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Using a wheelchair is normally depended upon your needs and requirements. Some people use it just for some time but others required it to use all day. Those who use it all day need to avoid sitting in a wheelchair all day because it will lead to some serious problems.

According to research, a wheelchair user spends about 18 hours a day in their wheelchair which is very much a wheelchair user needs to spend 3 to 4 hours before transferring to bed or chair.

All you need to prevent problems that occur by excessive usage of a wheelchair is to take a break from the wheelchair after 3 to 4 hours. After the break come back to your wheelchair and start using it as usual.

There are a lot of problems with the excessive use of wheelchairs and most of them are serious which you need to know. I explain the problem that these wheelchair users face when they use wheelchairs all day. So, let’s get to it.

how long should you sit in a wheelchair

How Long Should You Sit in a Wheelchair:

How long should a person sit in a wheelchair? Well, Wheelchair use is depended upon their needs and requirements. some people use it all day even outdoors but some use it only for some. if you want to avoid the problem which occurs from excessive use of a wheelchair then take a break after 3 to 4 hours.

Normally The appropriate length of time to sit in a wheelchair for 3 to 4 hours consecutively but don’t forget to take a break after these hours.

What Happens to set in a wheelchair all day:

How long should a resident be in a wheelchair for? Well, there are many reasons for a person to sitting in a wheelchair all day but one of them is related to your mobility. most wheelchair users spend most of their day in a wheelchair whether they have a Standard wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. There are also a lot of negative effects of being in a wheelchair and some of them are given below.

Pressure sores:

Normally people with mobility issues spent most of their time of day in their wheelchairs which is not good for their help. Most of the time wheelchair patients start complaining about pressure ulcers or pressure sores from setting in a wheelchair for most of the time.

Whenever you applied pressure to your soft and fragile skin tissues then it breaks down and makes hot spots in those places. These places include buttocks and heels. Other places which also have pressure sores include the back of the thighs of the patient when he is set in an upright position.

The pressure sores can be treatable when it is in stage one but when it reaches stage four they are out of your hands and become non-healing sores. This is why you can’t stay in a wheelchair for a long time.

You can also use some pressure-relieving techniques every fifteen minutes and that also prevents you from getting pressure sores.

Shoulder pain:

A shoulder pain which is also referred to as rotator cuff injury is normally happens when you use a manual wheelchair without a caregiver or wheelchair assistant and proper it by yourself. Most of the time wheelchair users don’t even know what happens to their arms which are just lying on the armrest.

This happens when the armrest of the wheelchair is high than usual or you slouch your shoulders higher than usual which results in the muscle pushing higher above the collarbone. Doing it all day results destroy the muscle tissues in the arms.

This is also a big reason for setting for a long time in a wheelchair. For your shoulder pain, you need to have a big and tall wheelchair that prevents you to have shoulder pain in the first place.

As mentioned above that using a wheelchair all day can lead to different problems and hygiene is one of them. Hygiene can be a big problem for that wheelchair user who has ileostomy/colostomy bags, catheter lines, and use diapers.

Hygiene and infection:

Most of the time if you don’t take your hygiene seriously it well-led you to some serious infections and skin diseases. You can also prevent pressure sores and other irritations if you take your hygiene seriously.

Hygiene is very important and you need to take care of your hygiene for that, you need to get up from the wheelchair. Actually, there is some cleaning up that doesn’t want you to get up from a wheelchair like washing hair in a wheelchair.

The cleaning up doesn’t also mean that you need to clean yourself but also clean your wheelchair. Showering in a wheelchair makes both patient and the wheelchair clean. A wheelchair cleaning includes seat cleaning, armrest, and frame cleaning. This is also included clean wheelchair wheels.

Joints of Your body:

The joint problem in the upper and lower back is only related to wheelchair users only but anyone who set somewhere for a long time ends up having problems in their joints. Besides wheelchair users, normal people also need to not spend most of their time in a setting in some chairs or sofas.

Usually, these problems occur in elderly people who have weak joints but setting in one position in a wheelchair or some other chair makes the wheelchair user end up having joint problems. Joint problems not only occur by setting for a long time but also set in the wrong position or posture.

Joints have very serious problems and some of them are given below like scoliosis, sciatica, kyphosis, osteoporosis herniated disc, and a lot of others. Some of these diseases are curable but some or not so please stop using wheelchairs most of the time.


The complication can occur to anyone, to those who use wheelchairs every day, or to those who use wheelchairs just for community outings. These complications and problems are sometimes getting serious which are why you need to avoid them and stop using a wheelchair all day and just use it for 3 to 4 hours also don’t forget to take a break in between.

I hope you find the answer to how long should you sit in a wheelchair but if you have any other questions about how to sit properly in a wheelchair then let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that the world is dying and please stop it from dying by protecting nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to Sit in a Wheelchair all Day?

Well, it’s not ok to sit in a wheelchair all day because they have a high risk of having muscle atrophy, spasms, pressure sores, density osteoporosis, high blood pressure, joint cardiovascular condition, and even joint problem. You need to get off your wheelchair and lay down in your bed to take a break from your wheelchair.

What Happens if you Sit in a Wheelchair for too Long?

Sitting for long hours increase the risk of back pain and even cause serious problem to your spinal cord. It is wise for all wheelchair patients to prevent themselves from prolonged static sitting in their wheelchairs.

How do you Sit Comfortably in a Wheelchair?

There is some basic way that you increase comfort in your wheelchair and sit comfortably in your wheelchair.
First of all splurge on your wheelchair seats. Get some cushions for your back and some armrest pads for our armrest.
And if you planning to use a wheelchair for the long term then add extra cushion in your wheelchair.

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