How Do Wheelchair Users Drive? | Helpful Guide

Do you want to know how do wheelchair users drive? Well, you are at the right place because we will tell you how they drive and what important accessories they need.

Driving is really important for a person to learn which is why a wheelchair user needs to learn it. According to research, there are 35% of standard wheelchair users and 28 % of electric wheelchair users have their own vehicles.

The ability to car driving for a wheelchair user is depended on their affected part. If they affect their legs so it’s not stopping you from driving because all you need is hand controls over the foot controls and you are good to go.

A wheelchair doesn’t stop you from living a great life. That also includes driving along with other great stuff. Most of the people that you think are physically unfit and disabled are pretty good at things that normal people do.

There are a lot of different specialized ways to drive while you are in a wheelchair. All you need to get to the car and then you are good to go. There is a proper way to drive while you are in a wheelchair, so let’s get to it.

how do wheelchair users drive

How Do wheelchair Users Drive?

Can a person in a wheelchair drive a car? Most wheelchair user or their loved ones usually ask about how they can drive. Well, driving a car is depended on the leg condition.

If they are completely disabled and don’t have any sort of power or force in their leg then they have to use their hands. But some wheelchair user has some force or power in their legs which will be enough to drive a car.

To drive a car first you need to customize your car for hand controls. You have to install a hand control mechanism on a wheelchair Users can use accelerate and brake with their hands.


How do wheelchair people drive? Yes, they can after a little training. After installing that you have to do some training. Training involves different parts of your body but mainly focuses on your hand if you use a hand control mechanism. In other cases, other wheelchair users, focus on their weak areas. The training will tell you that can wheelchair users drive or not.

Hand Controls:

One of the most popular and usable ways to drive and control a car is by a wheelchair user. There are a lot of disabled people who are disabled from his leg, now perfectly driving a car.

In hand control, you have to install a system that is designed in a particular way form where you can control brakes and acerate (Gas). These solutions are perfect for those unable to move their legs like paraplegics and stroke patients.

Driving License for Wheelchair User:

driving license for wheelchair user

Can someone in a wheelchair drive? Well, yes if they have a driving license. A driving license is important for driving and you can’t allow driving on the road unless you have a driving license.

As mentioned above that a wheelchair user can be able to drive properly so you can be a licensed driver even though you are in a wheelchair.

There is no such law that prevents a person from a wheelchair from getting form a driving license. But before applying for it you will have to declare your medical condition or disability to the agency.

Does A Car Need Modification For Wheelchair User to Driver?

A modification can be done according to your usage of the car, for example, if you are a passenger with a wheelchair, no modification is required but if you want to drive a wheelchair then you only need to install hand control instead of foot control.

Other things can also be installed into your car which is totally based on your needs and requirements like a wheelchair ramp, tie-downs, etc.

Accessories for Wheelchair User Drivers:

accessories for wheelchair user drivers

The driver is not an easy job even for a normal person that’s why it’s way harder for wheelchair users. There are a lot of things that a wheelchair user needs to do if he/she wanted to drive the car by themselves and you also need wheelchair accessible vehicles for safe driving.

Stay Fixed on The Car:

Whenever a wheelchair user gets into a car, they need to tie their wheelchair in order not to fall no matter if he is driving or not. There are a lot of ways to lock a wheelchair in a van or a car. Especially a wheelchair user needs to tie their wheelchair for safe travel and driving.


One of the main problems a wheelchair user-facing for long use of a wheelchair is pressure sores and that’s only because their wheelchair doesn’t have enough cushion to provide comfort.

You can also face these problems as a driver while you are in a wheelchair or a car’s driving seat. All you need is to install some cushions to make your driver smoother and more comfortable.

Restraints for Wheelchair:

Restraints for wheelchairs are the best solution for providing safety for wheelchair user drivers. The restraint can hold the driver in its place no matter what happens. You can also use the wheelchair user if they are in the back seats.

Handy Bar:

This isn’t sound useful but trust me you will need it if you facing issues and problems getting in and out of a car with a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

A handy bar will help the wheelchair user to out and form a car with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do People in Wheelchairs get in and out of the Cars?

Usually, people use Car ramps to get people in and out of the cars. Nowadays cars like vans have their own ramp that can automatically get out of the car whenever someone with a wheelchair wanted to get in the wheelchair or get out of the wheelchair.

What Vehicles can be Modified for a Wheelchair?

Vans are the most popular choice to use for wheelchair users. It is because it has a lot of space and you can in and out of the van really easily as compared to other cars. Vans can also be modified the way you wanted for wheelchair users.

What Problems do Wheelchair Users Face?

Wheelchair users face a lot of problems like getting out of the car when the parking space doesn’t have flat surfaces, getting into buildings that don’t have any ramps, don’t have a close parking space, etc. Besides that in a wheelchair you can face a lot of pushing wheelchair injures so you also need to prevent that.


Driving is one of the most important things for a person even if they are in a wheelchair. You have to know how to drive your car when you are in a wheelchair because don’t let your wheelchair be the reason to not learn how to drive.

Driving is very important and can be found very handy in a lot of situations. Most wheelchair user is afraid to learn how to drive well let me tell you there are about 35% of wheelchair user can drive their car.

I hope you have answered your question that how do wheelchair users drive but if you have a query in your mind about this topic then let me know.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep the environment clean and stay safe.

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