How to Keep Elderly From Falling Out of Wheelchair? with Detailed Methods

The question arises more than once how to keep elderly from falling out of wheelchair? Well, there are a lot of different ways for a patient or user to protect and prevent sliding out of wheelchair.

Most of the wheelchair users are elders and people who can’t control their bodies and all of these users fall from the wheelchair. Actually, they can’t seat in their seat because of their body situation and weak force.

The prevention of sliding out of a wheelchair is very important because it can let your wheelchair patient into serious injuries. Falling out of a wheelchair can hurt the patient because he can’t control help so he can hurt really badly.

Besides hurting their selves, they can cause a lot of problems not for themselves but also for the wheelchair caregivers. That’s why you need to know how to protect them. Down below are the top 7 way to prevent the wheelchair user from sliding and all of them are described properly. So, let’s get to it.

How to keep elderly from falling out of wheelchair

How to keep Elderly From Falling Out of Wheelchairs:

How to keep elderly from sliding out of wheelchairs? Well, there are many types of wheelchairs, some of them are modern and have features that prevent elders from falling out of the wheelchair while in another wheelchair you have to do some modification to prevent its users from sliding off the wheelchair.

There are a lot of methods that you can do your wheelchair to prevent your loved ones from falling from the wheelchair and protecting them. Some of the main wheelchair methods which are used by wheelchair caregivers more often are given below.

Tilt The Wheelchair:

Titling the wheelchair is one of the most common features that you will find mostly in modern means electric wheelchairs. The titling of a wheelchair means to title the wheelchair backrest a little bit.

The titling provides you with a position that prevents the user from falling out. When a person seating in a wheelchair and titled then falling out and sliding out would be different as compared to a normal wheelchair.

There are some wheelchairs that have a reclining mechanism in which you can recline your wheelchair up to your required position.


Footplates are one of the easy things that you can install in your wheelchair to prevent elders from falling out. Footplates don’t seem a big achievement but it is.

It not only prevents elders from sliding out but also prevents toddlers and even normal people from slipping from wheelchairs.

The footplates are basically designed for the user to keep their feet on but it well helps the user to be seated comfortably and provides additional safety.

Cushions or Ergonomic Pommel:

The cushion is like a part of a wheelchair and it has a lot of features like providing comfort to its users, protecting from pressure sores, and also best for preventing sliding out of the wheelchair.

There are different types of these cushions, some are gel cushions while others are air cushions. Besides what they made all of these are ergonomic and designed slightly protuberance in front which is great for elders to prevent them from sliding out.

The pommel cushions are not only best to prevent the user of a wheelchair from sliding but also help them to make space between their knees.

Also, Read Best Gel Cushion for Wheelchair.

Security belt:

Wheelchair seat belt restraints or security belt is one of the oldest methods which is used to prevent the user of a wheelchair from sliding or falling out.

Security belts are usually used for those people who are stroke patients or have some Sevier condition.

The process of securing a wheelchair patient in a wheelchair is easy. All you need is a security belt and just tie it around the wheelchair user and make sure it is tied properly.

You also need to make sure it’s not too tight so that the user can’t breathe. Only the seat security belts let tell how do you stop leaning in a wheelchair.

Raked seat:

If you using a wheelchair on a normal basis then you should consider making or getting a wheelchair that has raked seats instead of a normal wheelchair.

Raked seats have a lot of features which include safety from pressure sores, back pain comfort, and also preventing elders from sliding out of the wheelchair.

If you don’t know about raked seats then raked seats are the ones that are in a theater or a cinema. The front of the seat is a little higher than the back of the seat let you set in the title position.

Pommel seats:

The pommel is basically known as medial thigh support. The pommel seats come as individual seats and also come with wheelchairs.

When you buy a wheelchair then make sure that your wheelchair has pommel seats if don’t then you have to buy it.

The pommel seats are also best to prevent a person falling out of wheelchair. It basically makes a barrier between your legs and thighs which automatically prevents the user from sliding out of the wheelchair. It’s also had edgy sides that help the user to be seated in one position.

Non slipping Pads:

How to keep a patient from sliding down in a wheelchair? Well, the non Slipping pads are can do the job just right. The non-slipping pads can be found at any store and they will do the same job as others do.

You just place it on the underside of your wheelchair before letting the user set it. Most of the pads have different textures which prevent the user to slide from the wheelchair.

Some of the non-slip pads have a con and that is getting abrasions on the user’s buttocks or legs. So, you have to check the patient’s body from time to time for these abrasions. You can also get wheelchair pads for elderly according to their size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Stop Someone From Sliding out of my Wheelchair?

The best solution to prevent people from sliding in a wheelchair is to use and apply Nonslippers mad. You need to use it on top of the cushions. It will not only keep the user in comfort but also keep them safe.

How do you Prevent Wheelchair Falls?

You need to install automatic brakes to your wheelchair that are applied whenever the user doesn’t use the wheelchair. You can also use wheelchair cushions which are specially made to prevent wheelchair users from sliding form wheelchairs.

Do People Fall out of Wheelchairs?

People use wheelchairs when they have mobility and physical weakness which are also the main cause of falling out of wheelchairs. The patient doesn’t have the physical strength and they usually fall off the wheelchair whenever they try to reach something.


Keeping the elderly from falling out of a wheelchair is really important for a wheelchair caregiver and it’s considered to be one of its duties. Preventing sliding out of a wheelchair is really important for its health.

Above we describe some of the best ways you can protect your wheelchair user from falling out. If you have any questions about how to keep elderly from falling out of wheelchairs or any other topics related to this then let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, it just wants to say that please protect nature because it’s our only reason to survive.

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