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There are so many types of wheelchairs nowadays that choosing the best wheelchair for you or your loved ones is more difficult than you expected. In all of these wheelchair types, an electric wheelchair is trending because of its ease.

A wheelchair doesn’t have a lot of features at the beginning of its history but Now it has so many features which only make it unique but unable to move easily due to its weight and especially for elders and that’s why you need to know how much does an electric Wheelchair weigh.

All of these are good to use and useful but most important is their weight. You need to know the weight of your electric wheelchair because you need to move it from one place to another. Most of the time people order it and don’t know how much does it weigh.

The wheelchair’s weight can also be affected by its accessories including batteries, oxygen tank, and holder, and much more. its accessories also have some subcategories like batteries have different types.

how much does an electric wheelchair weigh

How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

An electric wheelchair weighs from 50 lbs to 250 lbs. You can choose to form its range. Its range is very big and you can easily choose an electric wheelchair according to your requirements and range.

Wheelchairs are mainly divided into two main types. One is a manual wheelchair and the other is an Electric wheelchair. Today we will only discuss the electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchair Types:

The electric wheelchair has three main types which are the rear wheel, front wheel, and mid-wheel drive wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are divided into these groups by different accessories, usage, and weight.

Front-Wheel Drive wheelchair:

front wheel drive wheelchair

This type of wheelchair is called front wheel drive wheelchair because its driving system is located in the front seat. Its driving wheels are in front and the caster is in its rear wheels.

An electric wheelchair also weighs from 60lbs to 250lbs but sometimes it can weigh more than that.
The maneuverability of the wheelchair is very smooth and that’s why it maneuvers very well in tight corners.

The battery of the wheelchair is located near the rear wheels to balance the load of the wheelchair.

Mid-Wheel Drive Wheelchair:

mid wheel drive wheelchair

This type of wheelchair is called mid wheel drive wheelchair or also known as the center drive. The drive system of this wheelchair is located in the center of the wheelchair under the seat.

These types of electric wheelchairs are suitable in apartments, narrow doorways, or anywhere where the space is limited because of their tightest turning radius.

The overall weight of a mid-wheel drive wheelchair is also the same as the electric wheelchair which starts from 50lbs to 250lbs.

These mid wheels wheelchairs can provide you with a weight capacity of 600lbs which is really high in these areas.

Rear-Wheel Drive:

Rear wheel drive wheelchair

The driving mechanism in this wheelchair is located towards the rear wheels of electric wheelchairs and its called rear wheel drive wheelchair. The maneuverability is really smooth and comfortable even if you travel at high speed.

The rear-wheel-drive wheelchair weight starts from 60lbs to 300lbs of weight. its weight is higher than above wheelchairs.

You will need more space for turning because it has a large radius. The maneuverability is nice and smooth even on rough and bumpy terrain.

Wheelchair Accessories Thats Affecting its weight:

When it comes to wheelchairs, they have a lot of accessories and especially electric or power wheelchair. All of those accessories affect the overall weight of your electric wheelchair.

Some of them are important to keep but some of them are extra and you can avoid them if you want your wheelchairs to weigh more heavies than their normal weight.

Some of the main accessories which I’m going to describe and most of them are important too and you can work around your wheelchair without those. Some of those things are given below.

A battery is like the main part of an electric wheelchair and you can ignore it. Every electric or power wheelchair has a battery but a normal manual wheelchair doesn’t have any battery.

Sometimes power wheelchair has an extra battery which they acquire when the other battery gets low. So, if you want to have a little lighter wheelchair then don’t carry it.

Sometimes when you order a power wheelchair it comes with some stuff that you don’t require so you need to remove it to lighter your wheelchair.

Those things include an Oxygen tank and its holder, Walker Holder, a heavy footrest, a backpack, a rim cover, seat cushions, and push bar, etc.

I’m not saying that you don’t need those things but for some of them, you don’t. if you need and require some of them then well and well keep them but if you don’t then get red rid of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Weight of an Electric Wheelchair?

The electric or power wheelchair weighs between 50 lbs and to 100lbs. Some heavy-weight electric wheelchairs can weigh up to 200lbs of weight. The weight of a power wheelchair is different then manual wheelchair.

How much Does a Bariatric Electric Wheelchair Weight?

The Bariatric wheelchair can weigh up to 220 lbs of weight and can support up to 500 lbs of weight easily.

How Much Does a Full-Size Wheelchair weigh?

A normal standard full-size wheelchair can weigh from 20 lbs to 50 lbs. There are different types of wheelchairs some of which weigh less while other weigh more.


An electric or power wheelchair is a comfortable piece of mobility device and different types of people use it either because they have walking issues or complete mobility problems.

An electric wheelchair is really heavy to move and which is why people question how much does an electric wheelchair weigh.

Well, the answer to that question is discussed in the above article but let’s discuss it here again. The electric or power wheelchair has different types according to different needs and the average of all of their weight starts from 50lbs to 250lbs.

Whenever you want to purchase a power or electric wheelchair then check its description for its weight.

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