How Much Do a Wheelchair Cost | Comprehensive Guide

How much do a wheelchair cost is this a question most people ask. Well, the cost of wheelchairs depended upon their type. The types of wheelchairs vary in features from one another and that’s why their cost also varies from one. The cost of wheelchairs starts from 100 to 1500 us dollars.

Well, that difference in cost gets people confused and they don’t know which cost of the wheelchair to choose or suitable for me because some of the cost is 100$ and some of them are 1500$ or more expensive than this.

All you need to do is just go with your perception or just ask your doctor. You can check your requirement and match it with a wheelchair or you just go along with the article and read the thing that needs to include and things that need to be avoided that help you choose a suitable and perfect wheelchair.

So, without wasting any time let’s get to it.

how much do a wheelchair cost

How Much Does a Wheelchair Cost:

How much does a manual wheelchair costs? Well, a normal stand wheelchair has different subtypes and all of them cost differently from one another. Some of them weigh less than others. Their cost also depended on their weight because they weigh differently from one another.

how much does a wheelchair cost
  • The Normal standard wheelchair cost from 100$ to 300$.
  • A transport wheelchair costs from 100$ to 500$.
  • A Lightweight wheelchair costs start from 200$ to 700$.
  • A normal Heavyweight wheelchair costs from 200$ to 800$.

All of these wheelchairs cost different from one another and that’s because they offer different features from one another. Every one of these wheelchairs has its own uses.

How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair Cost:

A power or electric wheelchair same as a manual wheelchair but it has batteries, a motor, and a joystick. Instead of having a caregiver or propelling yourself, you can operate the entire electric wheelchair with just one move.

There are three main types of electric wheelchairs and their cost are given below along with their price.

How much does an electric wheelchair cost
  • The Front wheel is very stable and navigates really smoothly in tight doorways. The cost of this electric wheelchair starts from 1000$ to 1500$.
  • The Mid wheel which is also called “center drive” has the best Turing radius and provides the best maneuver both outside and inside. The price of Mid wheel starts from 1200$ to 1600$.
  • The Rear-wheel-drive wheelchair is best for its outdoor rough terrain performance. The cost of a Rear-wheel-drive starts from 1300$ to 1800$.

The difference in the cost of these electric wheelchairs is that all of them provide you with their best feature. Each wheelchair has its own feature and usability which is exclusive only.

How Much Do a Wheelchair Cost?

how much does a hospital wheelchair cost? well, the cost of a wheelchair is related to many things like comfortable and customizable seats, ergonomic features, different types of electric wheelchair batteries, and much more. A lot of these features provide comfort to the user by doing it with ease.

If you have insurance coverage then you can buy it with your insurance but sometimes it becomes a challenge. The insurance company will only pay for 50 to 70 percent and only if the doctor sends their documentation.

According to the above price, some of those wheelchairs are very expensive and the decision should be hard to make. That decision has also been affected by the things to include and the thing which you avoid.

There are a lot of things that you need to include and that will also be depended upon your needs. Some of the stuff which you don’t need and are extra for you can be avoided to reduce the price of a wheelchair.

Things Needed to Include in a Wheelchair:

There are a lot of things that are a must to have in a wheelchair. You can also include things that are necessary according to your needs and are required for your condition.

A basic manual wheelchair has some of the main things like seats, footrests, brakes, frames, and armrests. Electric wheelchairs also have the same thing with extra Additional stuff. Like batteries, motors, power devices, and maneuvering devices. Well, some things in this are very important and most people required it in most situations. Some of those things are given below.

  • Ergonomic seats are important for a wheelchair user because the excessive use of a wheelchair has an effect on its user. The most common reason is pressure sore and the ergonomic seat is the solution to this problem.
  • For personal belonging, you need a pouch because most of the time you need stuff that you needed but don’t have at that movement. So having a pouch or back in a wheelchair solves many problems.
  • Most wheelchair users are elders and people who are in their 70 or 80 feel cold more than average people. Those people need lap blankets only for cold weather.
  • Most of the time wheelchair users are unable to move like the stroke and in that condition, you will need a lift wheelchair in order to transfer patients in and out.
  • An Electic wheelchair sometimes runs out of charge in the middle of nowhere. In that condition, all you need is an extra battery.
  • Wheelchair use is depended upon your condition. If you have a severe condition you will need a wheelchair for the long term. In that situation, you need to install an extra cushion in your wheelchair for extra comfort.

Additional Cost:

Well, a wheelchair has a lot of accessories, and most of the usable and required by the user but some of them don’t need in some situations. If you will avoid those things you will save a lot of money. So, let’s get to it.

Well, a normal wheelchair cushion is made from foam which cost 10$ but there are some other cushions that are designed to limit the pressure points and that can cost you up to 400$.

Well, if you required it or you can afford it then well and good for you but if you don’t then you can just avoid it.

Another thing you can avoid that saves you some money is the purpose of your wheelchair. If you’re using a wheelchair when you can walk and the purpose of your wheelchair use is just safety then you don’t need to buy an electric wheelchair which costs up to 1500$.

The bottom line is that when your need for a wheelchair is fulfilled with a 300$ wheelchair then you don’t need to buy a wheelchair that costs 1500$.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Decent Wheelchair Cost?

The type of wheelchair is really important when you want to buy a wheelchair because it can affect the wheelchair. other than that it is also important how much you going to invest in it. A normal decent wheelchair you can buy from 200$ to 600$.

How Much Does a Cheap Wheelchair Cost?

The estimated price of a cheap wheelchair is about 100$ to 400$. The price of a wheelchair has direct relations to its quality means that the higher the price gets the more comfortable and amazing the wheelchair gets. On the other hand, the less price gets the more basic a wheelchair gets.

Does Medicare Cover the Cost of a Wheelchair?

Yes, Medicare can cover the cost of your wheelchair but not fully. Medicare can cover only 80% of the cost of your wheelchair and that’s only when you properly clear their roles and regulations.


The cost of a wheelchair is depended on different types of wheelchairs. The cost is different from one another and that is because of its different features and which is why people ask about how much do a wheelchair cost. Well, the cost of a wheelchair starts from 100$ to 1500$.

In the above article, I provide all the important things you need when you looking for the best wheelchair but under budget. If you have any questions about the article or how much does a used wheelchair costs then let me know In the article and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that please clean your country and Planet earth to save the future of this planet.

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