How to Lock a Wheelchair in a Van? | Complete Guide With Proper Tips 2022

Whenever we need a solution that how to lock a wheelchair in a van or vehicle then it is important the wheelchair stays in place in the van. If you think that putting the brakes on the wheels prevents it from tipping over then you are wrong.

Most vans nowadays are designed with securement or tie-downs. It is because to keep the wheelchair in one place and secure. Usually, they need wheelchair securement to tie the wheelchair to the floor of the van.

They actually built it directly to the floor of the van. Its basic reason is to tie the wheelchair to the floor which prevents the wheelchair from tipping over and having a safe ride while driving.

how to lock a wheelchair in a van

The securement is basically built foremost for safety, but it can also depend upon the needs of the people and the people has different needs so, there are three different types of tie-down available.

Whenever you purchasing a wheelchair for outdoors you need to select the one which suits best you and matches your situation. The three different tie-downs have different uses and you need to know which one works best for you.

How to Lock a Wheelchair in a Van in Manual Tie-Down

There are different types of wheelchair tie downs and this is the most basic option and is also called a manual tie-down. Here the basic does not mean that it’s not safe and reliable in fact it keeps you safe form wheelchair injuries. The manual tie-down is basically used for almost all wheelchairs which include standard wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. However, it only is used for passenger areas.

How to Lock a Wheelchair in a Van in Retractable Tie-Down

How to anchor a wheelchair in a van. The retractable tie-down securements are the same as the manual tie-down but except that they are retracted and suitable anchor a wheelchair in a van. This is a very smooth process and can leave you less strap to get tangled up. This is a very easy and smooth process to tie down a wheelchair in a van.

These are the basic tie-down. The retractable tie-down can only be used in the passenger area of a van.

How to Lock a Wheelchair in a Van in Power Tie Down

Whenever if you want a secure and strong tie then go for a power tie because without doubt power tie is one of the best and secure ties of them all. the lock only works by locking onto the rod attached to the bottom of that wheelchair. This is the best way to lock a wheelchair in the van. Once you lock a wheelchair in a van then it will be secure as the other chairs in the van.

the tie-down can be applied to any type of wheelchair. it can be applied to the toddler wheelchair, you also can find the most comfortable wheelchair just like that.

The reason for power tie-down is very strong because it is used in the driver’s seat. If you want to drive a van and did not want to leave your wheelchair then power tie-down is the only way to go with.

Restraint System in a Wheelchair

The restraint system is another type of tie-down of wheelchairs in vans. Most wheelchair vans are designed and have a restraint system that keeps the wheelchairs in place. When you put a borrowed wheelchair in restraint you need to apply brakes on the wheelchair otherwise the wheelchair will move freely and won’t be safe.

Brakes help the wheelchairs to keep in one place. The securement restraint system is directly built on the floor of wheelchairs. All of these tie systems tie wheelchairs very strongly so that it does not move or tip over the van is start moving.

The restraint securement can be applied in a couple of steps and those steps are given below but first, you need to know how to load wheelchair into van.

  • The first step of tie down a wheelchair in a van is to make sure that wheelchair brakes are applied if it’s a manual wheelchair. If it’s a power wheelchair then you need to power off it.
  • The restraint or the belts which are used to tie the wheelchairs has four points. It has two points in front and two points in the back. And you can use all of them if needed.
  • The main reason and purpose we kept it in restrain are to keep a wheelchair in place in a moving van that prevents it from accidents that involve twisting, tilting, and tipping over during driving.
  • The next step is that you need to attach the restraint to permanent parts and not the removable parts, like the headrest, footrest, etc.
  • The wheelchairs need to face the front of the vehicle. This way the ride is very stable and in the way, and it’s designed so that it needs to be facing the front position.
  • Whenever you sit in the wheelchair in the car you need to wear the lap and shoulder belt that is provided in the van.
  • You need to avoid covering any devices that are mounted in the chair.
  • Do not need to hook the seat belt over the armrest.
  • When you take off the wheelchair from the van and do not use it then need to enclose the belts and restraint in a container or some sort of package to avoid damage

These are some rules you need to keep in mind and use whenever you tie down a wheelchair in a van. These rules are only for the safety of you and your loved one.

This view down can be very important if there is a stroke patient going in the van and you also can find the best wheelchair for stroke patients on this site.


The above was a detailed article about how to lock a wheelchair in a van and I hope we provide so info to you regarding this top.

The conclusion is quite simple. First, we discuss the need to tie down a wheelchair in a van. There are four ways types that you can tie a wheelchair to the van. The first one is manual tie-down and that is a very simple and basic one.

The second one is a retractable tie-down and the third one is a power tie-down. All of the how to secure wheelchair in van are discussed in detail in the above article.

All of these ties are very strong and stable that can prevent your wheelchair in any condition and keep you safe. You can choose whatever you like and meet your requirements and needs. That’s all up to you.

If you have any questions about how to secure a wheelchair in a van or wheelchair locks for vans then let me know in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want you to say keep your country, land, seas, and planet clean and safe.

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