How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair | Detailed Guide

If you don’t know how to weigh someone in a wheelchair? But if you want to figure it out then you end up in the right place because I shall tell you the different ways how wheelchair users weigh themselves and weigh your loved ones in a wheelchair.

Keeping your weight constant in one specific weight range is very important for everyone including wheelchair users.

Because people who are overweight are easy targets for a lot of dangerous diseases and conditions. Excessive weight can increase the chance of cancer, heart disease, strokes, depression, diabetes, and a lot of other conditions.

That is one of the main reasons you need to check your weight regularly. If it’s possible then you check it daily.

If it exceeds your required and desired weight then you need wheelchair exercise for weight loss otherwise it gives you the motivation that keeps you in proper shape.

How do you weigh someone in a wheelchair Well, there are different ways to weigh someone in a wheelchair. People choose different methods depending on their needs and requirements, but here I’m going to tell you all of those methods, so let’s dive into them.

how to weigh someone in a wheelchair

How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair:

As you know, keeping track of your wheelchair is one of the most important things to keep yourself fit and healthy.

How do wheelchair users weigh themselves? Well, There are basically two main ways to weigh someone who is in a wheelchair. Both of the methods are good, solid, and also recommended by physicians.

Weight person without a wheelchair:

weight scale for disabled person

The process is really simple but you need some extra help. The process is described in a couple of steps and those steps are given below so let’s get to it.

Step 1:

In this first step, you have to get the wheelchair user out of the wheelchair, and it’s only when he is able and has good power.

Step 2:

Now get him to scale, and it doesn’t matter what scale you have as long as the wheelchair patient is good to use that scale.

Step 3:

If the person is able to walk then he should easily get to the scale with extra help. When he has weight then you should get him back into the wheelchair carefully.

Step 4:

But if the user is very weak or doesn’t have the power to walk then you should carry him/her to the wheelchair with help of others.

You should be careful with carrying it because it doesn’t get up from a wheelchair very often. After scaling the user’s weight, now put him back in his wheelchair with proper care.

Weighting the Person with a Wheelchair:

how to weigh someone in a wheelchair at home

Sometimes wheelchair users have conditions that don’t let them walk or make them unable to move. In such a condition you are also unable to carry him to the wheelchair with help of others just like you did in the previous method.

How to weight someone in a wheelchair? Well, you have to weigh him/her on a wheelchair scale. So you have to weigh him on the wheelchair scales for home and for that, you have to follow the down below method.

Step 1:

First of all is getting a scale, not any scale but a specific scale that is actually made for weight large and big stuff. You can get that scale from a lot of different places. You can also get that from online shops.

Step 2:

After getting the wheelchair it’s time to step it up. Most of these scales are powered by electricity, so you have to plunge their wire into a power switch and let it run.

Step 3:

Getting everything set up now it’s time to scale the wheelchair user use properly. It’s simple and easy, all you have to do is to bring the wheelchair user onto the scale.

If the user can propel himself he should get on the scale otherwise he needs a wheelchair caregiver to bring him on the scale.

Now note the total weight of the wheelchair user. The total weight includes the weight of the wheelchair along with the weight of the user.

Step 4:

In the next step, you have to find the user weight from the total weight of net weight. You can do this by two methods.

The first method is easy and for that, you can subtract the wheelchair weight from the actual recorded weight.

You should know the total weight of the wheelchair because it is one of the bases on which you should get the wheelchair. You can also check its weight on its website along with all its specifications.

The second method has similarities to the first one. In this method, you also have to subtract the weight of the wheelchair but it’s a little bit different.

Something we don’t know is the actual weight of the wheelchair so you have the weight again but without the patient in it.

It’s easy all you have to do is to get the wheelchair whenever the wheelchair user is not on it and weigh it on the scale and subtract the weight from the total weight and you get yourself the actual weight of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do They Weight People in Wheelchairs?

There is a scale for chairs and especially wheelchairs in which they keep the wheelchair on top of that scale and note the overall weight. Then they subtract the weight of the wheelchair from the oval weight and they have the actual weight of the patient in the wheelchair.

How do People in Wheelchairs not Become Overweight?

Well, they get active in their wheelchairs and do exercise on regular bases. There is a well-written article about wheelchair weight loss that you can read to know further.

How do you Weigh Someone Who is Bed Bounded?

Well, there is a sit or lay-down scales that are the perfect solutions for those people who are bed bound or can’t stand or sit. All you can do is to get them on that scale and note their weight.


Keep tracking of your weight so that it should not exceed your weight limit then it will create some serious problems. That’s why you need to check your weight regularly on the wheelchair weight scale.

I hope this article will give you some info and it will also solve you a lot of questions like how to weigh someone in a wheelchair at home.

But If you have any questions on the topic of how to weigh someone in a wheelchair then you should ask them in the comment section below and I shall be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that the changing environment will affect everyone which is why you need to plant as many trees as possible for restoring the planet Earth to its original shape.

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