Signs You Need a Wheelchair | Detailed Guide

There are a lot of people using a wheelchair and one of the most common signs you need a wheelchair is mobility.

There are also a lot of other things that may force you to get a wheelchair which not only makes your life easy but also secure.

Life brings a lot of changes whether you like it or not which also include mobility. Having mobility issues are usually related to the age of a person but there is research that shows that 16% of adult in America struggle with mobility.

This research shows that there are more people with mobility issues than you think.

There are different situations in normal people’s life that required them to have a wheelchair, but sometimes it’s not the case.

People need some sort of sign or wheelchair quiz that they need a wheelchair for their mobility.

Our team did a lot of research and find signs that if you have then you should get a wheelchair not matter a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. So without wasting any time let’s get to it.

signs you need a wheelchair

Signs You Need a Wheelchair:

One of the main questions people ask that how to know if you need a wheelchair. Well, the main and most common sign that someone has and forces them to use a wheelchair is a mobility aid.

But that is not the end of it. There is a lot of other situations in which you will be able to walk and do your daily task but still need to have a wheelchair.

Some of that conditions required you to have a wheelchair to get back your freedom and independence.

Frequently Falling Over:

frequently falling over

Tipping over or falling is a normal thing for everyone but when it becomes frequent then it’s not a normal thing and it’s actual problem.

The problem becomes more serious when it became on daily basis. The body of that individual can’t bear its own weight and is also unable to sustain the movement of walking which cause falling dangerously.

Falling is dangerous because it can lead to some serious injuries like a broken leg, broken hips, limbs, head, and head injuries. It also causes contusions, internal bleeding, laceration, and even death.

This is why falling frequently is the absolute sign to get yourself or your loved one a suitable wheelchair. You can also talk to your Physician and follow his instructions.

Missing Social Gathering:

Missing Social Gathering

How to know when you need a wheelchair. You know you need a wheelchair when you miss social gatherings.

To some people, it doesn’t seem a suitable sign to get a wheelchair but trust me it is when I explain it. Most of the people who can’t walk properly or has some sort of mobility issues are limited to their house and miss most of the social gathering.

Social isolation can lead an individual to risk of suicide, shorter life, and also depression. Basically, isolation can be bad for both mental and physical health.

Most of the effects of immobility are really severe and not for their well-being.

This is why you need to get a wheelchair if you are isolated in your house due to mobility issues. It is also advised by a lot of doctors to not isolate themselves.

Doctor Recommendation:

How do you know if you need a wheelchair? well, the Doctor’s perception or recommendation is something that people follow without questioning it and this is the sign that you need a wheelchair.

When a doctor recommends a wheelchair then it’s a clear sign that you need to wheelchair regardless of your medical condition. Because if the doctor recommends it then it will definitely be good for your health.

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Increasing Fatigue:

Most of the elder and old people who can walk by themselves can’t stand for a long time which results in fatigue. Getting fatigued normally relates to their age but sometimes it can also be the cause of some medical issues which then eventually lead to mobility issues.

The fatigue causes the patient to stay at home most of the time which is also not good for health because it can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Lack of mobility increases a lot of health issues, which is why they need socializing.

If you also get fatigued from either standing or walling then you need to have a wheelchair because it is your only way to get social with people. Having a wheelchair won’t let you sit all day long in your house.

Losing Balance:

People lose balance when they walk and it’s normal after a while. In your 50 to 60s, you may also feel a loss your balance, and its big indication are when you holding a wall or some furniture when you walking.

Losing balance when walking is not that serious but what is serious about it is that when you lose it then you may fall and injure yourself really badly.

That is why you need to start using a wheelchair when you can walk properly but there is a 50% chance that you may lose your balance.

Having Pain When Walking:

Sometimes people can’t cover short distances because of chronic pain. Chronic pain is something lost longer than you expected.

You can also do some physical therapy, medication, or massage but sometimes it can cure only with time.

That’s why you need a wheelchair to provide you support for that amount of time. A wheelchair is a perfect solution to have chronic pain or some other type of pain.


Who needs a wheelchair? Well people who got injured need wheelchairs. Injuries are also one of the main reason that limits your mobility. It not only limits form your mobility but also doing day-to-day activities. Usually hips, broken limbs, back, and internal injuries cause mobility issues.

Any kind of injury that cause limit your mobility is required to have a wheelchair. A wheelchair will give you proper mobility regardless of your injuries.

A wheelchair will help you to do your daily chores. You can also choose from a variety of different wheelchairs.


If you have mobility issues then first discuss it with the doctor and if the doctor recommends it then you should start using it with any questions because it is good for your health.

Other than that there are different situations and signs that will tell you to get a wheelchair.

I hope you get what you looking for about signs you need a wheelchair but if you don’t then you need to ask it in the comment section and I try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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