inflammation and pain around the joints which makes it difficult for the patient to walk. And that is the reason most physicians recommend for arthritis patients use a wheelchair while they can walk.

At Airport:

People get tired at the airport when they go on a flight or come from a flight and especially elders. Normally the complete procedure at the airport can take hours and people with heart problems, elders, and joint problems can stand or walk for that long.

Well for ease of those they need to use a wheelchair while they can walk. A wheelchair is an absolute solution for situations like these and they can become part time wheelchair user.

For Elders.

When people reach to its 70 or 80, then most of them become dependent on others for their mobility. In most situations they need can walk on their own but they are at risk of falling down because they didn’t have much power in their legs.

So, for those people wheelchair is a suitable option. They can use it anytime whenever they need it. They can also walk on their own but it is recommended to use a wheelchair for a long walks.


Ataxia is a condition in which a person is losing control over his muscles. Most people use the ability to lose control to use their muscles. Some types of ataxia are transferred through inheritance.

In this condition, you need to have to use a wheelchair. You can walk on your own but it’s best for your condition to use a wheelchair most of the time to avoid any sort of injuries.

Parkinson’s disease:

This condition is usually called movement disorder in which walking can be difficult. Parkinson’s can cause different types of abnormalities that include difficulty in walking. In this situation first, you can walk normally but in the end, you can’t walk clearly, and normally in that condition, a wheelchair will be a suitable option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Ok to Use a Wheelchair if You Can Walk?

Yes, it’s totally ok to use a wheelchair when you can walk. There is a lot of condition in which you can walk but not safely. Like paralysis, fatigue, balance problems, chronic pain, and other condition which make walking hard and unsafe.

When Should you Start Using a Wheelchair?

This question arises all the time what is the right time to start using a wheelchair well it depends upon the condition of the patient. In some situations, the patient can start using a wheelchair as young as 15 months while in other conditions they can start using about when they are 4 to 5 years.

What is the Most Difficult Thing for Wheelchair Users?

There are a lot of daily problems which can create difficulty for wheelchair users. These things include getting blisters on hands, ramps that are inaccessible, being stuck in narrow doorways, being avoided, struggling to park a car, etc.


Using a wheelchair when you can walk in a situation in which you will be able to walk freely without any assistance but it well is best to use a wheelchair to avoid any sort of accident. There is a lot of types of situation and diseases in which people can walk but are not stable enough to avoid any type of accident which also make ladies use a wheelchair when they can walk. All of the situations are in the article above and if you have any sort of questions or any doubts then let me know and I will get you back to me as soon as possible

At the end of the article, I just want to say that please clean your surrounding and your planet clean which will help your future generation to breathe clean air.

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