Can I Request a Wheelchair at the Airport? | Helpful Guide

You probably think whom to ask can I request a wheelchair at the airport? Well, to get the answer to that question you are in right place. When travelers need to navigate through a very large and big airport but can’t because they have some sort of mobility issues or are unable to walk that far so they required a wheelchair which made it easy for them to walk through the big and large airport.

The wheelchair in this situation must be easy to maneuver and lightweight because the people needed it are mostly elders or someone with a broken leg or in some other serious mobility situation. You can get a wheelchair normally from the airport curb to the gate to take the flight you are on. Usually, the airlines have contacts with wheelchair companies to offer help to travelers with wheelchairs at the airport, and that also includes at the security checkpoints.

Using a wheelchair when you can walk in the airport are the best solution to avoid accidents because getting checkouts and clearances take a lot of time and it’s not good for many people to stand that long.

There are conditions like paraplegics and stroke for which you are advised to get a wheelchair before even getting to the airport because they are serious and unable to walk in most of it. A normal wheelchair or electric cart will help you to cross distances in long and big airports. The electric carts are quite good in situations like when the airport is very big and people get tired to reach their flight.

Can I Request a Wheelchair at the Airport

Can I Request a Wheelchair at the Airport?

How to request a wheelchair at the airport united? The request and arranging a wheelchair at the airport are not that hard in fact it is a very simple and easy task. First, you need to mention a wheelchair in your booking then later you will eligible to request it at the airport.

Then after your booking then you have to buy tickets for your flight. After that, you need to call the airline of your choice and have to ask about your wheelchair and tell them that you need a wheelchair on the date of your travel.

One of the important factors that you need to clear before your request is that you need to specify that you need a wheelchair or a cart. Because it’s frustrating that you need a wheelchair and find a cart instead and vice versa. So that’s why you need to tell them and specify it.

You should specify when and where you need it. Sometimes you need it on arrival or sometimes you need on departure and sometimes maybe you need it on the plane. So it’s best to specify that too.

After your phone to your favorite airline company, your request will be added to your passenger recode and according to your request, your wheelchair/cart will be available for you at the airport.

You need to make the request to the airline about 48 hours in advance of your flight. The last mint booking or request will not be accommodated by most airlines. You also can get an emergency wheelchair at the airport but only in case of emergency. Other than that you can get the best wheelchair for outdoors.

Eligibility for an Airport Wheelchair

The eligibility criteria for a wheelchair are quite simple. It’s stated in the United States Department of Transportation, that anyone who is disabled or can be identified as a disabled person at the airport can be entitled to assistance moving in a wheelchair through the airport.

But however, the airlines use four basic designations for the passengers to determine which type of cart or wheelchair they needed. For the airport, you also could you best wheelchair for outdoors because it also comes in that category.

  • A person means a passenger who is able to walk on their own but needs some help to get to the airplane terminal. This includes a lot of types of people. But mainly they focus on elders or people who are partially disabled.
  • The second types of people include those people who can’t navigate and use the normal stairs. These people can walk on their own and also walk on the plane when they are onboard. These types of people also need a wheelchair and maybe a cart to move between the plane and the terminal. These types of people are also not fully disabled and can take care of themselves in a lot of situations.
  • The third type of people is those who are fully disabled and totally eligible for a wheelchair and cart. The passengers are those who are disabled in their lower limbs and fine on their own and can take of themselves pretty nicely but need a little help to get to the plane means boarding and also need help for departing from a plane.
  • The fourth type of people is those who are completely disabled and immobile and need help to get to the plane. They need help in boarding and departing on the plane.

Now, after that is out of the way people are sometimes confused about how to choose to form a wheelchair or a cart. To all that people who are confused to choose between a wheelchair or a cart, they need to ask themselves that but before that you need to know your requirements and needs.

Now using a wheelchair or a cart is maybe not that easy at the airport for those who don’t have the strength or no one to push the wheelchair. Now you may ask how to request wheelchair assistance at airport. Well, after arriving at the airport then you need to inform the airport personnel that you need wheelchair assistance and they well provide you one. there is also a complete guide for wheelchair safety tips that you need to know.

When you have a wheelchair reservation then the wheelchair will be the three for you alongside an assistant. The assistant will walks you through all the places. He/she will walk you through the checkpoints of the airport to the terminal and lastly to the gates.

If you have skycaps at the time of departure curb you need to get a wheelchair from them too by requesting the airlines.


Get wheelchair a wheelchair or a cart at the airport is not that hard. Most people will ask you if they can I request a wheelchair at the airport, so tell them, yes you can. If you have any questions on the topic related to this like how to request wheelchair at airport southwest or how to get a wheelchair at the airport delta then free to ask in the comment section and I will be glad to help you out.

We hope that we can give you what you looking for and if you have any types of questions about this article or any other article on this website then please let me know. In the end, please clean your country and your planet Earth cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Book a Wheelchair in Flight After Booking?

You need to book your wheelchair at the same time as you book your flight or after that. You also need to come to the airport at least 2 hours before the departing time at the reservation disk and from there they will guide you happily.

Do Airlines Charge for Wheelchair Assistance?

The airport stall will provide you with a wheelchair assistant if you can’t push the wheelchair by yourself or your hands are bound. According to the human rights of disabling passengers, no charges will be collected from the passenger, no matter what class are they traveling with.

How Much do you Tip for Wheelchair assistance at Airport?

Having a wheelchair assistant is very helpful because it is very hard to get from one point to another if you can’t push your own wheelchair. The airport staff doesn’t charge for their wheelchair assistance but you can tip them if you want. You can tip them at least 2$ to 4$ for pushing you all the way.

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