The Complication of Being Wheelchair Bound | Detailed Guide

A wheelchair is a device that makes life easier but there are a lot of Complications of being wheelchair bound Some of the complications are related to the wheelchair while others are related to the people surrounding the wheelchair user.

There is no doubt that the wheelchair is a life-saving device and it serving humans from the day it is invented.

It has a lot of positive effects on one’s life but it also has some problems. Some of the problems are day-to-day you will experience them after some.

People think that completion faces a wheelchair user coming from a wheelchair but it’s not totally true, some of them come from the user itself while others are created by the people and societies surrounding them.

Let’s get to know what those compilations are and how they affect being wheelchair bound.

complications of being wheelchair bound

The Complications of Being Wheelchair bound:

People use wheelchairs when they have mobility issues and need something to provide mobility. A wheelchair sometimes becomes necessary for someone.

It provides you with the best mobility facility that you can think but it comes with some complications and health risks of being in a wheelchair.

Most of that complication is more negative effects than complications. Some of them are caused by the wrong usage of wheelchairs or prolonged usage of wheelchairs.

In both conditions you need to be aware of such conditions and what can it do to your health and body.

Most of them can be stopped while others can be cured you know it before it’s too late. Some of them are given below.

Inaccessible Wheelchair Ramps:

Inaccessible Wheelchair Ramps

You probably know what I’m talking about. A ramp that is inaccessible for wheelchair users is more irritating than stairs. Yes, this is true and you will know if you have been to a place that has inaccessible ramps.

If you come across a place, they have stairs and nothing for a wheelchair then you will understand but there is nothing irritating if they have ramps for a wheelchair that can’t even be accessible for a wheelchair.

The problems with ramps are they are sometimes very narrow and you can’t even move your wheelchair if you don’t have a narrow wheelchair.

Another problem is the main problem with ramps they are too steep you can’t climb up or come down if you are self-propelling.

Trouble Getting Parking Space:

Trouble Getting Parking Space

Most commercial and public places have parking places where you can park your car, well and some are reserved for only disabled people like wheelchair users with wheelchair signs on them. Most of this reserved parking is near the entrance so you have proper ease.

The problem with those parking spaces is you will meet some able-bodied people that are complaining about their reserved space, that they get their space easily while looking for a place to park their car.

Most of the time these able bodies park their car in those reserved spaces and then they create problems for actual disabled persons who need to parking places looking their cars and come all the way in their wheelchairs.

Society needs to think rationally then almost all of the wheelchair-user problems will be gone and society will be happier than before.

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How Did it Happen:

Most of the most asked questions from wheelchair users are “How did it happen”. Most of the time whenever a wheelchair patient goes to a place then the first thing that they ask is how did happen, do your legs hurt, do you feel anything, how long you have been like this, etc.

The people who ask need to know that wheelchair user doesn’t like to ask question-related about their disability. You should talk to them about that.

Getting Hands Dirty:

If any of you use a manual wheelchair then you know what I’m talking about. Whenever you use a manual wheelchair then they used their hands to maneuver or propel forward and that let our hands and nail get dirty.

Sometimes we have to deal with blisters in the palms of our hands. But most of the users get used to it.

Other than that most wheelchair users get tired from propelling and stop from time to time to take a break to get their strength back.

You need to use hand wheelchair gloves to prevent your hands from getting blisters. But if you are tired very quickly and can’t propel your wheelchair after some time then you should get an electric wheelchair or get a proper wheelchair caregiver. Because some of them are manual wheelchair problems.

Restless Drivers:

Most societies and working places now have people with wheelchairs and they come to two workplaces in wheelchairs.

But they need to come through busy roads and streets. Coming to your work or some other place in your wheelchair is sometimes really hard if you live on busy streets and that is because of restless drivers.

They can’t weigh for wheelchair users to cross the road slowly or move along. The restless driver also can’t stop horns when someone drops the wheelchair user from the car.

They should know that it takes time to get a wheelchair user out of the car and get him in his wheelchair. They can’t wait and press horns as they will fly their way. I hope they understand and just wait for a few seconds.

Become Invisible:

When wheelchair user goes to a place like a party or gathering of people than first treated that they don’t exist and are invisible. They avoid talking to a person who is one a wheelchair, well it is because of to edger about us.

Another thing that is very common for normal people toward wheelchair users is they show their sympathy toward wheelchair users and ask questions about their mobility issues. Well, they don’t need your sympathy and treat them as normal human beings.

Become Stuck in Narrow Doorways:

Most of the constructs that is happens in the city don’t think about wheelchair users and their wheelchairs.

Most of the doorways are narrow and people with wide wheelchairs get stuck in them. This is happening a lot of times and most wheelchair users are stuck in bathrooms etc.

The problem is always not with doorways but actually the doors. The doors are made fit one person at a time.

Well, when someone comes with an electric or wide wheelchair then they get stuck in it and ask their caregiver or other people to help them get out of there.

Some of the doors have spring hinges that when it gets your wheelchair then you can’t even think to get out from it without getting help.

Lift Problems:

Nowadays buildings are equipped with lifts but not all of the buildings. Some of the old building doesn’t have a lift and only have stairs, so you will need someone to help you go up or get down. And without the help of those you are stuck in that building or outside that building.

Another problem with a lift is that when they see someone in a wheelchair in front of a wheelchair then they can’t give him a place in the lift. Other than that, some people race to the elevator to reach the wheelchair user.

We need to be aware of the fact that wheelchair users can’t climb stairs so we need to give them space in the lift.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens if You Sit in a Wheelchair for too Long?

Sitting in a wheelchair for a very long can increase the risk of getting Lower back pain. The negative effects of being in a wheelchair not only affect your lower back area but also damage the spinal cord. Whenever you sit in a wheelchair you need to use lumber support and change position from time to time.

What Problems do Wheelchair Users Face?

Wheelchair users face a lot of problems like getting parking spots, getting into a building without a ramp, being treated differently because of their wheelchairs, moving through bumpy terrain, etc.

How should we Deal with a Wheelchair-Bound Person?

First of all stop asking  How this happens at the start of the conversation, treat them like a normal human beings. Don’t ask them to help unless they ask you. Beware of their condition and respect them.


It is true that wheelchairs give you the mobility that you need and wanted but it is also true that there are some Complications of being wheelchair-bound.

You can’t deny the fact that there is also some negative effect of using a wheelchair and there are also problems wheelchair users face in shops.

If you have any questions related to the topic or anything related to the wheelchair then you ask freely in the comment section.

In the end, I just want to say that please keep the environment clean and especially nature because it’s our only chance of survival in this world.

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