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If you have some sort of query in your mind about how to get wheelchair upstairs then you are at the right sport. Because I defined not only how to get the wheelchair up steps but also how to get it down. You can get a wheelchair upstairs through different methods and all of them are described in detail.

Getting into a wheelchair can be hard for a wheelchair user but it can be done with some help. You will need extra help to take a wheelchair up the stairs while the user is setting in it. But if you don’t have people around you all the time or you go up and down more than enough then you should need to think about wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps.

There are methods that you easily get a wheelchair upstairs using a lift or a wheelchair lift. This will not only help wheelchair users but also wheelchair assistance with proper lift safety. other than that you can use a wheelchair ramp to get a wheelchair user up to stairs.

Another method is getting a wheelchair with the help of other people which is hard but cheap than other methods that are discussed above. Those methods are described in proper detail so let’s get to it.

how to get wheelchair upstairs

How to Get Wheelchair Upstairs:

How to get someone up stairs in a wheelchair? Well, there are a lot of different methods to get a wheelchair upstairs while the patient is setting in it. Some of them are easy while others are a little bit hard, some are doesn’t cost you money while others do,

Those methods which are easy, normally cause you some money like installing Elevator and Ramp. It also doesn’t require a third hand and the user (Patient) can do it himself. While another method can be hard to do but it cost you nothing, i.e. carrying the wheelchair with two people.

Getting up Wheelchair with Lift:

One of the amazing features of the lift is that it provides you ease in a lot of situations but is also really easy to use. Despite your condition, a lift is one of the best things for every type of person.

If you have an elder or a wheelchair user and them going up and down more than enough then you really need to install a lift in your house. Otherwise, they might hurt themselves going up and down the stairs.

People think that lifts only work for people with mobility issues but they need to know that a lift is really important for every house even whether you have people with mobility issues or not. Mobility issue includes a lot of conditions like a broken leg, surgery, and elder people.

Lift is easy to compare to other methods because you don’t need to use your strength or power to pick up and lift the wheelchair all the way.

Installing Ramp:

The ramp is basically the substitute for life and almost works like a lift. Using a ramp can be a little bit more change than using a lift because it needs a little bit of assistance which can be pushing or pulling a wheelchair. Other than that it is a comfortable and safe way to get a wheelchair up and also downstairs.

Wheelchairs have different types of ramps, some of them are available at stores full made but you can also make them in your house. These ramps are very important if you have seniors or wheelchair patients. With a wheelchair ramp, you also need a wheelchair caregiver to help them get up and down the stairs.

Getting Wheelchair through Stairs:

how to get a wheelchair up stairs? Well, Getting wheelchair up stairs through stairs with help of assistance is pretty tough than using a lift and ramp. it is hard but cheap and doesn’t cost as much money as you spend on the lift and ramp. This method can be used if your wheelchair user doesn’t go up or down more often.

Getting Wheelchair Upstairs:

How to get wheelchair up stairs? Getting a wheelchair through stairs can be divided into two steps. One is getting up and the second is going down. Let’s discuss it step by step.

  1. First of all, you need two-person to lift the wheelchair and take it up the stairs. The strongest person should be at the back of the wheelchair and the other person should be in front.
  2. Now make sure the wheelchair user has a tie security belt and now the rear helper should be resting on one foot and grab the handles for lifting. But check before that it won’t come off. The other person holds the frame above from the frame wheels. You also make sure not to hold to any parts that are removable.
  3. Now tile the wheelchair backward to find the perfect balancing point while its back wheels are still on the ground.
  4. After that, both help lift the wheelchair and slowly roll the wheelchair to the next step. Move the next step after this procedure but the help assistants steady themselves on each step.
  5. After reaching the top step, just gently tilted the wheelchair backward to its original position for safety. Now gently lower the wheelchair and make sure all the wheels are on the floor.

How to Get a Wheelchair Downstairs:

how to get a wheelchair down stairs? Well, it’s not that hard All you need to follow is the procedure of getting a wheelchair down stairs through the stairs.

  1. First, the strong person should be behind the wheelchair while another person will be informed. After lining up the wheelchair to the top step the front helper holds the handle but makes sure doesn’t come off. The other helper holds the frame from the front.
  2. Now both of the help need to tilt the wheelchair and find the balancing point while the back wheels touch the ground.
  3. After tilting the wheelchair now slowly and safely roll the wheelchair on each step.
  4. both helpers need to steady the wheelchair and also steady themselves.
  5. After reaching the end of the stairs it is time to tilt the wheelchair to its original position and make sure all of its wheels should be on the floor before propelling and pushing the wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do Wheelchair Users Get Upstairs?

There are a lot of getting a wheelchair up stairs but one of the easiest ways is to get a wheelchair lift. The wheelchair lift can carry the user to different levels and you don’t have to do any of the hard work. All you can do is hop on the lift and the lift will take you upstairs.

How do you Get Someone Upstairs Who Can’t Walk?

The best way to get someone upstairs is to carry his/her wheelchair with help of two or more people. But if he uses a can then you help by providing support and holding him from the weak side and slowly goes upstairs.

Is There a Stairs Climbing Wheelchair?

Yes, the Caterwil Gts3 is a wheelchair that can climb stairs. This wheelchair turns dreams into reality and provides you the facility to go anywhere you want. But this wheelchair is very expensive.


I gave you all details about how to get wheelchair upstairs and hope that it satisfied your needs with these details but if you have any doubts or questions about these topics like how to get a wheelchair up and down stairs or how to take wheelchair up stairs then ask them below in the comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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