How Long Does Electric Wheelchair Battery Last | Proper Guide

Most of the people who buy an electric wheelchair have a different question in their mind which how long does electric wheelchair battery last most searched. which is why I going to describe it in detail so follow the article to the end.

People have very high expectations from electric or power wheelchairs about their comfort and battery lifespan. An electric wheelchair battery has a life of 1 to 3 years but it’s not the same as many types of wheelchair batteries.

The life of a wheelchair battery is depended upon different things like usage, charging habits, and types of battery. There are two main types of wheelchair batteries and both have different lifespans.

There are a lot of different things you need to know about wheelchair battery lifespan and which are given below and properly describe so you definitely need to check that out.

how long does electric wheelchair battery last

How Long Does Electric Wheelchair Battery Last?

Basically, a normal electric wheelchair battery provides you with up to 8 hours or 9 to 10 miles when it is fully charged. The coverage and time a wheelchair battery gives to its user totally depend upon its health and life. It’s simple if your wheelchair power wheelchair has a new or healthy battery then it will last longer than usual but if you have a wheelchair battery that is one or two years old then it’s definitely has lessened charge and travel time until you replace it.

The Lifespan of Electric Wheelchair Battery:

how long do wheelchair battery last

How long do wheelchair batteries last is depended upon the battery lifespan and the normal lifespan of a standard electric wheelchair ranges from six months to 2 or 3 years. Actually, you can’t specify a specific time or duration as the total lifespan of a wheelchair battery because there are a lot of factors involved. Some factors are directly related to its batteries and some of them are related to the wheelchair or usage of the user.

There are different types of wheelchair batteries. Both wheelchairs have their lifespan and their own pros and cons.

Another factor that has an effect on wheelchair battery life is its use. Well, most people use the wheelchair indoors in those narrow doorways and some of them use them outdoors on rough terrains. So, the wheelchair battery well has a different lifespan and both wheelchair users.

Some other factors which affect the usage of wheelchair batteries are weight, correct habits of charging, frequent use, and extra length.

The Best Way of Powering Wheelchair Battery:

The lifespan of a wheelchair is directly connected to the way you change your electric wheelchair battery life. That’s why it’s important to know how to charge your electric wheelchair battery. The best way to optimize a wheelchair battery is to charge it on a daily basis because it keeps the battery in good condition. There are a few extra tips that also keep your battery in good condition.

  • Charge your wheelchair at least 50 percent whenever you plan to go out.
  • Don’t let your battery reach 1 or 0 %.
  • First, it is to charge the wheelchair battery on a daily basis as mentioned above.
  • Charge the wheelchair batteries at night because most of the batteries required 8 hours of charging.
  • Don’t let the battery be on the charger after competing for the charge.
  • Don’t charge the wheelchair battery if you don’t use it at all.

When to Replace the Wheelchair Battery:

A wheelchair battery will be replaced at some point but sometimes you have to change it for specific reasons. Normally most wheelchair users change their wheelchair battery after two years and that is because arises some issues like slow charging and sorting lifespan.

The time to replace a wheelchair battery is depended upon the wheelchair’s battery life. Whenever you think your wheelchair battery life is affected or drained or charging slowly then it’s time to change the wheelchair battery but before changing it you should know how to test a wheelchair battery.

Sometimes your wheelchair doesn’t need to have those problems but you will have to change your wheelchair battery. One of those situations includes changing batteries to dry batteries. The people who travel a lot change their wheelchair batteries to dry lithium batteries and that is because only dry batteries are allowed in airplanes.

Used Quality Charger:

The time taken by a wheelchair battery to fully charge is not only dependent on the battery but also depended upon its charger. If you want to charge your wheelchair battery faster than usual then you definitely need to have a quality charger.

  • There is reason to invest in a quality charger and some of them are given below.
  • The other charger is slow because they miss the opportunity to apply a greater charge.
  • The other charger overcharges the battery and that leads to damage to the battery.

The quality charger is meant to get a proper charger not from anyone but a certified brand. which not only charges your battery but also prevents it from damaging it.


How long does electric wheelchair battery last is actually dependent on your use and type of battery. You can change your electric wheelchair when it’s slowly charged and doesn’t provide the required coverage that you need.

If you have any sort of question about how long does an electric scooter charge last or if can you revive dead electric wheelchair batteries then don’t forget to leave it in the comment section.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep your environment clean and make it a suitable place for our future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hours does an Electric Wheelchair Battery Last?

Basically, the battery of a power wheelchair lasts up to 8 to 9 hours and that time gives you about 10 miles of coverage. The charge of a battery is depended upon many things like the type of battery, the life of the battery, even how many hours you charge it, and with what type of you charge it.

How Often Should I Charge my Power Wheelchair?

The normal time of charging a wheelchair battery is 8 to 12 hours. It is because there are different types of wheelchairs having a different types of batteries. If you use your wheelchair very often means 8 to 10 hours then you should charge it twice a week but if use it for about four hours daily then you should charge it only one time a week.

How Far Can the Wheelchair Travel on one Charge?

The basic 12 Volt battery will give you 6 to 8 miles when it is fully charged but if you have a power wheelchair with a battery of 24V it gets double of coverage.

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