How Heavy is a Wheelchair? | Comprehensive Guide | 2022

Are you looking for how heavy is a wheelchair? then you are at the right place because we are not only discussing its weight but also providing you tips to find the best suitable wheelchair according to your weight.

A wheelchair is been through a lot of changes in history of a wheelchair. A lot of factors of wheelchair has been changed and a lot of features is been added. With all these features a wheelchair becomes very heavy and some of them are not even able to move by a user himself.

In all these wheelchairs you will need a wheelchair that is fit to your condition and you only get it by doctor’s perceptions. But if you have a condition for which you don’t need to see a doctor or don’t necessary to see a physician then we provide you with some tips which help you to select a suitable wheelchair according to your needs.

how heavy is a wheelchair

How Heavy is a Wheelchair?

The weight of the wheelchair is depended upon its type and there are a lot of types of a wheelchair but we only discuss the two main categories.

Standard Wheelchair:

First is the Standard or Manual wheelchair which is the basic wheelchair that people use for a broken leg to serious paraplegics means almost everything. A standard wheelchair is not very heavy and its weight is about 15 to 50 lbs. The weight of transport wheelchair is range from 15 to 30 lbs.

The difference in its weight is about its different variations. You will find all about those different types in a well-written article about standard wheelchair weight.

Electric Wheelchair:

How heavy is an electric wheelchair, well the weight of electric wheelchair is the same as that a manual wheelchair but it can be operated on electric means types batteries. An electric or power wheelchair can be used by children to elders in every area.

An electric wheelchair is heavy than a manual or standard wheelchair. Its weight is only 30 to 70 lbs. which is very much as compared to a standard wheelchair. Just like a standard wheelchair an electric wheelchair also has types and they are properly defined in electric wheelchair weigh along with their weight.

Tips for Selecting Right Weight Wheelchair:

A wheelchair is not only about the features it provides or its amazing looks but it also needs to have recommended weight for its user for which it provides an easy to use properly. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you want to buy a wheelchair for your condition or needs.

Some of the factors which are given below are important if you want a wheelchair weight according to your needs.


A frame is like the backbone of a wheelchair. It provides the base for a wheelchair for both manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. The Frame is also responsible for getting up and down stairs safely.

A-frame used in a wheelchair is made from different types of materials such as steel and aluminum.

Steel is known as the strongest metal but its weight is more than other materials. If you want a wheelchair to support more weight than other normal wheelchairs then you should get a carbon steel frame wheelchair.

Another main material is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the lightest materials which also makes the wheelchair less heavy and light. If your patient doesn’t weigh much then you should invest in aluminum frame wheelchairs which are lighter than a usual wheelchair.

Manual vs Power:

manual vs power wheelchair

The purpose of using a wheelchair is to provide you with ease in propelling and moving freely. Sometimes instead of providing ease, a wheelchair will make you tight to itself and it’s because of choosing the wrong wheelchair.

If you can maneuver a manual wheelchair and have normal weight then you don’t need to get yourself an electric or power wheelchair because it will cost a heavy amount of money and also don’t need it.

In some situations when you can’t propel your wheelchair by yourself and you will definitely need an electric wheelchair that provides you with the proper support.

Upholstery and its Material:

Upholstery doesn’t weigh that much it’s better to have soft material upholstery than bad material. All the materials used in upholstery are not but it depends upon your condition and your choice.

If you using a wheelchair for short period then you don’t need to invest in upholstery materials. But if your wheelchair patient is serious and spends most of their time in a wheelchair for a long future time then you should get him soft material with an extra cushion to prevent him from pressure sores.

Flat-free Tires with Composite Wheels:

Tires and wheelchairs have a great impact on the wheelchair and your usage. If most of your time is spent at home then you don’t have too strong wheels with durable tires but if spend most of your time outside then you need to have an outdoor wheelchair with flat-free tires and composite wheels.

There is also a wheelchair for everyday use which can be best for both indoor and outdoor use.


In this article, we discuss how heavy is a wheelchair with proper details. The drive wheelchair weight is actually the same in all wheelchairs. The weight of a wheelchair is depended upon many things and those things can affect the overall wheelchair weight.

The tips for choosing a suitable wheelchair according to your needs are depended upon its frame, and the type of wheelchair you are using.

If you have any queries about how much does a bariatric wheelchair weight, or how heavy are wheelchairs then you should ask in the comment section and I will answer them as soon as possible.

In the end, I just want to say that please clear your from plastic because it’s destroying our planet.

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