Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg | Top 9 Picks Reviews

If you have ever been through a Broken leg then you understand its pain and how life becomes difficult in the aspect of your mobility.

A typical broken leg or fracture can take 2 to 3 months to completely heal, In that time your child can’t walk by himself and can’t put weight on his leg like carrying school bags, etc.

If you are looking for a toddler wheelchair for a broken leg then you are at the right spot. Here I list all the toddler wheelchair for broken leg with proper information and details.

Even most people didn’t much care about their children’s broken legs because they aren’t letting them walk or then or they are that old to walk by themselves even though it’s very dangerous according to research.

The Toddler Wheelchair for a broken keeps your child relaxed as wall hugger loveseat recliners do, and calm besides that, it’s not recommended by doctors.

There are many types of toddler wheelchair for broken legs out there on the Market but I listed the best ones them.

Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg

Before moving further I listed the top, best, most comfortable, and most reliable market toddler wheelchairs for broken legs for you. Selecting for them is totally your preferences and personal taste. There is also a buying guide about toddler wheelchairs if your want to read it then it is at the end of this article.

Quick Look of Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg

Image Product Details   Price
NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair
Product weight: 27 lbs

Weight Capacity:
300 lbs

Seat dimensions:
18.5”w x 15.75”d.
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Inspired by Drive Wallaby Pediatric Wheelchair
Product weight: 26 lbs

Weight Capacity:
150 lbs

Seat dimensions:
14” W x  14 “ D
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Medline Kids Pediatric Wheelchair
Product weight: 25 lbs

Weight Capacity:
250 lbs

Seat dimensions:
25 x 22 x 37.5 inches
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Medline – MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly Wheelchair
Product weight: 33 lbs

Weight Capacity:
300 lbs

Seat dimensions:
18 x 16 inches.
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Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair
Product weight: 47lbs

Weight Capacity:
250 lbs

Seat dimensions:
42” x 26” x 36”
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Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition Transport Wheelchair
Product weight: 19 lbs

Weight Capacity:
300 lbs

Seat dimensions:
38” x 22” x 38”.
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Medline Strong and Sturdy Wheelchair 
Product weight: 41 lbs

Weight Capacity:
300 lbs

Seat dimensions:
31” x 28.5” x 36.5”
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Drive Medical K320DFA-ELR Cruiser III Lightweight Folding Wheelchair
Product weight: 41 lbs

Weight Capacity:
350 lbs

Seat dimensions:
36.5” x 32.5“x 12”
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ProBasics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair
Product weight: 22 lbs

Weight Capacity:
200 lbs

Seat dimensions:
27.5 x 10.2 x 37 inches
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1. NOVA Light Weight Transport Wheelchair – Our Pick

Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg


  • Weight of Wheelchair: 300 pounds (136 kg).
  • Seat dimensions: 18.5”w x 15.75”d.
  • Seat height: 20 inches.
  • Width: 25.75 inches.
  • Product weight: 27 lbs(12.247 kg).
  • Back height from seat: 17.75”;
  • Arm height from seat: 10.5”.

Light Weighted:

This wheelchair is lightweight as it is clear from its name which makes it easier to transport, and travel, and makes it one of the Best Toddler Wheelchairs for Broken legs.

The lightweight feature is come in handy when traveling, easy to carry anywhere. Easily folds and can fit in a car trunk.


This wheelchair has secondary wheel locks, which makes it safer, and a removable Anti-toper to increase safety. The Wheelchair is basically designed for all-terrain.

This NOVA wheelchair has patented handbrakes that help the caregiver to control the wheelchair on inclines, bumps, and all-terrain.


It also has an adjustable seatbelt that (can adjust up to 41”) to increase safety and a small pouch (9” W x 6.25” H) for cell phones Medicine etc.

This toddler wheelchair for broken leg Paddle Desk can be removable and flip up easily which makes transferring to bed or from bed, car, or chair easier.

The footrest from this wheelchair is adjustable which is removable from the chair and can be put back into place easily. It also has a heel loop which is great for the foot to rest.

  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Lightweight makes its propelling maneuver from easy to easiest.
  • Easily Folds and can fit under the table.
  • Larger wheel design best for road bumps.
  • Easily swing away and removable both, Caster and Arms
  • No calf pad for broken leg support.
  • A little expensive

2. Inspired By Drive Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair – Toddler Wheelchair For Broken Leg.

oddler Wheelchair For Broken Leg

  • Weight Capacity:  150 lbs (68.03 kg).
  • Dimension                   : 14” W x  14 “ D
  • Model Number: WB1400-2GJB

Comfortable & Light Weighted.:

The Drive Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair is a very comfortable chair. Lightweight, which is good for a caretaker and also easily carries from one place to another.

Transferring Easily:

This wheelchair also has a flip-up Paddle desk arm which makes it suitable for transferring the user to a car or from a bed into a chair, and from the chair into the bed and vice versa.


This chair also has an adjustable seat feature which comes in handy in any situation. Pelvic belts help for position and safety.

Anti-tipper helps to prevent tipping backward which is good for safety and decreases the chance of unwanted accidents.

Also Read Wheelchair for Broken Knee.

  • Vailable in two different sizes.
  • Easily Foldable.
  • Comfortable seats
  • Smooth cushion make it more comfortable
  • Doesn’t recommended for heavy users.
  • Doesn’t have proper calf padding

3 Medline Kids Pediatric Wheelchair – Pediatric wheelchair for Broken leg.

Pediatric wheelchair for Broken leg


  • Product Dimensions : 25 x 22 x 37.5 inches
  • Seat Dimensions: 14″ W x 12″ D
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (113.39 kg).
  • Weight without Leg rests 25 lbs (11.33 kg).
  • Item model number: MDS806140PD
  • Manufacturer: Medline


The Medline Excel Pediatric Wheelchair for broken leg has adjustable handles which are very comfortable for Caregivers or nurses.

The armrest is Padded with durable vinyl upholstery which is very comfortable and easy to clean.


Detachable footrest which can be easily elevated according to your needs. Arm length also can swing back easily. A standard dual axel can easily be adjustable up to seat level.


It’s also come with anti-trippers which increase safety and prevent the wheelchair’s safety. The Medline Excel pediatric wheelchair is an incredible choice for kids and children. Really easily foldable and can fit in any car’s trunk.

  • Easy to use and very light weighted.
  • Carry easily because easy to fold and fits everywhere.
  • Tires a Wider the usual Wheelchair best for traveling on gravel and rough surface.
  • A little expensive
  • The belt sometimes doesn’t latch.

4 Medline – MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly Wheelchair 

lightweight wheelchair for broken leg


  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136kg).
  • Size : 18 x 16 inches.
  • Product weight without a leg rests: 33 lbs (14.94 kg);
  • Not MRI safe
  • Item model number: MDS806550E
  • Manufacturer: Medline

Main Feature:

The Medline lightweight is smarty designed with the simple maneuver and can support up to people with 300lbs which makes it a good choice for adults also.


This toddler wheelchair for broken leg has one of the Best brake systems which makes it really reliable and safer. Although it doesn’t have brakes for the caregiver its own brakes are more power full which fills its gap.


It also has nylon upholstery, which is easy to clean and comfortable. Premium welds increase their durability and reliability.

Just like the above wheelchair this also has a removable and elevating footrest which increases its comfort.


Smooth and flat-free tires make its mobility enhance. Adjustable seats make it more usable and you can adjust your seat according to your choice. Flip-back, the desk length of the wheelchair makes the navigation easier.

  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Best for sitting at the table because the armrest can be rotated up.
  • Light-weighted is as clear as its name.
  • Entering and exiting is easy because the footrest can be unlatched and swing out. And can easily removable.
  • The price reflects the Material.
  • The Armrest is a little small.
  • The leg rest( footrest) is a little heavy too.

5. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair – Wheelchair For Broken leg.

Wheelchair For Broken leg.


  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (113.39 kg).
  • Seat to floor height: 19.5 inches.
  • Back height: 16 inches.
  • Closed Width : 12.5″.
  • Armrest Height: 8 inches.
  • Casters: 8 inches.
  • Dimensions of product: 42” x 26” x 36”
  • Item model number: BLS20FBD-ELR
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical


Lightweighted with 250 lbs. Coated frame with Blue Powder and Black Cross Brace. This wheelchair has Nylon upholstery padding on the armrest and for the legs (behind the knee) which is very comfortable but very light in weight.


The armrest and footrest are padded with Nylon upholstery which is comfortable, durable, attractive, lightweight, and also easy to clean.


Hard strong wheel with solid rubber tires which provides durability and easy propelling maneuver and also low maintenance. It also has a calf strap that improves safety.

  • The wheelchair is light weighted and the seats are wider.
  • The Leg rest can be elevated up or elevation down.
  • The padding behind the legs is comfortable and gives support to the legs.
  • Don’t need to bend over to push the Wheelchair because it’s easy to maneuver.
  • Doesn’t have a pelvic belt.
  • Doesn’t have brakes for caregiver

6. Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition Transport Wheelchair

Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg | Top 9 Picks Reviews


  • Dimensions of product: 38” x 22” x 38”.
  • Item model number: EXP19LTRD
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
  • Weighs only: 19 lbs (8.61 kg).

Light Weight:

Drive Medical’s Lightweight wheelchair has an impressively low weight of 19 lbs. This wheelchair is basically designed to effectively support up to 300 lbs (136 kg) safely.

This Lightweight feature makes it one of the Best toddler wheelchairs for a broken leg.

Good for travel:

Lightweight which is easy for propelling maneuver, wheel locks, and seatbelt ensure safety. Easily Foldable which is good for transport and the lever from the back of the wheelchair allows for fast, flat, and safe transport.

Best Design:

Expertly designed 12” rear flat tires which can navigate indoor (flat surface) as well as outdoor terrain (rough surface). Also has a small pouch for storage of medicine, keys, cell phone, etc.

  • It’s really easily folded, grab the two hands on the seats and it’s done.
  • It’s best for this price
  • Extremely light just weighs 19 pounds.
  • Well-constructed, easy propelling maneuver
  • The best option for a caregiver.
  • Not suitable for heavy users
  • Doesn’t have calf pads.

7. Medline Strong and Sturdy Wheelchair – Pediatric Wheelchair With Elevated Leg Rest.

Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg | Top 9 Picks Reviews


  • Weight Capacity: 300-lbs (136 kg).
  • Seat dimensions : 20 x 16 inches
  • Dimensions of the product: 31” x 28.5” x 36.5”
  • Product Dimensions:41 Pounds (18.59 kg)
  • Item model number: MDS806400EE
  • Date First Available: June 28, 2017
  • Manufacturer: Medline

Strong and Comfortable:

Medline strong toddler wheelchair for broken legs has a durable strong welded frame that increases its security with comfortable nylon upholstery which is durable, attractive, lightweight, and also easy to clean.

Solid and Strong:

Seats are adjustable to Hemi-heights that lower the seats by 2 inches which lets the user propel the wheelchair easily.

The Medline wheelchair has solid flat-free tires which are good for all-terrain including indoor (flat surface) and outdoor (Rough Surface).

Attractive and Customizable:

This wheelchair has long-lasting features and a stunning hammer-tone finish paint which looks very attractive. The Footrest can be swung away through which transfer made easy.

  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Strong and granted for long life.
  • The easy maneuver of propelling.
  • Strong Steel Frame.
  • Can bear a lot of weight
  • A little difficult to propel in the grass.
  • It’s a little expensive.

8. Drive Medical Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair – Toddler Wheelchair Rental

Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg | Top 9 Picks Reviews


  • Overall Product Height: 4″
  • Overall Product Length: 16″
  • Dimensions of the Product: 36.5” x 32.5“x 12”
  • Item model number: K318DFA-ELR
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical


The Cruiser III wheelchair’s armrest can be flipped back detachable completely and a footrest can raise (adjustable) according to your need.


This wheelchair has a strong carbon steel base which increases safety. The Wheelchair is covered with a silver vein finish which looks stunning and is maintained easily.

Best Performance:

The wheels of this toddler wheelchair broken leg have precision sealed wheel bearing in both of the wheels, front and back, increasing the performance and dependability.

The transfer in this chair is very because of the removable flip back from the wheelchair to the bed, chair, car, etc.

Comfortable and Attractive:

The armrest is padded with Nylon upholstery which is comfortable, durable, attractive, lightweight, and also easy to clean.

  • Light-weighted and adjustable seats.
  • High quality easily fords to carry for trips and travels.
  • Elevating footrest with comfortable padding in the armrest and behind the legs.
  • Support up to 250 lbs.
  • No pelvic belts are there.
  • Might not be durable enough for a permanent disable Person.

9. ProBasics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair – Toddler Broken Leg Mobility.

Best Toddler Wheelchair for Broken Leg | Top 9 Picks Reviews


  • Brand Name: Roscoe Medical
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 22.0 pounds.

Comfortable and Lightweight:

This aluminum framed wheelchair is easily Folded which can be stored and easily transported which also makes it the best lightweight wheelchair. Permanent Armrests which is padded nylon upholstery that makes it comfortable and supports up to 300lbs.

Strong Wheels:

This toddler wheelchair for broken leg has 12-inch rear wheels that improve its ride from a bumpy and rough surface to a comfortable ride. This portable wheelchair is very safe, reliable, and comfortable for travel or everyday use.

Very Safe:

The Seat belt in this wheelchair is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your need and also added safety. There are user-activated brakes and also caregiver (companion) brakes for safety.

Convenience Features:

This wheelchair has a Nylon seat strap which helps with folding and lifting. There are padded seats that swing away, strong footrests, and heel loops.

  • Very simple to use, sturdy and lightweight.
  • This chair fits in all other categories.
  • Couldn’t be any easier to fold this wheelchair and easily placed it everywhere.
  • Best for narrow places because it’s easily maneuverable in narrow pathways or doorways.
  • Really easily fordable and can be lifted by 80 years old.
  • The seat maybe not that comfortable.
  • Not recommended for long use.

Best Toddler Wheelchair For Broken Leg Buying Guide

Things Need to Know Before Buying a Wheelchair.

First of all is support, since your child has a broken leg so it’s meaning he can’t carry his load even you can’t even walk properly.

Light Weight, The wheelchair that you buy for your child’s broken leg must be light-weighted because it’s good for his comfort.

Fit, Whenever you buy a toddler wheelchair for a broken leg you must check its size and width. Because it is needed to fit your child inside and also the width of the chair is narrow enough to smoothly carry your child through your doorways in your home.

A Broken leg can take about 2 to 3 months to fully recover, so your son will be in a wheelchair for that long. Therefore you should invest in a wheelchair which is of good Quality, comfortable and also not expensive.

Surviving Toddler with a Broken Leg.

Cast Cover for Bath time. Getting cast wet is a big problem and you might hear it before but didn’t think how big the problem is.

Technically if your cast gets wet then it turns to mush and becomes waste. Then you will need to re-casted…., so it’s painful and expensive and you don’t want this for your child.

Well, a Plastic bag and a rubber band will keep you safe from this. Just cover your cast with a plastic bag and tie it with the rubber band while taking a sponge bath. Well, I recommended you get a real cast cover.

A real cast is very secure than a homemade cover which prevents your cast from getting wet and you can use it for several baths.

Baby Bath Seat. It may or may not seem important to you but it is really important for a toddler with a broken leg. Depending on your baby’s age you may be needed or not but it’s come in very handy.

The baby bath keeps the baby up in the tub from the water this way you can wash his hair and body while he was a few inches u in the tub.

The climate of your area is very important in situations like this because if it is cold outside then you need some wider sweets pants for your child or some cheap wider pajamas so you might cut to the cast of the legs which keeps you warm.

But in summer you need light dresses ( shorts and light shirts etc.). This is also kind of important while using a toddler wheelchair for broken a leg.

Sometimes kids with broken legs are tired of using a wheelchair all day, so they need to get off the wheelchair for some time to relax.

For that purpose only you need to get a soft and comfortable chair in which they can low for a while and relax.

Setting and having nothing much for fun get the small kid in the wheelchair to get bored.  To cheer him up you need to engage with him and entertained him through different activities.

You should give him puzzles to play with. Give your child floam (a lay that children play with), kinetic to relax his mind. Give him a crayon, watercolor to painting with for fun, and other allots of things you can think of.

Care at Home:

Whenever your child had a fracture in his leg then he has to cast his fracture to protect his leg (bone) while the fracture heals. There are two types of cast, full cast, and back slab which is a cast placed with bandages.

It is necessary to care for your child’s health after you are discharged from the hospital while the fracture or broken leg heals in the cast.

The Broken leg is painful but the pain is reduced after you reduce it when you cast it because it immobilized your leg. Additional pain can be reduced by medication, as advised by the doctor.

Reducing the Pain of the child’s broken leg is one of the ways you take care of your child at home. Some others are given below.

In the first couple of days to minimize the swelling and pain of a broken leg, you need to get your child’s leg elevated and rest. Use a pillow to raise your child’s leg while laying down, sleeping, or sitting.

Skin Care:

It’s common that your skin is itching under the cast. So stop your child from scratching skin under the cast because scratches like this cause infection or skin damage. Don’t let your child push a stick, pencil, ruler, or any other object to scratch inside the cast.

You can relieve your itching by just using a Hairdryer. Use a hairdryer to blow cold air inside the cast but be careful don’t blow warm or hot air in the cast because it will damage your skin as well as your cast too.

Cast Care:

Take care of the child’s broken leg cast, and keep it dry and clean. Use a cast cover while bathing or showering. Don’t let your child dip the cast of his leg in the water so that it will damage the cast, if the cast is damaged then it will also damage the fracture or broken leg ( and damaged skin as well).

There is also a waterproofed cast “fiberglass cast” but make sure the padding under the cast doesn’t get wet and stays dry, whenever used in a watery situation.

Moving About:

A toddler with a broken leg is not allowed to put weight on that leg. Don’t even try to walk without any support. He can use crutches if he can but I recommend using a wheelchair for more safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the youngest age for a Wheelchair?

The youngest age for a wheelchair is about 2 to 3 years. According to research young children can learn to power a wheelchair when they are about 20 months old.

How can I help my Child Walk After a Broken Leg?

All you can do is motivate them to do their daily routine activities, like play. You also don’t need physical therapy to make your child walk. He/she will be able to walk by themselves, just make sure he does their daily routine activities.

Can a Toddler Still Walk on a Broken Leg?

Yes, they can walk on the broken leg but it’s not safe at all. You need to get him a wheelchair that provides the mobility they need and he/she can walk after his leg heels.

Does a Child Need Wheelchair for a Broken Leg?

A child who is 2 or older than 2 years and unfortunately broke his leg, then can use crutches if you can’t get him a toddler wheelchair for a broken leg. But if your child is younger than that then I must suggest you get him a toddler wheelchair for a broken leg, which should be recommended by Doctors.

Final Thoughts:

All of these Wheelchairs are designed to use in different environments such as care Environments, schools, playgrounds, and also in Homes.

An important thing is to buy a toddler wheelchair for broken leg which fits your child best. It’s not only important that the seat depth is correct but also the seat width is correct and comfortable for the child.

Because there is a risk of soreness on the back of your knee from using a too-deep-seated wheelchair. As a caregiver you only want what’s best for your care recipients (also a child) and also need to know wheelchair safety for the caregiver.

If you’re here that means you read all of the articles and make up your mind to make a decision. Good luck and keep your city clean, keep planet Earth Clean.


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