How to Protect Walls from Wheelchair Damage | Helpful Guide

People come across the question that how to protect walls from wheelchair damage. Well, the answer is easy and simple and all you need is to install wall protectors on the walls.

One of the problems that everyday wheelchair users have is that they can damage and scratch the walls with their standard normal or electric wheelchair and this is because the doorways are pretty tight and narrow.

So, to prevent the walls from getting dents, damage and scratches you need to install wall guards and protectors. These wall guards and protects not only protect your walls from damage but also provide wheelchair safety and prevent your wheelchair to get bendy and damaged from denting the walls and corners.

There are a lot of types of this wall protects and guards and it also has sub-parts so you need to know which one is suitable for your condition and matches your interior.

how to protect walls from wheelchair damage

How to Protect Walls from Wheelchair Damage

Protecting your walls from damage from your wheelchair is really important not only for your walls but also for your wheelchair too because it also gets damaged.

There are different methods by which you can protect your walls to get damaged and I define all of them so without wasting any time let’s get to it.

Wall Guards:

How do protect walls from wheelchair damage? Well, the first method is installing a wall Guard. You can get different types and sizes at different places. It is also called a wheelchair wall protector

The smaller one uses to prevent the wheelchair footrest to scratch the walls, the medium one is used to protect walls from the armrest and the larger one use to avoid damage from the taller parts of wheelchairs.

The wall guard is sturdy and yet so comfortable because it’s made from aluminum with a soft layer of absorption vinyl. The design structure for wall guards for wheelchairs may vary from one type to another.

You can only call those walls to guard the best ones which not only prevent your walls from damage but also protect your wheelchair from getting damaged. It can be used in corridors, narrow doorways, behind beds, etc.

Wall Protectors:

The wall protectors are very important in these scenarios and it’s also accessible for wheelchair users. These products come in many different types and many different colors so you can choose according to your aesthetic.

Some types of these wall protectors are vulnerable to damage, so you have to use a wall guard to prevent further damage. This wall protector has one advantage over other wall protection and that is easy installation. It is easy to install and also easily remove.

Just like wall guards there are a lot of different types of wall protectors available in the market so choose according to your needs, interior, and style.

Corner Protectors:

How to protect door frames from wheelchair damage? Well alongside the wall protector, there is a corner protector which of course protects different corners and doors of your home. In order to install it, you will need a professional to install it properly. it’s also easy to clean just like wall guards and wall protectors.

The most vulnerable areas in homes are corridors and hallways, and these wheelchair door protectors and corner protectors will help you to keep them clean and away from damage.

As mentioned above both wall protectors and corner protectors will keep your walls and tight corners safe from scratches and damage so you can use both at the same time.

Wall Covering:

The wall covers are normally installed in narrow hallways and stairwells to prevent dents and scratches. You can also prevent it with a bedsheet or some used cloth. The wall covers is also found very useful against wall protection from wheelchairs.

Just like other protectors wall covering should not be installed on every wall of the house but you should install it on major routes. So in this way you can protect the walls from scratches and dents.

Aluminum Rail Guard:

This aluminum chair wall guard is a suitable option when it comes to protecting the walls. They are normally used in commercial areas because it’s durable and decent-looking. You also get it and install it in your homes but it’s slightly more expensive than other competing products.

These aluminum chair rail wall guards can extend the life of your house walls. You can buy it in almost every retail shop or also on an online site. It will not only protect the wall from getting damaged but also prevent the wheelchair to get damaged.

I basically recommend these products because it’s eco-friendly and contains up to 94 % recyclable content. It can also be installed in windows and door frames. The installation is pretty easy and you also can do it.

Installing Corner Guards:

If you use a wheelchair more than often you should get and install wheelchair corner guards. It comes in two basic types, one is temporary and it can be removed when you don’t need them but the other is permanent and it is screwed into the wall tightly.

It will help you to protect the walls from getting damaged by accidents, rough play, pets compromising, and a lot of other things. The installation process is very simple and can be done within a few steps.

One of the best parts of these wall guards is that they don’t interfere with anyone so you should install in anywhere, where you have heavy traffic. It is very durable to use and you can choose from various types which are available.


Protecting the walls from wheelchair damage is not only necessary for the wall but it’s also important for the wheelchair itself too for long-term use.

I hope I gave you some details about how to protect walls from wheelchair damage but if you have anything in your mind about how to protect wall corners from damage, then let me know in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Protect Walls and Doors from Wheelchair Damage?

You can protect your walls and doors from wheelchair damage by installing wall guards. Wall guards come in different styles and colors so you can choose one that also matches your interior. It also comes in different varieties like aluminum, plastic, and vinyl.

How do I Protect my Walls from Damage?

To protect your walls from getting damaged you need to install corner guards, handrails, wall bumpers, metal and vinyl sheets, etc. All of them have different types and different prices so choose the one that suits you.

What are Wall Guards?

It is a guard that is designed to protect your wall. It has different types and designs which can be used in corridors, hallways, and even in the entire house.

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