How to Get a Wheelchair Through Insurance | Detailed Guide

If you are one of those people who suffer from mobility issues and want to know how to get a wheelchair through insurance. Then you can call yourself lucky because down below I describe every little detail about getting a wheelchair through insurance.

Many people who have mobility issues or have just been injured recently like a broken leg then have the right to get the benefits of a wheelchair.

But it’s not that simple, most of the wheelchairs in the market are very expensive and a normal man can’t afford them. The majority of the people are poor and don’t have enough money to get a wheelchair.

The people who can’t afford a wheelchair then they can get a wheelchair through insurance. Getting a wheelchair through insurance is not that hard and all you need to get a doctor’s perception and follow some basic steps.

Medicare is the insurance of the US that can give people medical equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

Most people say that it’s free but not totally. Medicare will pay 80% of the price and 20% will pay by the user.

Down below are given proper methods and procedures for how to get a wheelchair through medicare. This article will also help you how often will medicare pay for a wheelchair, So check the process of each step properly. So without wasting any time then let’s get to it.

how to get a wheelchair through insurance

How to Get a Wheelchair through Insurance:

How to get a wheelchair through Medicaid? Well, getting a wheelchair through insurance or medicare is not hard but it’s a lengthy process. You really need to know the process in order to get the wheelchair through insurance. These steps are given below and each step is defined with proper details.

You should have Insurance:

how to get a wheelchair through medicare

Well, this well obvious but I have to mention it because sometimes people don’t have any insurance at all and want to get a wheelchair through insurance.

There are different types of insurance in the country. Here I ganna talk about US insurance every country has its own insurance but the way to get a wheelchair will be the same in all of them.

Every country has its own rules and regulation for getting anything forms insurance but the US has Medicare and it has simple rules.

The Rule is if you are over 65 age and a citizen of the USA and you regularly paid your social security at least 10 then you are eligible to get a wheelchair from insurance.

Medicare insurance comes in 4 different categories. Part A, B, C, and D. All of them are different from one another. You can also choose and select one plain for yourself on these planes.

Part A Medicare insurance is the basic one and you may be already using it. Part A includes basic hospital care. Part B includes medical supplies and services.

Both parts A and B are known as basic health insurance and these are also called original Medicare. Part C insurance has a healthcare plan in it and part has a proper plan for drug prescriptions.

Getting a Doctor’s Prescription:

How to get a wheelchair through Medicaid

Getting the wheelchair’s prescription is one of the most important things in getting a wheelchair through insurance because he is the only one who can get you the wheelchair from insurance.

You can also go to your own doctor but if he isn’t available then you can take another doctor’s appointment and explain your condition to him and why you need a wheelchair.

Give the doctor or physician a complete and detailed answer about your issues of mobility, the issues include a broken leg or being old enough that you have problems walking or something else.

You also need to explain to him that your condition doesn’t fix or require crutches, a cane, or a walker. You will only need a wheelchair.

After that, the doctor will ask you if you can operate or use a wheelchair safely. Then it’s up to you that you will be able to control it, do you have enough strength to propel it by yourself or do you need someone to assist you like a wheelchair caregiver?

Choosing the Wheelchair:

After getting a certificate of Necessity you will have to specify which wheelchair you need. First, the doctor will suggest to you which wheelchair is a good choice for you and also mention it in the certificate but if don’t then it depends upon your choice.

The wheelchair has basically two main types to choose from. The first one is a manual wheelchair and the other is an electric one.

The manual wheelchair is the basic wheelchair that can operate by the user himself or he/she can get a wheelchair caregiver. After choosing the wheelchair you need to get the certificate signed. The doctor will signed the certificate after hearing you out properly.

Getting Wheelchair:

Before getting a wheelchair and finalizing everything you have to pay the deductible. The deductible is the fee of the insurance that you have to pay before getting any sort of medical insurance. When you pay that deductible then you are eligible to get a wheelchair. After that can get you a wheelchair but not totally free.

Whenever you want to get a wheelchair through insurance then you should know that it’s not totally free and you have to pay 20%.

Sometimes people can’t pay that 20% and especially in the case of an electric wheelchair then you can also get those 20 percent through the Medicare saving program.

Although payments in each country and state are different from one another, so you also need to check that out too.

Find The Supplier:

Once you complete all the paperwork now it’s time to find the supplier that will get your wheelchair for you. Can find those stores by doing some research on the internet like a medicare wheelchair providers near me or you can also call Medicare by their number.

Finally Getting the Wheelchair:

After finding the supplier now you can get yourself the proper wheelchair through Medicare but keep in mind that you have to pay 20%.

In most cases, the supplier comes to your house after your certificate of necessity is complete and gets your measurement.

Then he comes within 45 days with the wheelchair that you choose and picked right for you. The delivery and arrangement of its arrival are on the supplier. Within 45 days you will get your wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Medicare for a Wheelchair?

All Medicare needs is a signed certificate from a doctor and for that, first of all, you need to get an appointment with the doctor and tell them about your condition. Then the doctor will decide whether you need Medicare support or not. If he signs your certificate then you can get a wheelchair through Medicare.

Does Medicare Cover Wheelchairs and Scooters?

Yes, Medicare covers wheelchairs and scooters for patients with mobility issues. But you have to go through a complete process to get your mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Can I use a Wheelchair if I have a Medical Condition?

Yes, You can use a wheelchair if you have a medical condition. But you must have a mobility condition or issue in order to use a wheelchair. The condition includes walking problems, sitting problems, and even standing problems.


Using a wheelchair is really important if you have mobility issues but most people are unable to get a wheelchair through its salary. There is good news for those people because they can get a wheelchair through insurance.

If you have any questions in the article which is about how to get a wheelchair through insurance then let me know about it and I will give its answer as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep the country clean and safe because it’s over only chance of survival.

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