Electric Wheelchair Troubleshooting – Helpful Guide

According to surveys, 7.5 % of the whole population is facing mobility issues and those people using a standard and electric wheelchair for their mobility and those wheelchairs have problems. That’s the reason Electric wheelchair troubleshooting is important for you if you are a wheelchair user.

Every wheelchair user faces some problems with their wheelchair at some time but finding the solution to that problem might be a little bit different. Like how long the wheelchair battery lasts or how to unlock the wheelchair etc. Our team did a lot of research and find some of the most important and useful electric wheelchair problems and solutions in Electric wheelchair troubleshooting.

Electric Wheelchair Troubleshooting

Electric Wheelchair is one of the most used devices which is used by a lot of different people and it shows some trouble after using it for some time. All those troubles and glitches can be solved by an individual himself. You can also call a serviceman who can fix your problem for you but you can also do it because I’m going to tell you all the possible trouble which can happen to an electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchair troubleshooting

Power Wheelchair Does Not Start:

The first one from the list is that when the power wheelchair doesn’t start so the power wheelchair troubleshooting is given below.

  • First, check the power wheelchair that is on.
  • You also have to check with the controller if the wheelchair is one or not.
  • If the battery of the wheelchair is full then you have to make sure the power cord and some other wires do not plugin.
  • You need to check that the brakes are released and the lever is in drive mode.

The Joystick Does Not Light up:

  • Check that is power is on or not.
  • You have to check the joystick controller.
  • Check the charge in the batteries of the power recliner. If it is charged then good otherwise charger, it properly.

The Charger of the Battery Doesn’t Work:

  • First of all, you need to put the switch of the charger into the power outlet.
  • Check the small lamp or the LED clock in it that is on or not.
  • You need to check the charger and make sure that you using the charger that is specific to that model and the perfect wheelchair.
  • If the problem continues then you need to replace the charger.

Batteries Do Not Hold Charge:

  • First of all, you need to make sure the brake is released and the lever of that power recliner is in drive mode.
  • Check that all the batteries are connected to the connector properly.
  • Check the charger in the batteries, that are not charged then charge them properly.
  • After that, if the batteries still do not work then you need to replace them with new ones.

Besides all of the above problems, there is five common and typical problem that can happen to an electric wheelchair and that can be solved by Electric wheelchair troubleshooting.

Most people maybe replace the whole wheelchair but it can be fixed and the comfort of the wheelchair would be remaining as it was before.

Upholstery is Worn Out and Damaged:

The upholstery can occur a very big and nagging problem which feels very unpleasant. It can take all the comfort, relaxation, and a nice feel away from the wheelchair.

Most wheelchair is required and uses extra cushioning or padding material so they can be comfortable and relaxing as you like but when it’s damaged it takes all the level of comfort and relaxation away from you.

If the upholstery of your wheelchair is damaged and becomes severely worn so then the vital support won’t be applied as it need be previously.

The damaged wheelchair can be sometimes fixed by sewing and replacing some of its cushions but some of time you need to be professional for the work. If your wheelchair has some severe damage you should call a professional wheelchair servicing provider. Who is the right person for this job and definitely help you find the solution to your problem?

These are the people that will do everything like repairing the cushions, pads, and seats, and even if it wants to be replaced, they are the guys. The damaged upholstery is not the problem when they came.

Locked and Unlock Freewheel Lever:

A freewheel is one of the most useful tools in the power wheelchair. Which is normally available in the backside of a power wheelchair. Most people don’t even know how to operate it.

The operation of the freewheel is quite normal and easy. it is used to change the power wheelchair to a manual wheelchair and the manual wheelchair to a motorized wheelchair. It is a very handy tool and comes in handy with the situation when the battery of your wheelchair drains out and then you could easily transfer it to a manual wheelchair.

Most of the time the motor of a power wheelchair becomes unresponsive and it seems a very big and serious problem. This is normal because it has been moved to a position where it is locked. You just have to move the lever back to the unlock position and the motor will start working again as before.

Battery Issues:

The battery is one of the most important parts of an electric wheelchair and there are different types of electric wheelchair batteries today you will know about Electric wheelchair troubleshooting for batteries. A power wheelchair most of the time relies upon battery power because it is an electric wheelchair.

Every electric wheelchair has a battery in it. The problems of batteries depend upon the life of the battery. The life may be a year or maybe two years depending on the usage.

The problem which maybe occurs with batteries is either not charging or not holding it. The solution to battery problems is simple and easy. the solution is replacing it. But the that you need to know when.

The performance would not be noticeable within one year but you will notice it over the course of time. If the battery is worn out quickly fast then it must be an internal fault and you will need to call a professional and off-curse to charge the battery too. Getting advice from an expert helps you more than you expected.

Replacing Parts:

The wheelchair is a very hard and solid piece of furniture and you will need a year to see it get damaged. But sometimes some of its parts get damaged and worn out so you have to replace them with newer ones. The parts which get warnings out include caster forks, wheels, and the joystick controller of electric wheelchairs. This repair electric wheelchair will now do fine than before.

Now the hard part is to know whether your electric wheelchair is damaged or not. For this purpose, you need a little bit of extra knowledge about the wheelchair. If it is hard to maintain the stability of the wheelchair then it is because it gets damaged from road bumps or collisions. You could damage and loosen your caster folks due to bent it.

You should need to replace some of the parts of your wheelchair for at least a year. These parts include those parts which are basically make you secure. For example brakes. Brakes are a very important part of your health and your health depended on them. So, you need to check it regularly and replace it if needed.


Most of the Electric wheelchair troubleshooting is depending upon the type of wheelchair mode and company you have. Most of the time you have a local company wheelchair then you will need but if you have a branded wheelchair then you might don’t even need it

But don’t worry we did a lot of research about this and gave you the best possible Electric wheelchair troubleshooting I hope it solves the problem with Jazzy wheelchair troubleshooting. If you have any problems with wheelchairs then mention them in the comment section below and I will give you the available and possible solutions.

In the end, I just want to say that please take care of mother nature and make the Earth safer for the Future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you Rest an Electric Wheelchair?

First of all, you have to turn on your electric wheelchair then you have to press its power button for four seconds to lock it. Then you have to unlock the electric wheelchair and turn off the power button twice for 10 seconds and your electric wheelchair will rest.

Where is Mobility Scooter Rest Button?

The mobility scooter can be reset by the main circuit button. You have to push the main circuit button to reset your mobility recliner. I

How do You Check a wheelchair battery?

The power wheelchair has a gauge of battery light which is on the joystick surface. It might well indicate to you how much battery well left. If it’s flashing then it means that your battery is fully charged.


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