How to Replace Wheelchair Tires | Helpful Guide

If looking for How to replace wheelchair tires with a wheelchair because your wheelchair tires get pinched or damaged and you want to change then you are at the right spot because in this article we have a properly written article about it.

A wheelchair can face a lot of problems in its daily routine. Most of the problems occur in big wheels and tires. Most of the time the wheelchair tires get damaged from outdoor usage on those rough terrains and that’s why you need to remove and change those tires.

There are different types of wheelchair tires in the market and those need a specific process to remove them from their wheels. staying to the article and you will know those processes and in the end, you remove the tires from your wheelchair wheels.

how to replace wheelchair tires

 How to Replace Wheelchair Tires:

Just like other things you should also need to learn how to change a wheelchair tire and then remove its tires and especially the process of solid wheelchair tire replacement. The removal of tires from a wheelchair is either for changing the rim or changing the tires themselves.

The overall process is divided into phases. The First phase is off curse removing the tires from a wheelchair and the second one is putting it back. so let’s get to know how it’s done properly.

Step 1:

First of all, remove take some wrenches to remove the wheels from a wheelchair. Because it gets difficult to remove the tires from a wheelchair while it’s still in a wheelchair.

Step 2:

Now remove all the air from the tire tube if the wheelchair tires are not flameless. You can remove the air from the tube.

Step 3:

After removing the air now you can release the bead of the tires. You can do this by pressing the sidewall of that tire all over around.

Step 4:

sometimes the Valve has a nut holding the tube into the rim, so you have to unscrew it.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to remove the tires from the wheelchair. All you need is to push the tires to the side with help of the lever bar. Some urethane tires are smaller as compared to the rim, so it makes it difficult to remove.

Step 6:

The removal of tires needs two levers, first, you have to insert the first lever, and by the second lever, you need to push the tires over the rim. Just doing this step over and over again. But you have to be careful not to tear the tire apart or the rim.

Step 6:

After removing the tire safely from the wheelchair it’s time to inspect both the tire and rims for damage. Change the rim and tires if it damaged.

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This is the complete and proper way to remove solid tires from wheelchair wheels.

How to Put the Back Tire and Wheel into Wheelchair:

How to Replace Wheelchair Tires | Helpful Guide

As above discuss the proper and details procedure of removing the solid tire from a wheelchair but now we discuss the complete process of putting it back on the wheels and then into a wheelchair. so without further due let’s learn solid tire replacement.

Step 1:

If you use tubeless tires then it’s easy to put back the tires on the rim but if you use an inner tube in the tires then put it into the tires with a little past through the rim.

Make sure you do this gently because you may damage it and most of the time when you put air in it and that is the end of the overall process. Then you have to repeat the complete process.

Step 2:

In this step, you have to slide the first side of the tire bead all the way into the rim until one side is complete. After that, you should need lever bars to slide the other side of the tire bead.

Step 3:

This step of the bead over the rim is a little bit hard compared to the first side. For this, you will need a lever bar. When you put the bead into the rim then hold one lever bar and the other lever bead stretch over the rim on the bead to keep it in the rim.

It’s a little bit challenging but it needs some patience. And one more thing, do not use sharp metal lever bars because it will damage the inner tube as well as the tire.

Step 4:

After that, you need to check the overall wheels and make sure that the tube isn’t pinched anywhere and bounced up. You can do this by pushing the tire all on both sides and the overall tire.

Step 5:

Now your tire is properly put back on the wheel or on the rim and no time to put the wheel back into the wheelchair if you remove the wheelchair in the first place. All you need is to put the wheel back into its place and just put the wheel nuts back into its place and make sure it’s held in place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Replace Tires on a Wheelchair?

Just like cars wheelchair tries also need to replace in order to get proper efficiency. Most people think that you can’t replace it or it’s unable to remove but in fact its really easy to remove and replace it with a new tire.

How do you Remove Wheelchair Tyres?

Removing the entire wheel from a wheelchair is really easy. You can do that by removing the nut from the middle axle. After removing the axle from the middle of the wheelchair, now you can easily remove the wheel from a wheelchair.

Can Wheelchair Tires go Flat?

Yes, they can go flat and especially when you run them over a rough area that has sharp stones or some other sharp or pointy objects. You can also fix it later by patching it. There are also flat-free tires in the market which can’t go flat that easily so you can also use that to prevent getting a flat tire.


Wheelchair wheels are one of the main parts of a wheelchair and they can be damaged by a lot of things. it is necessary for an everyday wheelchair user to how to replace wheelchair tires otherwise you will need to ask a professional to do it.

If you have any questions about how to remove solid wheelchair tires or how to replace wheelchair wheels then ask them in the comment section and I will be glad to answer them as soon as possible.

In the end, I just wanted to say that please keep your surrounding environment clean and protect nature from destruction because it is our only chance of survival.

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