How to Transfers From Wheelchair to Shower chair or Toilet | 2022

Transfers from wheelchair to shower chair or toilet is the process that every wheelchair caregiver need to know because they will need it in many of those critical situations.

The transferring patient from a wheelchair has its own techniques most of the people who did it without those techniques end up hurting their patient. a normal person needs to maintain his hygiene and he/she can do that by just showering after some time. There are different techniques that as a caregiver you need to learn and those also include wheelchair to bed transfer.

The transfer form wheelchair is really important for wheelchair assistants and you can’t help your wheelchair patient without knowing these techniques. These techniques are not hard and you can learn them by just following the down below process.

Transfers from wheelchair to shower chair or toilet

The question arises every time in caregivers’ minds that how you can transfer a patient from his own wheelchair to a shower wheelchair or to a toilet set. Well, their process is not hard but it needs to be done carefully and efficiently. A caregiver can do the job by himself or he can ask someone to help him.

The process of transferring the patient from wheelchair to shower chair or toilet in two-phase. First, we discuss how to transfer the patient from wheelchair to shower chair and after that, we discuss how you can transfer your patient from wheelchair to toilet.

Transferring from Wheelchair to Shower Chair:

There are a lot of different types of wheelchairs and some of those are water-resistant and you can take shower in them. So, if you have one of those wheelchairs then you don’t need to transfer your patiently but if you don’t have that wheelchair then you need to follow the down below process.

  • First of all, take the wheelchair to the bathroom and take everything that you might need in the shower.
  • After entering the bathroom make sure to remove any rugs for the bathroom.
  • Now make sure that the wheelchair brakes are applied because most of the time wheelchair trying to run away or slip away.
  • Now take your gait belt or any other belt if your patient is elder and tie it around their waist. But if the patient is a toddler in a wheelchair, then you can pick him up on your hands and don’t need a belt at all.
  • The belt should be above or below the ribcage because this will provide extra safety and reduce the chance of injury.
  • Before taking the patient out of the wheelchair you need to swing away from the footrest and armrest. If it has a removable footrest then you should remove it and put it back later.
  • You also need to make sure that the patient doesn’t wear any security belt, if they have so remove it also.
  • Now it’s time for transfer so move the user slightly to the edge and pick him up by leaning him forward which shifts their weight and helps them to stand on their leg and move him to the shower chair.
  • Whenever you pick the patient from the wheelchair you need to be in front of him. This will protect you back and help you to transfer him.
  • You need to put extra force in transfer if he can’t put pressure on his leg and also need a good grip to help the patient stand.
  • While in transfer you should tell the wheelchair user to use their hand to push up from form wheelchair on the armrest.
  • After the transfer from wheelchair to shower chair you need to make sure the patient is set comfortably.

This is the complete process of transferring the patient from a wheelchair to a shower chair and the transferring patient from a shower chair to a wheelchair is the reverse of this process.

Transferring from Wheelchair to toilet:

A person needs to use the toilet once a day and for that, you need to go to the toilet. For normal it is not a big problem but it is a problem for those who have mobility issues and use wheelchairs. Down below is the process for those who need to transfer patients for wheelchairs to the toilet.

  • At first, you need to take the wheelchair patient to the washroom, and don’t forget to take the stuff that you need with you.
  • After that make sure you remove all rugs from the washroom.
  • Now if the wheelchair user is a small kid, then you don’t need any bait belt and you can pick him up easily but if the patient is heavy then you definitely need a belt.
  • Now apply the brakes of the wheelchair before transfer.
  • If the wheelchair has a removable footrest then remove it
  • Now tie the belt around the user’s waist and help him pick him up and help him to stand on his feet and transfer it to the toilet seats.
  • This is the complete process of transferring patients from wheelchairs to toilet seats.

The transfer from toilet seats to wheelchairs is the same but in reverse. This process of transferring from wheelchair to shower chair is the same as wheelchair to toilet seats.


Transfers from wheelchair to shower chair or toilet is depended upon the wheelchair patient’s condition. Most wheelchair users can’t or can’t take shower on their own so they need help to get to the shower chair or toilet.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep your country clean and protect nature because that is our future.

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