Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

Air Travel in a wheelchair has a big effect on your psychology and physical health which is why you need to have the best power wheelchair for air travel.

A wheelchair user faces all of the problems as soon as he enters the airport. You can’t even think that what is like to have hauling luggage in a crowded airport while waiting in long lines and getting pity eyes from people around for being disabled.

I’m also not saying that you don’t have to go to any airport and cancel your traveling trip. All I’m saying is that if you don’t have a wheelchair caregiver then you need a proper and suitable wheelchair that can first get to the airport and then put you through all these hurdles with comfort and safety.

There are different types of power wheelchair that can do their job just fine but you need to get a power wheelchair that not only fulfill your needs but also provide you the comfort that you required while waiting in those long waiting lines. Some of these types of wheelchairs are given below so let’s get to it.

best power wheelchair for air travel

—–Best Power Wheelchair for Air travel—–

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Porto Mobility Ranger Discovery Lightweight Wheelchair Brand: Ranger Porto

LxHxW : 34″ x 23″ x 36″

Weight capacity: 396lbs (180kg)
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backpac Intelligent Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchairs Brand: Innuovo

LxHxW :32 x 25.9 x 16 inches

Weight capacity: 265lbs (120kg)
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cordlessblower Rubicon Premium Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Brand: Rubicon

LxHxW : 33″ x 38″ x 26″

Weight capacity: 300lbs (136kg)
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cordlessblower Rubicon Deluxe Electric Wheelchairs Brand: Rubicon

LxHxW : 33″ x 26″ x 38″

Weight capacity: 360lbs (163kg)
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cordlessblower Porto Mobility Ranger Weatherproof Electric Wheelchair Brand: RANGER PORTO MOBILITY

LxHxW : 40″ x 24″ x 34″

Weight capacity: 265lbs (120kg)
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cordlessblower Forcemech Navigator XL – Electric Wheelchairs Brand: Forcemech

LxHxW : 26 x 13 x 31 inches

Weight capacity: 400lbs (181kg)
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cordlessblower Ultra Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair Brand: MAJESTIC BUVAN

LxHxW : 40” x 24” x 39”

Weight capacity: 350lb (159kg)
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1. Porto Mobility Ranger Lightweight Wheelchair – Best Selling Choice

best power wheelchair for air travel

Porto Mobility Wheelchair is the next generation of electric and lightweight airline approved electric wheelchair. It has an extremely well-crafted frame and the design is suitable for any kind of surface and especially rough and bumpy terrain.

It has every suitable feature for traveling which make it one of the best power wheelchair for air travel. The wheelchair has a supporting weight of 400lbs which not only satisfied your need but exceed your limitations.

The wheelchair can give you independent mobility even at the airport and on planes. It maneuvers really well in those tight indoors and also on the rough outdoor terrains that have bumpy pathways.

Making a wheelchair lightweight and strong is not an easy task but we have combined these features and presented to you this wheelchair.

The folding of this wheelchair is really flat so it can fit in any car or truck and even in airplanes as well. Because we believe a good wheelchair can make your day and are well-loved to get you that wheelchair.

Key Feature:

  • It has dry batteries and those batteries are FAA-Approved batteries.
  • The weight of the wheelchair is 50 lbs but it can support up to 400 lbs.
  • They used aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight.
  • Lightweight but heavy duty.
  • Dual Powerful Batteries
  • Power and study motor.
  • Delivered assembled.
  • 396lbs of supported weight.
  • Steering is little bit of jerky.

2. Intelligent Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair – Our Pick

Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

You may ask which electric wheelchair is best. well, this intelligent lightweight wheelchair is one of the best electric wheelchairs for travel which has every type of feature that you need and want from a wheelchair.

It features a seat belt with an anti-trapper that ensures and increases the safety of the user. It also has dual FAA-Approved batteries which means that you can take it on the plane.

It has dual batteries that give you a ride up to 6.25 miles for each battery and makes up to 12.5 miles for both batteries.

The weight capacity of this wheelchair is up to 265 lbs which are actually recommended by the manufacturer. Just like other wheelchairs this wheelchair also has brushless motors but it has 24V with 350W.

The wheelchair comes with dual lithium batteries also known as dry batteries. Only these batteries are allowed by any airline. The wheelchair is folding which makes it a lightweight folding electric wheelchairs for traveling.

Its joystick has cool features of 260-degree rotation which increase convince in the movement in different types of terrain. This is one suitable lightweight electric folding wheelchair with a lithium battery on the market right now.

Key Features:

  • It has amazing construction of durable motors, a comfortable armrest, and even the overall frame.
  • The safe is really solid because of its electromagnetic brakes.
  • Folds flat which even helps you storing at the airplane.
  • Really simple to use.
  • Stable and comfortable.
  • Easy folding.
  • Allowed to aviation travel.
  • Durable.
  • The reverse beeping sound is very loud.

3. Rubicon Premium Lightweight Electric Wheelchair – Best Budget Pick

Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

The Rubicon Premium Lightweight Electric wheelchair is been approved by airlines due to its dry batteries. So you can take it to the airplane without any worry that they might reject it.

It also folds flat which becomes helpful whenever they store it on a plane which also makes it the best power wheelchair for air travel.

After buying the wheelchair you will be given a 1-year overall warranty with a 6-month battery warranty. The seats have the ergonomic capability with proper comfort and relaxing capacity.

The wheelchair is best for those who spend most of their time outside because it can operate smoothly on rough surfaces, gravel, snow, and even grass.

It protects you from rough surface shock because of its solid shock absorber. Making sharp turns can be made really easily with this wheelchair with its smooth joystick.

Its seats are made from breathable and removable upholstery that is do its best to provide comfort while riding, setting, or sleeping.

 Key Features:

  • To ensure passenger safety it has electromagnetic brakes.
  • Featuring brushless motors that even climb on the hill.
  • It supports up to 300 lbs of weight with only 64 lbs of actual weight.
  • Removable upholstery.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Electromagnetic brakes.
  • 360 joystick.
  • Weight capacity is 300lbs.
  • To heavy for senior peoples.

4. Rubicon Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

The Rubicon electric wheelchair has remote control technology which simply means that it can be controlled with just a remote.

Besides that, it has an amazing joystick that has 360 control with the addition of easy control and waterproofing.

The wheelchair is best for airplanes because it has FAA-Approved batteries that make it the best travel electric wheelchair.

Unlike other wheelchairs, it has dual motors with power of 300W which provide you a comfortable ride on every surface including rough, bumpy, and grass, and you can even go through curbs.

Another unique feature that this wheelchair has that freewheels which allow the wheelchair to act as a manual wheelchair then it can be used with a wheelchair caregiver.

The lithium batteries of the wheelchair provide a long run-up to 25 miles with just a single charge. So you don’t have to be worry to stuck somewhere.

The joystick of the wheelchair has really sensible touch which required only small touch and the wheelchair can be moved easily.

Key Features:

  • The comfortable upholstery is also washable.
  • It has a warranty of three years with 1 year on motor warranty.
  • It has FAA-Approved batteries allowed by airlines.
  • 300W powerful motors.
  • Soft upholstery.
  • 20AH Lithium Batteries
  • Provide you guaranty.
  • Remote control sometime doesn’t work.

5. Porto Mobility 2022 Ranger Weatherproof Wheelchair – Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

The Porto wheelchair of 2022 is nominated as the world’s lightest in both folded and unfolded. It weighs about 43 lbs which is very lightweight actually but without any batteries.

The overall design is really versatile and amazing giving you mobility in different areas. This is why this is one of the best power wheelchair power wheelchairs for air Travel.

The electric wheelchair can be folded easily whenever you want and can fit any car’s trunk and even on a plane. Some of the parts of the wheelchair can be removed for cleaning purposes.

It also provides extra ease whenever transferring patients in and out. Another feature that this wheelchair has is a freewheel which allows the wheelchair to move freely if your battery lost charge.

The wheelchair was delivered with two lithium batteries and a joystick that gave you power for 360-degree rotation.

The wheelchair batteries have FAA approved which means you can take them on the plane with you. You can only take those wheelchairs to take to the plane which has these licenses other than that you can’t take them with you.

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Key Features:

  • Has brushless motors with a toolkit and storage pouch in the back.
  • Very compatible with both folded and unfolded.
  • Comes with an overall three years warranty.
  • Airline Approved.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Has Freewheel mode.
  • Brushless motors.
  • comfortable upholstery.
  • Heavy enough to make difficulty to lift for elder peoples.

6. Forcemech Navigator Electric wheelchair – Best Wheelchair for Air Travel

best wheelchair for air travel

Forcemech navigator is the perfect solution for those who looking for a stable ride in different conditions and terrain and also makes it the Best lightweight wheelchair for travel.

The pride ride the wheelchair provides is really comfortable, smooth, and relaxing regardless of the rough terrain that you going to. You can take this wheelchair to airplanes because it is an FAA-Approved license.

The seats are comfortable, wide, and strong enough to support up to 400 lbs of weight really easily. Its features some of the best batteries that support you up to 18 miles without charging again.

The charging takes about six hours. The wheels are made for every type of terrain it also has a shock absorber that comes really handy riding through paths.

The wheelchair knew the elephant of a power wheelchair because it can travel at the speed of 5 miles per hour. It is also good against the slops and can climb off the slop which is inclined at 12 degrees.

The batteries have from Tesla Grade that one of the best in the market. The wheelchair arrives assembled and you just need to put the footrest and joystick and it’s ready to use.

Key Features:

  • The batteries give you a ride up to 18 miles on a single charge.
  • it has a speed of 5 miles per hour which is very much for a wheelchair.
  • Wheelchairs are allowed on airplanes because of FAA.
  • Comfortable Ride.
  • Powerful Batteries.
  • FAA Approved.
  • Run up 18 miles.
  • Brushless motors.
  • Heavy so not that good for elders.

7. Ultra Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair

Best Power Wheelchair for Air Travel | Best Wheelchair for Traveling

This wheelchair is very lightweight and weighs only 60 lbs that don’t support high weight but it does and its supporting weight is 350 lbs.

The Wheelchair is can be carried to airlines because it has an FAA-Approved license. It is also because the batteries this wheelchair has are non-spoilable. It is also allowed by airlines which is why this is one of the best power wheelchair for air travel.

This lightweight wheelchair is amazing in a lot of aspects but when it comes to folding it folds really flat that can be stored anywhere in a tight spot really quickly.

The overall design is really settled because it can run all most everywhere no matter they indoors or outdoors. It has amazing support because of its solid tires.

It has a traveling speed of 8 miles per hour which is more than enough for a wheelchair. Unlike other wheelchairs, it can climb to a slop that is 12 degrees angled.

The batteries that it has an overall power of 24V which is made of Lithium. The batteries also can be detached and then charged then separately.

Key Features:

  • It has electromagnetic brakes that affect the security of the wheelchair.
  • Amazing joystick with suitable overall movement.
  • The flat-free tires provide support for different terrains.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Aluminum Frames.
  • Comfortable Upholstery.
  • Face difficulty climbing on slop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you Travel with a Power Wheelchair?

Yes, you can travel with your power wheelchair onto the plane but your wheelchair should have FAA-approved Gel batteries. The airline only allows Gel Batteries onboard the plane.

Are Electric Wheelchairs Allowed on Planes?

Yes, You can take your wheelchair with you on the plane but they won’t permit it through the cabin of the aircraft. You should also have an FAA-approved battery in your wheelchairs.

Do Airlines Charge Extra for Wheelchairs?

No, most of the airlines don’t charge for the Wheelchair. In fact, they provided you with a wheelchair if you needed it and don’t have any.


Air travel is mostly a long process and people with mobility have issues with this which is why you need the best power wheelchair for air travel. Most people think that every power wheelchair can be allowed to the airport but it is not there are specific types of wheelchairs that are allowed on the plane.

If you have any questions about the article or anything else then let me know in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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