How to Shower Someone in a Wheelchair? | Detailed Guide to Shower in Wheelchair

If you come across a situation you need to know how to shower someone in a wheelchair. Well, then you are in the right spot because in this article I describe everything to know about giving a shower to a wheelchair user.

Taking shower is really important for everyone even if you are in a wheelchair. According to a study, a normal person needs to take shower three times every single week. This is why you need to take a shower even if you’re in a wheelchair and take shower on your own.

Sometimes people in wheelchairs can’t take shower on their own because of mobility or medical issues so you have to help them to take a shower even they want to washing their hair in a wheelchair.

Giving a shower to another person maybe seems odd to you but it’s the only way. Most people don’t know how to approach it but here we have a well-written guide for you that help you to shower someone in a wheelchair. so let’s get to it.

how to shower someone in a wheelchair

How to Shower Someone in a Wheelchair:

The shower is actually a long and hard process for someone even though is necessary to take care of your hygiene. The process may be complicated when the person taking shower is in a wheelchair.

There is a complete and step-by-step process to shower someone in a wheelchair. so let’s get to it.

Step 1: Getting Stuff Ready

The first step is the begging step and that means that you have to gather stuff that you need to along the process of taking shower or giving someone a shower. Those things include a shower chair, anti-skidding material, soap, shampoo, towel, etc.

How does a person in a wheelchair take a shower? Well, Some wheelchairs can also allow you to take shower in a wheelchair if you have one of those wheelchairs then you don’t need to buy a portable wheelchair shower.

But if you don’t then I will tell you how to transfer the patient from a normal wheelchair to a shower wheelchair.

Step 2: Transferring Wheelchair User

How to bathe someone in a shower chair. In this step, we will be going to describe how to transfer patients from wheelchairs to shower wheelchairs. First, if they can get up by themselves then it’s great and you just need to verbally assist them.

If not then you have to pick that person by yourself or you can take someone helps. But before picking him up you need to explain to him how you going to do it. You can also use belts and strips to pick and hold the patient securely.

Step 3: Start with Washing Hair

In this step, you have to start your shower by washing your hair. If you just wash their hair then you can wash in their wheelchair.

Before taking shampoo check the water that is ideal for the condition and then take some shampoo and apply it to their hair and massage it for some time.

But don’t use a lot of shampoos because it can damage their hair and also don’t wash their hair every day because some study says it can also damage hair.

Step 4: Washing and Cleaning Overall Body

In this step, it’s time for her body to shower or you can say wash. Start by purring water on their body and washing or massaging with some soap to clean their body. Take two to three hands of washing to complete the process of washing.

If the patient is able to use their hand then let them use their hand to wash the areas that are reachable like the face, neck, chest, and arms but if they can’t then you should do it for them.

Step 5: Finishing The Shower

Before finishing the shower, you have to make a final rinse to sure everything is rinsed for the body of the user. Rinse is very important because there are some soap and shampoo left on the body of the user.

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Step 6: Getting Out of the Shower

After taking a shower soak or dry the patient or wheelchair user form starting from the head to the legs. Use an extra towel to dry the face and neck but don’t rub very hard because it can irritate the face. For hair use another towel if you have an extra one.

Step 7: Getting Dress

After drying the wheelchair user with a towel it’s time to get them dressed in proper and clean clothes. If the patient gets dressed on their own then it’s well and great and he should dress on their own, but if he/she is unable then you should do it for them.

Step 8: Transferring to Their Wheelchair:

After getting dressed up it’s time to transfer to their own wheelchair. Getting into your wheelchair also means getting out of the shower and washroom. After the shower complete now if you want to put some conditioner on your hair then go ahead. Also, you can put some after-shower cream on your skin for smooth skin.

After taking the shower you also need to know wheelchair to bed transfer procedure for both patients and assistant. This is also important for the caregiver to real and know in order for safe transfer.

TThey also need to learn properly how transfers from wheelchair to shower chair or toilet because a walk-in shower for disabled person is impossible with proper help and technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Give a Bath to a Person in a Wheelchair?

You can give a person a shower in a wheelchair if the patient uses a water-resistant wheelchair. If the patient uses a water-resistant wheelchair, then take them to the washroom and give them a bath with warm water. You can any type of shampoo you like.

How do you Shower an Immobile Person?

Well, you take them to the washroom in a wheelchair and transfer them from a wheelchair to a shower chair or shower tub, whichever the patient like. If the patient can take shower by themselves then let them stand close to them to help them if they need any but if they can’t wash then give them a proper shower.

How do you get a Disabled Person in the Shower?

You can get the disabled person to the shower with help of a wheelchair. After getting them to the washroom you can transfer them from a wheelchair to a shower chair which they can sit on it in the tub or shower. You can also transfer the disabled person to the shower by water-resistant wheelchair or wheelchair accessible shower where they can take bath on it without worrying.


Taking care of your hygiene is really important even though you are in a wheelchair. A Shower is really important for many reasons and hygiene is one of them.

Taking shower in a wheelchair or giving a shower to someone who is in a wheelchair is not hard, and all you need to do is just follow the process.

I hope I provide every detail about how to shower someone in a wheelchair and it will also gives you the answer to how to give an elderly person a shower.

But if you have anything in your mind about how to bathe someone in a wheelchair then let me know and I will get back to you soon as possible.

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