How to Date Someone in a Wheelchair | Things to DO and things to Avoid | 2022

There is a lot of question that comes to people’s mind when you say dating but today we only talk about how to date someone in a wheelchair.

Dating is not related to the physical condition of a person but most people think it has and that is the main problem people have. Another thing that people think about wheelchair users is that they have limited mobility and why don’t date someone in a wheelchair.

Dating a person is totally based on their personality, not their physical condition. That is the reason you need to see a person rather than his wheelchair.

Dating a normal person is different than dating a guy in a wheelchair. There are some facts that you need to know while dating a wheelchair user and some of those things are given below.

how to date someone in a wheelchair

How to Date Someone in a Wheelchair:

Dating can be tough if you date a normal man/woman or a handicapped. But foremost the person you dating is either a man. There are certain tips that will help you in your dating life if you date someone in a wheelchair.

Don’t be so Different:

Whenever you date a handicapped person don’t assume and connect personally with a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. He/she is just a normal person like the rest of us and not so different from us, and you don’t wanna forget that.

When someone ends up in a wheelchair that doesn’t mean that he/she does most of his work. Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean that the user is unable his/her own work, well that is wrong and they didn’t depend on anyone. Well, there are some situations in which wheelchair users are dependent on normal people but not most of them.

While dating first thing you will do is to take the wheelchair out of your head and consider it just an accessory.

Stop Over Helping:

The person who is in a wheelchair is used to doing most things expertly because he did it for a long time so, you don’t need to help them. Most of the time don’t even ask him or her to help them but you also need to be careful when pushing the wheelchair because you can hurt them.

Off curse you can do things that make you a gentle thing like offering a hand when he/she gets out of the car, opening the doors, pulling chair so they roll back to the accessible dining table and etc.

Treat your date like a lady or your Man, not someone in a wheelchair. You also need to avoid helping her without asking first which includes pushing the wheelchair, helping her/him get in and out of the car, etc.

All you can do is just ask him/her how can I help and if they feel they need any help they will tell you.

Watch Your Words when you speak:

People in wheelchairs are used to hearing humorous comments and most of them are offensive. If you want to ask someone in a wheelchair then you have to ask them like a normal person. And also avoid using lame pick-up lines.

While you are dating a girl in a wheelchair then don’t use lame jokes which involve their disability and don’t even mention their disability in front of them.

Most of the time people can joke about most of the stuff and they think it’s funny but it’s not important that what you think is funny is actually funny. So avoid jokes which are humorous and related to their disability.

Get Used to Staring:

One of the things that I don’t like about people is that they stare at people in wheelchairs or any other thing which seems unusual to them. So, you need to be used to these situations.

The people in wheelchairs have seen these behaviors for a long time and they use to it and it’s not a big problem for them anymore. Because they accept, they’re that people use to stare.

The people, mostly in your friend circle are always curious and pay attention to you and the person you decided to date. All you have to do is to resign all of those thoughts and facts and be normal with that person and try to know him.

It’s Fine to Ask Questions:

would you date someone in a wheelchair? Yes, I will as long as we communicate because Communication is the key to every relationship and that’s even more critical when the person you dating a man in a wheelchair.

Normally people ask questions about their date about them like how’s the work and how things going in your bedroom etc. Their question is normal and all people ask if they are handicapped or normal.

The twist is when you ask your date how you are in a wheelchair or what happen and you should not afraid to ask those questions. Questions like these will remove and eliminate the air of hesitation between you and your date.

You can ask each of the questions but need to avoid the silly question and everyone know what the silly questions are! There is a proper way to ask a question and, in that way, even a silly question seems proper question.

You also need to know that your relationship is totally based on your conversation and getting something odd into your conversation led you somewhere you don’t want. So keep track of your words.

Final Thoughts:

So, How to date someone in a wheelchair? well, don’t let a wheelchair comes your way in pursuing happiness. Whenever you see someone in a wheelchair don’t just look at the wheelchair first but see the beautiful person in it.

If you have any questions about dating someone in a wheelchair or anything related to the wheelchair then let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that please protect nature because we are 100 % dependent on them

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you Cuddle Someone in a Wheelchair?

Well, first of all, you need to ask them, then wrap both of your arms around that person. Now slide your hands and forearms behind your partner. Well if that is not possible due to some condition then you wrap your hands behind the back of their wheelchair.

How do you Kiss Someone in a Wheelchair?

Kissing someone in a wheelchair is the same as kissing someone without a wheelchair. All you need to do is to follow some precautions to not make it offensive or awkward.
First, you need to treat your partner, not any different, just leaning forward and only going forward if they are leaning toward you otherwise don’t push it too hard. You also need to not push too much force on them.

Do People in Wheelchairs Find Love?

People think that wheelchair users are not romantic and not for love. Well, it’s not true because love isn’t related to mobility or something else. If you have enjoyable company and people like to spend time with you then you will find love even if you are using a wheelchair.

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