How to Put Footrest on Wheelchair? | Complete Procedure

Having a question in your mind that how to put footrest on wheelchair? Well, you are in the right spot because here you will find a proper and simple procedure for it along with a well-written guide.

A wheelchair is the main solution for people with mobility issues whether you get it according to wheelchair perception or by yourself but it needs to provide you with the required support that you need.

Most wheelchair has issues with the wheelchair footrest because they remove it to transfer the patient but then they can put it back accordingly which led to pressure sores and that also create problems for wheelchair caregiver.

The problem can be solved in a couple of easy steps and those steps. The steps about how to put on the wheelchair footrest are given below in the article so let’s get to that.

how to put footrest on wheelchair

How to Put Footrest on Wheelchair:

A wheelchair needs to have proper footrest support because it completes their comfort and it is also important that you set it properly. It isn’t yet the way it’s needed to then it well-led pain, and pressure sores due to excessive pressure.

Most of the time when you Transfer a patient then they put the footrest back on the wheelchair but not the way it was before which led to many problems for the wheelchair user.

Putting the back of a footrest on a wheelchair is not that hard and you have just followed this procedure.

First, you have to confirm that you have the actual side footrest. Most of the time people attach the left side footrest to the right side and the right side to the left side. So before attaching please confirm it.

After that, you have to attach the footrest to the specific place and tighten it with the required screws. Some of the wheelchairs have pinned so just align the pinholes to the pins and press it a little bit and it will fit inside.

Now it’s time to check if that is working properly or not by swinging it. You have to swing it from left to right or right to left. Some of the wheelchairs don’t have the swinging option so you need to put some pressure on it, if it takes the pressure then it’s put accordingly but if it drops down then you have to put it back the way it is meant to be.

Types of Leg Support for Wheelchairs:

types of leg support for wheelchair


How to remove the footrest of the wheelchair? Well, the footrest is considered to be one of the main parts of a wheelchair and it will be removed when you ship the wheelchair. There are divided into Footrests and leg rest. A normal wheelchair footrest consists of different types and parts.

The parts are a footrest hanger, and a footplate for the wheelchair user to keep his feet on, and the largest has a calf pad which is there to support the lower leg.

How to install footrest on wheelchair? Footrests are considered to be the main type of wheelchair leg support. The footrest is for resting the patient’s footrest as it’s clear from its name.

Normally a footrest is removable and also can be swung away. The footrest is a different type of footplate to support different users’ choices and needs

How to adjust footrest on wheelchair? Well, the footrest hangers are basically available in different angles to meet the needs of a user. a toddler’s wheelchair footrests are normally angled at 90 degrees which makes their footrest directly below their knees.

A 90-degree angle is optimum normally for other than kids. It’s impossible for an adult to keep their leg at 90 angles which is why 60 to 70 is the suitable hanger for everyone but they must have a reasonable seat height.

Leg rest:

Well, there are differences between leg rest and footrest but most people think that is the same. Most wheelchairs that are titling and reclining well benefit from leg rests. Normally legs rest are very heavy and you won’t find it a lightweight wheelchair.

Leg rest has different features but one option people don’t like when they elevate the leg rest that is its footplate position. It’s difficult to set the footplate comfortably according to your needs.

You may also ask How to put leg rest on wheelchair. well, it’s the same as putting a footrest on a wheelchair but instead of a footrest, you will work with a leg rest.

There are different options for footplates in leg rest and some of them are given below.

Standard Footplates:

Normal foot poles are normally made from aluminum but are sometimes made of plastic material. They are set up to 90 degrees to the downtube for leg rest and footrest hanger.

The footplates come in different sizes. All of them are suitable to support patients’ heels from the ball to the foot.

Angle Adjustable Footplates:

The angle-adjustable footrest is usually had different adjustments which are why they called adjustable footrest. They are normally longer than standard footplates which can also be sometimes mounted further than the actual position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Remove a Wheelchair Footrest?

You can remove the wheelchair footrest by pushing a small lever that releases a latch that holds the footrest. After that, you can be left it up because it is totally removed from the wheelchair. You can also put the footrest back into the wheelchair with the reverse of this process.

What is the Correct Position of the Footrest on a Wheelchair?

The best and correct way to position the wheelchair footrest is his feet on the footrest when he/she sits on the wheelchair on their buttocks and the back touching the backrest and their things parrel to the seats of the wheelchair.

What is the Purpose of a Footrest on a Wheelchair?

The wheelchair footrest is one of the main things in a wheelchair, it has the purpose of supporting the weight of the legs of the wheelchair. it also provides a space to keep our feet on without it our legs will be dangling from the wheelchair.


How to put a footrest on wheelchair is not an easy question to answer. The problem with a wheelchair footrest only happens whenever someone removes the footrest of a wheelchair and then doesn’t know to put it back. Some people put it back without knowing how it’s done then which led to its user pressure sores and a lot of other problems. The problem is solved in the above article and all you can do is just check that out.

If you have any questions about how to fix wheelchair footrest or how to install wheelchair footrest then ask In the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible for answers.

The article will answer a lot of questions like how to lower footrest on wheelchair. All of these questions will be answered in this article.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep your planet earth clean because it is our future.

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